Breaking News: Rep. Liz Cheney To Vote For Trump Impeachment | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Breaking News: Rep. Liz Cheney To Vote For Trump Impeachment | Deadline | MSNBC


The third highest-ranking member of Congress, Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, announces she will vote to impeach President Trump due to his incitement of the insurrection at the Capitol, saying he “lit the flame of this attack.”. Aired on 01/12/2021.
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Breaking News: Rep. Liz Cheney To Vote For Trump Impeachment | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. @Frenchblue8
      The Georgia elections will be certified around the 15th of January. The Democrats will need Ossof, Warnock and Harris for the majority 51 plus 16? more Republican Senators for a two thirds majority to remove him from office. They can still successfully impeach him after the 20th and not impede on Biden’s policies and agenda for the first 100 days. No need to rush. Trump will get what is coming to him.

    2. @Crooks n brooks God forbid the Senate rushes to rule to convict on the impeachment before Trump’s term has ended and they acquit him…again. It’s much too important a decision to be rushed for the sake of the nation. Personally, I think the most crucial clause included in the impeachment charges include the clause that forbids Trump from ever running for public office in any capacity again.

  1. Republicans,
    This is your chance to find redemption. Want unity? Want to heal the nation? Impeach this traitor from office and affirm that America stands for the rule of law.

    1. @Patton Moore oligarchy? His white supremacists oligarchy. You lose the debate with. Nonsensical attacks. It’s not my fault you’re so hateful and angry. Go run for office.

    2. Ok, first apologize for not accepting Trump’s win in 2016. Remember saying he was illegitimate and then boycotting his inauguration. Remember Maxine Watters saying to get in the face of Republicans. Remember forcing Trump’s cabinet out of restaurants, or turning a blind eye to the BLMANTIFA riots. Ok…I’m waiting…lol

    3. @Education is key It appears you feel uncomfortable admitting that Trump has blood on his hands. You can’t wipe off the blood with complaints about BLM or any other group. People died because Trump lied about voter fraud. Trump incited a riot that killed a police officer. Are you a sedition sympathizer or are you an American?

      Keep waiting for that apology you think you deserve. Trump said he would take help from Norway so I don’t see why you’re still stuck on 2016 like the Trump Tower meeting never happened. Trump would already be in jail for obstruction if he wasn’t the president. Roger Stone needed pardons for 7 felonies related to the investigation including witness intimidation. These people are criminals and they have blood on their hands for the failed coup attempt.

    1. Killed? The last 4 yrs have been largely peaceful and prosperous for my community. Only folks upset are powerless Dems and China.

    2. @Nos these MSNBC folks are a cut below Qanon. They buy anything they are told. For 4 yrs they believed Trump was a Russian spy

    3. @Shane Petzel It’s called Mind Control, Real News is Fake News, Trump has managed to Program his Supporters, to do his dirty work, and leave them standing on their own and going to Prison.

    1. Truly….. way past due….. remember, when republicans were all set against this evil, that is trump..??? CNN played back all the initial statements, that republicans said about trump in the first election, in the beginning…

    1. What does party have to do with this at this point? If this civil war hungry elmer fudds have to force their will on the 80 million people who wants real freedom , what kind of America would that be?

    2. When the Dems/media turned a blind eye to the rioting and destruction of minority businesses and federal property by the radical left (BLMANTIFA), it just emboldened the radical right…Too bad it got to this

    3. @Education is key …so let’s educate. How many riots did Biden start? Name one. Democrats have not called for violence against anyone and did not condone violence. We’re talking about the direct culpability of the president in a murderous seditious attack. You seem eager to draw a false equivalence to misdirect from that crime. Let’s use the political process to hold criminals like the president accountable and save our republic from the mob.

  2. republicans in the senate could have stopped it by simply telling the truth ! they could have turned out the “Stop The Lie” campaign.

    1. I agree with you but for now we have to focus on impeaching Trump. We have to welcome those who are coming out against Trump not because they deserve it but because our country deserves justice. Then we can focus on those who aided him

    2. They could, but then most of their perfectly groomed base would have been lost to THEM, not Trump.
      I was stating this 4 years ago – with T the GOP got between a rock and a hard place, because T took their voters away by overtaking the Republicans on the right.
      That’s a catch-22 they created for themselves decades ago.

