Brazil out of World Cup ‘Maverick you Alright’ | TVJ Sports Commentary – Dec 15 2022


  1. You same one say dem better without Neymar; now yuh say expect for Neymar they are not Special…..Me say if yuh listen to dem Punditry yah yuh tun fool.

    1. two things can be true. neymar is a talent but if he is your leader, you are doomed. brazil problem was lack of leadership and focus and they bought into their own hype like they do before every worldcup that they are that good when they are not!

    1. croatia should have danced on them when they won. its a disgrace that neymar is there leader and the coach allowed the team to show that type of disrespect to lowly south korea when he joined in the dancing… they have been humbled one more time

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