19 Comments on "BREAKING: First Major TV News Covers Pizzagate! 11/27/16"

  1. I am no weasel | November 27, 2016 at 3:41 PM | Reply

    dump twitter for gab
    sign up and wait for confirmation

  2. Oh no, bad girl Hillary has sent some emails! Oh no, bad girl Hillary has
    ate some pizza! Be scared shitbrains!

    • Xing Bashu You might want to actually read Podesta’s emails and look at all
      the instagram pics from comet pizza, its owner, and friends of the owner.
      Because REALLY AND TRULY, TELL ME RIGHT NOW, Do you think [someone] would
      do better playing dominoes on pizza or pasta??? Hmmm? Feel free to blow off
      the whole thing IF you can answer that question right now.

  3. Adriane Little | November 27, 2016 at 3:59 PM | Reply

    Correct me if I’m wrong, don’t MSM agencies have news editors? Fat lot of
    good thats done for impartiality. If Facebook thinks hiring editors is
    going to give them credibility, they’re dreaming. Look, talking heads, too
    many of us have woken up to your bias. We don’t trust you, and we know that
    ” NEWS ” no longer provides information, but instead gives us opinion , and
    tries to direct conversation.

  4. @9:19 – So you seriously think Mara L. that Mr. Trump and his team should
    totally ignore this weared recount effort, with all that money raised? Not.
    Mr. Trump is addressing the issue because he wants it to be known that he
    is aware of what is going on and to let people know about it. It doesn’t
    take much time for him to put together a few words or his assistant to type
    the sentence he wants. And I’m pretty sure he can multi task a little when
    he needs to. His viewers appreciate his notes.

  5. Facebook will always make Trump and his Supporters fake news..

  6. What about the art work ? is there bad art work there ?

  7. @Mara L. speaking at 9 10: It is not about Mr. Trump worrying about the
    recount, I would say he is addressing it because it is revolting that they
    are doing this for nothing. He won fair and square. And so it appears quite
    likely that this presumed recount issue is all a scam to get money for
    other purposes instead. And even if it was all for a recount, what a scam
    and a waste of money and effort though considering that the election was
    won by Mr. Trump and he won very clearly! For one thing, just look at how
    much supporters he got at all his rallies and how much support he has

  8. Fox really is fake.

  9. Mute is the way to go here. Change the channel or don’t read your headlines
    and their articles. Some people are just way too sensitive for the real
    world anyway.

  10. Richard Llewellyn | November 27, 2016 at 5:51 PM | Reply

    Any News orginisaton that beat the war drums for illegal wars based on lies
    that have killed millions has to be held to account for its complicity in
    war crimes.

  11. Iamdonald duck | November 27, 2016 at 6:12 PM | Reply

    FACT: …Fox is owned by the saudis

  12. 6:10 for pizzagate.

  13. Howie, you keep referring to the Fake News Stories on social media. Are you
    referring to the CNN, MSNBC, NYT, etc stories which I have seen countless
    FAKE News Stories over the last dew years?

  14. So someone conveniently sending a text message or a tweet should pace
    themselves to under one per day? Two tweets per day are too much, really?
    No one ever sends more than one tweet per day, realllllllyyyyyyyy??? How
    about the MSM producing and spreading propaganda daily, why is that not an

  15. #pizzagate # Clinton foundation missing Haitian children?

  16. (((MSM))) is the fake news.

  17. You don’t even have to know the politics of the people talking but when you
    hear the tired old saw about Russian hacking emails, they have outed
    themselves as Democrat lap dogs and, as such, somebody who can be ignored
    because you’re not getting serious news, you’re getting serious bias.

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