    3. Many Republicans act in their role like they are playing street basketball rather then in the official basketball on the official court.

    1. In your democracy, scientists get to cast one vote, welfare people get to cast one vote, illegal immigrants also get to cast one vote.

    2. The idiots you ignorant demobots cheated to elect, are 1000, times more of a threat to our security than PRESIDENT TRUMP WILL EVER BE!! HE DID MORE GOOD FOR THIS COUNTRY IN 4 YTS, THAN ALL THE CROOKED DEMOBOTS, & SOCIALIST, NAZI, GLOBALIST, ALL PUT TOGETHER, HAVE ALL DONE, OR WILL EVER DO!! THE BIDEN PUPPET SHOW, ONWED BY THE CCP& THE REST OF THE DEMOCRATIC LEFT, should have to go live in china & live under their rules,& government, for about 10 years, & then we will see how high you hold the worthless pos!! We won’t be leaving the porch light on for you , just call a day before you get to come home!! Worthless, SPINELESS, antifa, blm, idiots!! They use you for your votes,& then wont even acknowledge that you exist!! Wake up!! PRESIDENT TRUMP DID MORE FOR BLACKS AND LATINOS, THAN ANY OTHER PRESIDENT, EXCEPT, HONEST ABE LINCOLN!! WHAT’S THE DEMOBOTS DONE FOR YOU LATELY?? “NOTHING””

    1. he should never have been in office he has contaminated the reputation of the US in as Trump would say “the world”
      we are all horrified by not only Trump and his republican cronies have wrought but by the right Murdoch media who keep using terms like Biden’s radical socialism
      in any other country Biden would be far right of centre
      the USA has suddenly become a pariah nation built on hypocrisy and racism

    2. One whole week later and nothing has happened to him yet! I call BULLSH!T! Our president attempted to hang our vice president and members of congress. WTF! Our system is so fncked up. I can’t believe they’re still talking about it. Kamala I pray for your safety and hope you hit the ground running. This! This! This!…. This is a TRAVESTY!

    1. @Licia Williams what does her sexual preference have to do with anything? Why do you weak leftists bring up race and sexual preferences on EVERYTHING? Why’re you so weak?

    2. @Howard Moon Yeah, that Faketriot has been posting all over with this new account, probably after his previous one was banned. He’s angry after his safe space at Parler was shut down lol

    3. @Jack Riddle Are you really as stupid as you sound? Nobody here needs to point out the “words or phrase Trump used to incite the violence”. The media is just covering what they & everyone but you saw with their own eyes.

      REPUBLICAN Rep. John Katco said “To allow the president of the United States to incite this attack without consequence is a direct threat to the future of our democracy. For that reason, I cannot sit by without taking action. I will vote to impeach this president.”

      REPUBLICAN Rep. Liz Cheney said “The president of the United States summoned this mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack. Everything that followed was his doing. None of this would have happened without the president…There has never been a greater betrayal by a president of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution.”

      REPUBLICAN Rep. Adam Kinzinger said “There is no doubt in my mind that the president of the United States broke his oath of office and incited this insurrection. If the president’s actions are not worthy of impeachment, then what is an impeachable offense?”

      Attorney General of D.C. Karl Racine said “I know I’m looking at a charge under the D.C. Code of inciting violence, and that would apply where there’s a clear recognition that one’s incitement could lead to foreseeable violence.” He is opening an investigation and considering charges.

      Trump’s impeachment articles state: “In his conduct while President of the United States and in violation of his constitutional oath…Donald John Trump engaged in high Crimes and Misdemeanors by inciting violence against the Government of the United States.”

      These are not the “democrat media’s” words, they are the words of officials that will be impeaching & investigating Trump’s incitement of violence.

      Do the world a favor & have yourself neutered.

    4. @Mike Rew
      Awesome and informative comment!
      Unfortunately its pretty futile to use facts to those who are cult followers. They believe by emotions and feelings, not critical thinking.
      At some point they’ll “see the light” and especially those who lose their families, jobs and freedom.
      Keep writing the truth. They will read and remember some day!

    1. I think the huge crack in the Republican party (due to Trump’s complacency in the riots) is now large enough for the GOP to IMPEACH …. Finally!

    2. @The viva warrior
      POTUS is 74. So what if He cannot run again, I bet He doesn’t care.
      However, He will become a martyr, worldwide, if you all impeach again. Trust me, it is the word on the streets as we speak.

