1. That’s what happens when you elect a trump style president. The same thing almost happened here in america under the “maga president”.

    2. @Tracy Russell
      I just commented the same: This makes me so sad, because Brazilians are such sweet people and their president just doesn’t care about them! If D.T. were still president the U.S. would be in the same situation as Brazil, because he’d be doing exactly what Jair Bolsonaro is doing — which is nothing!!!
      Brazil’s P.1 variant is like what happens in all the pandemic sci-fi movies leading up to the apocalypse and the final demise of the human race!!!

    3. @Tracy Russell Bozonaro is staging a Coup d’État. There are militaries in every sector of the goverment, health, education, security etc. And none qualified to do the job. We went through 4, health minister and they all leave because nobody agrees with Bozonazi.

    1. @Kenny Michael Alanya I’m an atheist so I don’t believe in any of that or this but I do believe we are not the only life in all of space and beyond. I align more with spirituality, I believe we are energy and never die we just transform but hey it might sound good to people who believe in a made-up story about a sky daddy that supposedly knows everything except that his “ most gorgeous Angel “ would betray him and that picks and chooses who suffers and who doesn’t.

    2. And then we take a look outside and see people busy, going about their days, as though nothing is going on.

    3. @꧁ Progressive Woman ꧂ i was just having this conversation today. If you believe God gives illness. Thus gives kids cancer or other painful horrible things , (so that the kids can insire others.[a quote from a believer i heard])
      We have a name for people who use childrens bodies for their own ends. monsters, pedophiles and child abusers. So if you believe that god gives illness then, he is a monster.

    4. @꧁Cat G꧂ it’s called freedom. Not to easily bow down and obey. Not living in fear. Like it or not, you are the sheep. They got to you and many others. It’s embarrassing as a human to witness such behavior.

    1. @Cecil Brisley That’s what the scientist found odd and were questioning. Take your own advice about ignorance and try listening to various sources. And I said that’s not proof, but is something that is concerning and should be studied……as any good curious scientist would do.

  1. It becomes more evident with each passing year that anti-intellectualism is one of the greatest threats to the future of humanity/civilization.

    1. That is a FACT. For example, people who don’t realize that PCR is 75% false-positives using Fauci’s own standard of replication-competence, are the greatest threat to humanity right now.

    2. I speak for all Americans when I say that Joe Biden is a complete disaster and an embarrassment to our country

    1. The problem is you don’t know if you are the 0.1% of the under 50s .

      It could be anyone of us under 50s who end up in a box or attached to a machine .

      Don’t be so arrogant ….

  2. It is sad what is happening to the people of Brazil because this virus is exploding in Brazil because of its leadership

    1. If these drug companies weren’t so concerned with the profit they’re going to be making off of reccuring Covid-19 “Booster shots as a regular measurement like the flue vaccine, and just share their data and process for creating their vaccines (wbich there in the process of patenting) the world would have their populations protected already.

    2. ꧁Cat G꧂ – True. EVERYONE screwed it up. Selfish individuals, partisan politicians, a media heavy on human interest pieces and short on helpful facts, a CDC and NIH that did Trump’s bidding, and advertisers begging everyone to “get out there and buy our products and services” while we were trying to keep people inside for a while. At least I have some sympathy for the companies that advertised like that because their livelihoods were at stake, but still, everyone screwed up.

  3. This is so heartbreaking and scary, Prayers for Brazil…My heart goes out to these families, I lost 4 family members here in the US in the past yr. Blessings

    1. @Fairygrl TW You are right but it was like that long before covid. I am sorry for your losses, stay strong.

    2. @MrLoobu Thank you, Im sorry that our country is so greedy,. That they allow over a half million and still climbing to die here and fight over vaccine while no one else even gets to try it. Im hoping this new administration can do something, this has been a world challenge we need a world effort. Cant stand seeing so many suffer everywhere…Blessings

    3. @Fairygrl TW You seem like a thoughtful and genuine person, its refreshing to speak with you and I for one am very glad you’re still here. Good times ahead for people like us.

    4. Do any of you see what’s actually happening? THEY will keep this going as long as the sheep fall in line. THEY will continue with, more variants, mutations. This group think, this hive mentality has to stop.

    5. @Robert Athey Thats true yes, the government response is more damaging than the virus, but its all very predictable. By all means, ignore them, live your life, move if you must.

    1. @Job Wesley Cox Jr Which of course will be too little, too late. The problem is their lack of rational leadership creates a reserve for the disease to generate new variants in. Brazil is now a risk to the rest of the world. Problem is, they won’t be the only country that will likely become a reserve to the disease.

    2. We need to give them at least 50 billion dollars to do what they can to stop the spread globally.

    1. Can’t stand this prayer Sh$#@%t that people insist to believe or say when something bad happens when we screw up something!!

    1. se você não é brasileira fica na sua, pois o governo federal se importa tanto com a saúde como com a economia, caso você não saiba, no brasil existe uma grande guerra politica, e com isso o corona virus foi só uma porta de entrada para que isso piora-se, Jair Bolsonaro foi impedido pelo Supremo Tribunal Federal, de tomar fazer ações em estados, fazendo com que o poder ficasse na mão de governadores, e é por isso que esta uma merda no país, existe muitos corruptos e a justiça falha…

    2. if you are not brazilian, stay in yours, because the federal government cares as much about health as it does about the economy, in case you don’t know, in brazil there is a great political war, and with that the corona virus was just a gateway to that it gets worse, Jair Bolsonaro was prevented by the Federal Supreme Court, from taking actions in states, making the power remain in the hands of governors, and that is why this sucks in the country, there are many corrupt and justice failure…

  4. I live in Australia, in a state that that just declared to be Covid free. My family, friends and loved ones live in SP. My heart is broken

    1. We, in Australia care for our fellow community members by WEARING MASKS and respect lockdown rules/social distancing. We implemented hotel quarantine (yes there’s been a few problems) and our contact tracing/testing has been strong!

  5. This would be US if our own “Bolsonaro” authoritarian got to keep himself in power for another 4 years.

  6. It’s unfair on how things have turned up to be due to the recent world pandemic things has been so difficult,
    This isn’t good in the sense that it ends up addicting the civilians financially in different angles of life.
    We see complains here and there on social media from different people in different parts all round the world

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