Breaches of DRMA Act in Clarendon | TVJ News - Oct 6 2021 1

Breaches of DRMA Act in Clarendon | TVJ News – Oct 6 2021


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  1. Reckon this is all for the outrageous revenues this brings in bearing in mind the exorbitant fines the sisters were charged for not replacing their masks after taking photos.

    1. @Sunflower Francis thats to show how double standards they are if the bigger head was intrested the hotel would have to present it to the police

    2. If it was a constable, corporal or sergeant of police he/she would be bwaling before the court right now whilst fattening up a lawyer bank account at the same time.

    1. @Dee T it’s really a shame that our government of Jamaica is wasting scare resources and then trying to exploit our poorer class of society to repay it.

  2. If unu Nuh charge Floyd and him dead beat friends q Betta unu dash out dat law enu cuz a bay foolishness unu a gwan wit.

  3. How can you call out someone out of there yard and Lack up them and charge that is FOOLISHNESS POLICE YOU NEED TO STOP STOP NOW

  4. So fast them ready to charge members of john public bit Mr green case ago round the world n back smh and a draw out

  5. Fire pon that community police you all need to go more often and dig out the gunman them I hate that place

  6. How come they couldn’t go to the hotel where Floyd green and his cronies were partying and charge them? I feel say the police knew where the celebration was but tun dem face bacadem?

  7. Is police a law man?
    Remember the lawgiver is God
    Remember the God is the only true lawgiver thus shalt not kill

  8. if they really took this man from his yard, whether or not he was wearing a mask that is a clear violation.

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