    3. @Annamarie Seaman You have made a comparison with the CCP. I’m just asking for a more detailed explanation of that vague comparison. I mean, if you know nothing about the CCP your comparison is meaningless. If one compared Trump to a panjandrum but didn’t explain that, the comparison would be meaningless. If you don’t really know anything about the CCP then comparing them to Biden is meaningless. Myself I’d compare his policies to the norm in most advanced democratic nations, in Europe and elsewhere. But then I do know a bit about those. and with a little effort, you could too. ‘Nuff said.

    1. @S W
      It’s sad that the lunatic Trump put so much trouble into purging people from voting, made them waited hours in line, threw away sorting machines & mailboxes & still manage to lose to Biden. What’s more pathetic is you guys still here complaining about the unfair election.

      Of course, it’s unfair because Trump cheated & still lost.

    2. @S W As asked so many times, what and where is your proof? Just like trump, you think your opinion becomes evidence. You only have to think it and that proves it then. Don’t be so dumb

    1. Exactly- Instead of serving the American people and their
      health, he played political games with the virus in every way, and 375,000 have died. No matter what anyone says about other issues (even 99% survivability) so many souls lost. Covid has increased every Americans chance of dying by 10%- that could have been prevented by a competent caring President.

    2. @Llynnyia Thank you for sharing your experience, and hope your husband’s conditions improve. Not dying (surviving) is not a guarantee that you escaped its’ long-term effects.

    3. @No Pain ,Just Gains , yes it does, take Nz for example, perhaps America should look outside their country and see how other countries have dealt with this pandemic.

    1. @Wiltar The Barbarian Arrests are up to about 160 and continuing- even though in some cases, simple charges are filed (trespassing), this keeps them in custody, and gives the FBI enough time to build cases for the more involved and serious crimes of sedition and conspiracy.

    2. @Richard Barry The old song of “Whatabout BLM” is over- this group had elements of sedition and worse planned out against elected officials performing their Constitutional duty- an attack on America and Democracy. There is no comparison-

    3. @K T there is no comparison burning down city blocks over 30 people dead as a result of peaceful protests throwing Molotov cocktails into police cars beating innocent civilians on our city streets . I don’t care if you are a communist or a racist that’s not a illegal but when you resort to violence? Over opinions? That will not be tolerated especially outside of the socialist controlled City’s of America

    4. They wouldn’t waste their time if it was a Democrat but they stick together unless something actually happens to them personally. Although they always want Democrats to back down

    1. Yep. Liz and Mitt are the face of the new GOP and as a Democrat I am alright with that. Shun Trump and political enablers for life.

    2. @Remey Momma At least Trump didnt imprison a generation of black men like Biden and Harris did. At least Trump was the first President since Jimmy Carter not to start a new war. At least Trump foster 4 peace agreements in the Middle East.

    1. @Tiff ok my competency evaluation over the abuse i endured from town in nh is on 20th i think you myes well get a eval as well they are passing them out in nh…!

    2. 75 million folks voted for Trump. If covid never came, Trumps President. Hope he runs in 2024. My community did great the last r yrs.

    3. @Education is key if he ran in 2024 then all this problem could be stopped with peoples not trust i didnt know he could rerun thats good though, your right

    4. @Education is key
      I agree, however, You and I are not allowed to express our opinions without being called all kinds of vulgar and belittling


    1. @Jon Ver you’re what’s on the bottom of his shoes after he steps in what comes out of a dog’s butt! Enjoy the FBI investigations into your fellow trumpturds and they just voted in Congress to invoke the 25th amendment so enjoy that too! By the way, it passed! No matter if it doesn’t go through or even if impeachment doesn’t,he’s gone Jan 20th!

    2. @Mike Spencer they all dem lies to stop him since he used his own money for buisness and cared about economy the dems just are evil beyond reason and its getting to him little bit isnt right, he didnt invoke and the people who killed and broke in or let them in were all dem dems always making a scene to blame on him over and over he did all the things good and in reality that joe wanted to he elected and stop the achievement is treason obbiosly its all rigged if he does so good and did what promised and system shuts him down is the truth all your gimmicks and things beside saying they are harming by taking him out of office is crap and anti american if they punish him will draw clear line between the cons and americans your a con my friend is what i belive sadly

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