BREAKING: Trump Org Senior Official Set To Testify Before Grand Jury 1

BREAKING: Trump Org Senior Official Set To Testify Before Grand Jury


Harry Litman, former Deputy Assistant Attorney General, joins Nicolle Wallace to discuss breaking news from the New York Times that the Manhattan District Attorney Attorney subpoenaed Trump Organization SVP Jeffrey McConney to testify before a grand jury

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    1. @Ann S Obviously nothing YET!!! But it’s coming. Your Grand Wizard will be locked up soon.

    2. Omega Man, look at that- you get to be sexist, homophobic and ignorant all in one sentence. “WHAT DOES HE WIN, BOB”

    1. @jb pb Nobody cares what you think Trump accomplished before Covid. The history books will say that he was a one term, twice impeached President who never got an approval rating over 50%, due to his wilful ignorance and incompetence in dealing with the deadly pandemic was responsible for the deaths of over 500,000 Americans. Oh and he instigated an angry mob to slaughter members of Congress and a bloody insurrection at the Capitol Building. THAT’S WHAT HISTORY BOOKS WILL SAY WETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!

    2. If he won’t leave Florida he really won’t leave the country, the World is waiting on that day.

    3. @Shawn Whitehead we had 4 yrs of old Billy boy Barr blocking the natural process of justice. We now have a doj that are not full of dumpster sycophants truth justice and the true American way is coming in a landslide get out your chicken nuggets get ready. 82milluon of us have got our popcorn ready and a front row seat ready for the downfall of the narcistic psychopathic loser former guy. Yahoo buckaroo

    1. Freeze all the bankruptcies.
      Freeze Florida laundering of “losses”. Freeze Mellie’s cheeks!

    2. Hunter Biden is under investigation so shouldn’t they also freeze all the Biden family assets?

    3. That is why he has already accepted 65 grand in pension money for ex presidents? Because he is so rich? Hypothetically 65 grand for a working stiff like me is about 3.86 dollars. Also the average profit for hotels is 30 percent. While he was in office, the profit increase in everyone staying in his hotels, often by dictate of Eric’s dad, well exceeded the pittance of 450 grand a year. Some of you folk are so guillable. His liquidity is similar to yours and mine. If you don’t think so, please share your city so I can come and set up a 3 card Monty game there. I imagine I would clean house.

  1. His house of cards is on fire and the fire department isn’t coming to put the fire out.

    1. @D.A. Oh Right…he wanted to dance, so he needs to pay the piper. PS : he is a horrible dancer.

    1. Coming from someone who likely can’t even spell law school much less ever having attended one.

    2. @General Yellor Comin’ from someone who ain’t know grammar, much less, knows about Camille. C’mon.

    1. They are trying to drum up a charge from the illegally held, because of the FBI’s falsified application to the FISA CRT for a warrant to hold the investigation. That Mueller investigation was illegally and unlawfully carried out.
      That whole investigation is invalid. They can’t now take information from that investigation and use it.
      That investigation is null and void. The obtaining of information in an ILLEGALLY held investigation cannot now
      be used as it was obtained unlawfully and illegally. AND it is Comey and the leaders if the FBI and Hilary Clinton for funding the whole illegal investigation into a political opponent who should be standing trial.
      The evidence from the FBI emails and phone calls of how the FBI used deliberate entrapment to set up General Flynn is the information and evidence that should be the evidence being held up from the Mueller case.

      It’s all on record in the Department of Justice Files. Why don’t the media and Democrats use that info to hold the people behind that criminal investigation accountable. Democrats and FBI, clean up your own criminal activity before going after President Trump.

  2. I think this is why Trump is pretending like he’s going to be back in August. He wants his supporters to think that his arrest is only politically motivated and not because he committed crimes.

    1. @Adam J. Wilbur plausible but don’t underestimate the GOP, they’ll reinvent themselves and dump Trump if they see him as a real liability who may drag them down into the abyss. Still some good apples in the GOP: Jeff Flake, Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney, et. al.

    2. @Just Say’n good points, and the obvious voter suppression may fire up minorities to show up at the polls regardless of the new Jim Crow style restrictions.

    3. @Russell Newton agree, Biden isn’t a good public speaker but he doesn’t appear to have dementia. I think Reagan later had Alzheimer’s disease but that’s different — he remained coherent while in office.

    1. @steve jette I think it’s actually Incontinentius Gluteus Gigantus Orangeii? I could be wrong there, as I didn’t study Latin ever, except in Monty Python movies.

    1. @senile Joe Biden Joe Biden is President of the Untied States. He received 306 electoral college votes and 81,283,098 votes, while Trump only received 232 electoral college votes and 74,222,958 votes. The election was certified in all 50 states.

    2. @senile Joe Biden Remember in 2016 when Trump campaigned to eliminate the national debt and then he significantly increased it each year until it was the highest in U.S. history? In 2016 it was $19.19 trillion (Obama) and in 2020 it was $26.70 trillion (Trump)

  3. “God works out everything to its proper end–even the wicked for a day of disaster.”
    — Bible

  4. Know this: parasitic people never quit. They’re used to get away with anything, they do anything to keep playing their manipulative game – it’s their lifestyle. And, they don’t want to change.

  5. “I’m going to be reinstated in august, Mexico will pay for it, Denmark will sell me Greenland and then I’ll Fly me to the moon [with Space Force], let me play among the stars, Let me see what spring is like on A-Jupiter and Mars”

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