Breaking Down The Power Dynamic Shift Currently Happening in America 1

Breaking Down The Power Dynamic Shift Currently Happening in America

As white nationalists, right-wing extremists groups try to grasp onto power while bringing down democracy with them, many people of color are stepping up to the plate to save the nation from complete division. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Breaking Down The Power Dynamic Shift Currently Happening in America


  1. The essence of American politics…”the manipulation of populism by elitism” Christopher Hitchens

  2. What we are witnessing from so-called Republican “leaders” is just pure evil.
    Republican politicians are only interested in helping themselves, sadly. It’s not even really placing party before country, because they don’t really care about the GOP, either, which is evidenced by their destruction of it; they only use that as a convenient vehicle to grift their voters and us taxpayers.

  3. As a native American man myself I’m so proud of my tribes and other minorities in America stepping up to vote in bigger numbers, and I’m sad for other minorities who stand with white supremacists who think they won’t be marginalized if those bigots succeed in overpowering the rest of us. Together we stand or divided we fall.

    1. @Luke Poe Correct, the left love to push the racial card in all of this. It is their “safe space” “go to” argument because it provides them a place to hide.

    2. @Luke Poe Your mouth is too large for your brain. Why don’t you come over here and say that? My son’s named Luke. He lives up to that name. What happened to you?

  4. We need to educate the young people. The old ignorant, resentful ones are willfully blind, they are gone.

    1. Education is vital … sadly the old ignorant one’s are not gone , they’re in the Gov … Zoe , Canadian neighbor

  5. this take on things is so much more uplifting and inspiring, would love to hear this more, we should make our activism and actions more geared around a CELEBRATION of our evolution!

  6. We must live consciously. We are one world. “All around the world, same song.”
    I’m tired of this lack of equity, this depravity of elites.

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