Breaking Down the Biden Administration’s Climate Change Plan Of Action With Bill Nye | MSNBC 1

Breaking Down the Biden Administration’s Climate Change Plan Of Action With Bill Nye | MSNBC


President Biden has wasted no time making climate change a priority. His early actions include rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, reversing rollbacks on vehicle emission standards, and revoking the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline’s permit. NBC’s Joshua Johnson spoke with New York Times Correspondent Coral Davenport and Science Educator Bill Nye about what role the U.S. will play in meeting global climate change goals.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Breaking Down the Biden Administration’s Climate Change Plan Of Action With Bill Nye | MSNBC


    1. @Thyalwaysseek baby step it cant be all at once it takes time thats why i said his plan is till 2030 is what hes saying so over time we will not need to use oil

    2. @Justin Perez LOL 2030, you really think you can stop using fossil fuels like oil in 9 years? How do you think all that plastic is made that goes into your computers, cars, medical equipment, toys, fashion, packaging, infrastructure etc etc. And how are you going to generate all that extra electricity needed for billions of EVs if you get rid of gasoline cars? 60% of global electricity is generated using fossil fuels, and why is that? Because “green” energy generation is intermittent and cannot be relied upon 100% of the time. Then you have the aging infrastructure of the power grids, they all have to be completely upgraded (including the transformers) if you are going to be drawing down the massive amounts of electricity needed to recharge EVs and these EVs will mostly be charged at night when electricity usage of households is already at it’s highest. It’s so wonderful to make all these proclamations about moving from oil but rarely do you people every really think it through logically.

  1. Another great depression will definitely cut back on emissions, which is what will happen when Biden is done destroying jobs…Just ask the union guys on the Keystone pipeline.

    1. @Bob Heck not crying, just stating facts that all the intelligent people even agrees with. You can’t agree because your delusional and ignorant.

  2. Paris climate accord does not reinforce a countries emissions acountabilty it says peak sustained not reduction.

  3. But before this he signed a executive order so Men can compete in Women’s sports because that’s what’s more important.

    1. @Peter Griffin Who gave you the right to tell people to leave because you don’t agree with them? The fact is that biologically a male will never be a female regardless of what he wants to believe and thus when you put them in physical competitions with biological females they have the edge. One could even say that you actually place biological females in danger of injury or death when biological males are permitted to partake in certain female contact sports.

    2. @Peter Griffin *”trans women are actual women.”* …It’s interesting how you progressive liberals pick and choose when you want to apply actual science to a situation. No trans women are NOT actual women, they were born biologically male with male chromosomes and male DNA and regardless of surgery or the hormones they take they can never change their male biology, they will always have male chromosomes and male DNA…it’s called science.

    1. He has a degree in science, besides you don’t need to be a scientist to understand that climate change is a real threat to the human race.

    2. @NNFaNRacing He’s a mechanical engineer and no, it isn’t. And if it was it takes a gargantuan amount of hubris to believe that YOU can do something about it.

  4. Great bill the not really a scientist guy is here to talk bout what he doesn’t know but gets paid for it guy

    1. I try but I never get a reply I almost feel this account was shadow banned years ago but I still try regardless.. check the syria maps where US/allies along with rebels occupy land that has specific resources, one being OIL America’s favorite…..seeing those 2 likes honestly restored hope thank you for helping me verify if I’m banned or not

    1. Since China isn’t part of the Paris accord American manufacturing will go to China. China has the worst environmental laws in the world.

    1. I was born in india and i can confirm they dont do anything and the pollution is horrible in both countries so now we have to pay more than every other country for this deal and us americans more regulations smh

  5. “If we don’t do something to help prevent climate change the polar ice caps will melt in 5 years”

    25 years later:……………………..

    1. I do, but I voted for him. I’m seeing Dems and Indies shocked at some of Biden’s EOs.

      He’s doing what he said he would!!!

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