Breaching whale caught on camera landing on boat in Massachusetts | USA TODAY

Breaching whale caught on camera landing on boat in Massachusetts | USA TODAY 1


  1. I feel bad for the whale. It’s just doing its thing in its natural environment and these humans are in its way…

    1. It would have known the boat was there. It hit it on purpose. Or are you claiming they deserved it?

    2. @Heaven Sophia I don’t think it knew it was going to hit the boat. Obviously I don’t know, but I don’t see why it would want to hit it on purpose

    3. I feel the same way about all the deer/bear/rabbit/etc that your house is in their natural environment. I mean your home is in their way, maybe you should tear it down since you seem to care about it so much?

  2. The one time no blondes are sunbathing on the front and you’re just grateful for it. Wow. That’s like 40,000 pounds or more.

  3. The company who made that boat should use that as marketing. That’s a good boat just saying. I’m impressed with the boat.

    1. I can see the ad now… perfect boat for whale hunting and harpooning. Clubbing baby seals has never been so easy as it is from one of our boats… Hell no!!!

      I’m from the other camp. I’d sooner want the company to release an ad or statement ostracizing this owner and saying we’d rather not sell you our boat if this is what you do with it.

    1. @SethroBodine913 none has ever accused you of being The smartest person in the room have they. Let the adults talk!

    2. @RJ Dude you really think you accomplish things with your comments don’t you… like think for a minute next time because neither of us have a clue what you’re trying to say.. and before you refer to yourself as an adult change your name from RJ Dude.. sounds about 14 to me 😂

  4. Move your damn boat!
    What a clown getting closer than anyone else to the area that everyone circled
    Looks like the boat did that to get a close up look and caused the issue

    Hope the whale’s okay

  5. I’m wondering if that was intentional. Whales are known to “scratch”themselves on surfaces in an attempt to get rid of barnacles. Although, I see this one hit the boat with excessive force.
    I’m glad no one was hurt. I’m sure the whale is fine too. Their exteriors are much tougher than they appear to be.

  6. Sometimes spectating boats wanting to see a whale will crowd too close to the whale. This whale might be trying to fight back for space. If you go on any true whale watch cruise in Massachusetts, you’ll see that the cruise captain will only allow themselves to go up to a certain distance to the whale, in order to respect its space. The whale will swim to you if it is interested to interact with you. Otherwise, do not enter the personal space of a whale. When you see pleasant interactions with a whale online, it is because the boaters kept a respectful distance and then the whale swam to them. This video is an example of boaters getting too close to a whale that wasn’t interested in interacting with them. Whales are very smart creatures; they don’t randomly hurt boaters unless they feel threatened.

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