Breaking Down AOC’s Floor Speech On Rep. Yoho Calling Her Obscene Name | MSNBC


  1. Democrats show class while republicans show crass. Perfect example of the political divide.

    1. @Hermeneutic mendicancy
      Man, have you ever looked át a conservative? Who supports Planned Parebthood? Which party gót donations from Soros? Who is getting help from the BLM?
      I can Tell you are a Groyper őr a troll, please leave is alone with your BS. Őr át least troll with a more valid thing.

    2. @Ellen Peba Do you know every single conservative and every single doctor or midwife in the world?

    3. @Ellen Peba hello again independently wealthy, landlady, math wiz, with mba (or is it jd? Or undergrad?) Private sector employee. I just wanted to tell you that my father was a conservative who was pro-choice, both of his parents as well. My gynecologist is pro-choice…and he’s a doctor. I’m 99% sure he’s a conservative. An ob/gyn that i know socially is pro- choice (that’s a MD, too). I know he’s conservative. My brother-in-law has a phd, does that count? He studies infectious diseases so close to an md. But i don’t know your parameters. Anywho, he’s a pro-choice fiscal conservative…does that count? Actually, now that i think about it, i know a lot of people who would define themselves by those two terms. Many are medical professionals (because of where i live and work). You know, I’ve found them everywhere I’ve lived. I guess you don’t get out much with all your studies/jobs/wealth spending but there are all kinds of people who have all kind of views out there. There are even conservative politicians who believe in a women’s right to choose. They don’t usually come to the “it’s a sin unless it’s me” baby-parts cook out or the dead-ish-fetus toss but they will occasionally show face at the just-the-tip-i-promise baby head bocce ball tournament.
      Maybe you don’t really know as much as you think you know.

    4. @Hermeneutic mendicancy I’m talking ONLY about American Conservative doctors. American Conservatives are unique.

  2. Republican men are wholly incapable of restraining themselves from verbally, physically, and sexually abusing women.

    1. @Ro G They were elected fraudulently and on the platform of Affirmative Action.
      They have screwed this country up since they got to vote.
      They should stay home and tend to the youngens.
      Give a woman a little authority and she thinks she can change the world.
      PMS and politics don’t mix.

  3. Jack-booted thugs detaining peaceful protesters. A characteristic of every 3rd world dictatorship.

    1. Jp Phil Nah I just find that bored people with zero substance usually want to be obnoxious asshats, and it doesn’t take a mind reader to identify someone like that almost immediately

    2. @Thomas Perry its a deep thread I agree, only a few can possibly grasp the intellect written here.

    3. Jp Phil well you’ve definitely got the “obnoxious asshat” aspect I mentioned earlier nailed down

    1. @Ellen Peba Its embarrassing that you post such a foolish and cretinous thing.
      You are clearly ignorant of political ideas.
      It’s dangerous that you are allowed to vote in such a state of educational ignorance

    2. @Ellen Peba So sadly not only are you ill-informed about politics but you have an invisible fairy tale fantasy friend. Please stop embarrassing yourself on this thread!

  4. The Yahoo denies it despite the fact that a reporter heard it. Selective memory, no doubt.

    1. As I heard it he denies saying it DIRECTLY to her, instead he says he said it as he was walking away (but still in ear shot) as if the fact that he did not say it DIRECTLY to her face was some how excusatory.
      The man is a pig and actually saying it as he walked away but still in ear shot makes it even worse as that ALSO makes him a coward.

  5. AOC is an inspiration! Her intelligence, courage and strength makes weak men attack her because they are afraid of her! I Love her!

  6. Brilliantly said, respect comes from the top..But when you have a President that thinks it’s ok to disrespect, women & people that know what they are talking about. When you have a President braking the Law, what else should we expect from he’s cronies….

    1. Really? All of you trashed Tara Reade and others who Biden disrespected.
      Trump makes fun of what women let stars do. Biden actually did it.

  7. Well do you have to understand too if it was good enough for everybody else when the president said that and nobody did anything about it then it’s okay fair game for the rest of them to talk really bad about females it starts from the top and the top right now stinks!!

  8. Women are 52% of the US population.
    Only 8% of republicans in congress are women. And that’s rounding up!
    Way to represent there! 😆😅😂

    1. @Eli Dicken Not even close. Do those American flags represent how many you burned this year?

    2. Rick James5678 no, but we did see to the flags and monuments to the racist defeated traitorous Red Hat heroes come down across the US and even in the EU.

      And you helped bring it about.


    3. Dave Schultz and she loves all the attention the frightened whiteys give her…talk about clowned.


  9. Ted Yoho is a bully and a coward. AOC is about 5’4” and weighs about 120 lbs. I’m 6’4” and weigh 260 solid pounds. I’ll bet he wouldn’t come up to me and talk like that. Any Congressman who has so little respect for the office he and his colleagues hold, shouldn’t hold the office.

    1. Attacking AOC was suicide. Everyone who has ever done anything like this ended up being destroyed in the end. She’s practically a rock star at this point. Yoho just hung himself.

    2. @Tessmage Tessera Hi Tessmage. I don’t know why but your line about Yoho hanging himself made me laugh. Not that I wish him anything bad, because stupidity is it’s own punishment.

    3. @James Brudnick Hi James. Thankfully, I read today that he won’t be running again. More trash to the curb.

  10. It’s no surprise deplorable Ted Yoho said it, especially when we have Access Hollywood creeps like Donald Trump in the White House.

    1. Shes a liar who craves attention. She lied about how she was treated and the things officers said when she visited an ICE detention facility.

    2. Yoho is undeniably a 🐖 pig who has no respect for himself, his family, nor the institution he represented.

  11. I am a man, I have made mistakes, this woman is our future, this woman
    is our hope, I applaud this woman. humanity will not be free until women
    emancipate themselves, People have only as much liberty as they have
    the intelligence to want and the courage to take …. go take it … for
    us all.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera , She said illegals detained were told to drink toilet water. That was lie, she knew it was.

    2. D-ave Schultz is just one of many paid Russian trolls. Don’t reply to them directly, supposedly that’s how they get paid… but don’t feed trolls regardless, lol.

    3. @Dave Schultz LOL… poor little Davey. What will we do with you, after we get rid of Trump..? I told you two years ago that we would squash you pitiful Neanderthals like bugs. Well, here we are.

    1. Accountable for what? Foul language? With all the domestic terrorism going on this is small potatoes.

  12. She got his words into the Congressional Record! Speaking truth to power, calling them by name, about the misogyny that is acceptable…

  13. To be sung to the “PIrates of The Caribbean” tune: “Yoho, Yoho, a foul-mouthed dolt you be…”

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