Breaking: Trump’s Entire Company Indicted

Within moments of the indictment coming down, MSNBC's Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on highlights from the latest court proceedings in the Trump Organization criminal probe. 
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    1. @Wisdom101 I suppose having an unbreakable vow in the form of public records will only attract other crooks. Easier to find! It’s like a magnet this “injustice” being re-named justice!

    2. Trump: “A bunker filled with unlimited cheeseburgers or a sharing a bunk bed and shower with Bubba? 🤔 Such a difficult choice. 😃

    3. @Gwerk Lancaster Ok we will see. Everything is lining up for next week. Whats a joke is this civil matter with woke attorneys and judges against Trump. I dont see him shaken one bit. Its truly laughable. Its all a distraction from what is about to really happen. Watch Anderson Cooper and Katie Hobbs interview. Clearly she’s been crying either before or during the interview. Even Anderson really didn’t know what to say. Maricopa is the spear head. Just need to expose more of the deep state. Like these fools in NYC.
      “Properly process the votes”
      So let me guess, you watch either MSLSD or Clinton News Network.
      20 other states delegates have visited the site at Maricopa county. A few had said its the gold standard of Audits.
      Also, the constant name calling is pretty childish. It’s Ok, I understand your very emotional. It’s very common for Democrats these days. Temper Tantrums and such. It will be OKAY.

    4. “In all cases where a majority are united by a common interest or passion, the rights of the minority are in danger.” James Madison

    1. I don’t know if he’s that sophisticated, or makes causal cognitive connections like that. I think he wanted to be president for the same reason he enjoyed blowing on that truck’s horn, or firing folks on his TV show; he likes to feel large and in charge. It hides those tiny hands.

    2. @Vonda Paradise umm…..?

      I am afraid to say that I am not quite sure how to respond to that. Simply because I do not support any world leaders on the planet. (And Donald Trump would be the last one, let me say)

      I don’t have a political party. I am neither left nor right. Never voted never will. To vote along side atheists and Buddhists, strippers, etc would go against my Lord’s wishes. So I stay out of all of that.

      I am a society outcast. All of the things which you deem to be as socially acceptable, or “normal” I should say , such as, watching sports, adult film, partying, drinking, video games, television, music, etc. It is against my Lord’s wishes to participate in any of the such things. I am a hardcore follower of Christ. I would give up anything to follow behind my Lord.

      And since I do not participate in societal customs, I do not vote included.

      And never I will I am afraid to say. Aside form religion, There are political reasons why I don’t vote as well. But I’ve said to much already.

    1. @DDean W. I don’t like trump but respect he is a real con Man and a real p ssy grabber, but Cohen, he worked for trump no Respekt for him he sounds like a whining sock worn by a homeless years long.
      A p-bird is a, p-bird.

    2. @Priest Fulton J Wingba JR For real? All the Priest in the world who abused children they are now better Humans?

    3. @Kefoo Thought the subject was Cohens so called insider info. But just to make you happy Kefoo, If the pandemic never happened Trump would of won the election with his strong economy, in a cantor.

    4. @Eagle 1 — Obama created that strong economy. Trump lost the election. Joe Biden is President of the United States of America. Rejoice!

      P.S. “would have” = “would’ve”

    5. @Kefoo Oh, you mean the one he handed to Hillary, running on his record, then duly lost the Election in 2016. The strong Obama economy that got rejected by middle America. How could anyone forget Obamas quote at the time, “manufacturing may never come back to the US the way it once was” manufacturing boomed under Trump for the first 3yrs of Trumps term.

  1. A fake Foundation, a scam University and now a fraudulent business. He really is a very stable genius… 😂

    1. @K. P.C There are thousands who recognize the great accomplishments made by President Trump! Thousands who support his efforts to make and keep America great again.
      Look at what’s occupying the WH now!! 🙈🙉🙊

    2. @Christine Wild Charities… Plural. It’s why he nor his family can ever, by court order, sit on the board of a charity again.

    1. The MAGA cult, they believe all of Trump’s lies….they only listen to pro Trump right-wing media.

  2. This is why he’s fighting tooth and nail to get back into the White House, so he can be protected, it’s all about him not the people of America.

    1. @Wisdom101 I hear you, but nonetheless it is exactly where he should be. Actually should have been there years ago.

    2. @LLL If U want to believe he is going to jail like me and you would go to jail for these types of crimes I’m cool with that just don’t be disappointed if he doesn’t

  3. This is why trump didn’t want to give up power. It dam sure wasn’t because he cares about this country. He proved that.

    1. They are never going to put a United states President in jail for these types of crimes it’s never going to happen I don’t know why people let these news networks build up y’all hopes Just to be disappointed

    2. Trump: “A bunker filled with unlimited cheeseburgers or a sharing a bunk bed and shower with Bubba? 🤔 Such a difficult choice. 😃

    3. @Wisdom101 Looking at probation and not being able to hold public office put him out of business and living in a winnebego next to golf course!

    1. @sharon olsen i think in this case, trump is probably gonna have to make an offer allen can’t refuse. allen knows too much, trump must do everything to appease him, maybe offering allen ivanka or melania?

    2. @Cynical Dude LOL .. ewe ! Or a threat he can’t ignore.. nobody talks about that but it is possible threats are involved. I think a threat is far more powerful than a promise.. Just another possibility..

  4. So now I get what the American Apprentice series was all, about. Giving people the skills to commit mass fraud.

    1. I’m looking forward to the day it becomes official and when it does, I’m going to read it in the newspapers and re-watch it on TV and online over and over and over again!

    2. @Nick#Clash BCommander You never heard you shall reap what you sow. 😤 Let it soak in. 🇺🇲✝️🇺🇲💪🏼

  5. Might seem like a small charge now, but it opens up a lot of other options. This show is just starting 🙂

    1. @Nick#Clash BCommander Wishing such nastyness on the best president the US has ever had…speaks volumes about you!! Read what the Written Word tells about that.
      Don’t you have any qualms about wishing harm…… May your justice return tenfold.

    2. @Freedom Forever … yes. It’s horribly racist that rich white men frequently get away with crimes and see no jail time.

  6. “The best way to hurt rich people is by turning them into poor people!”
    -Eddie Murphy, Trading Places🦎

    1. @Richard Bambenek Remember this is Jabba the Gut we’re talking about here.
      “The rest of his life” will be…what?…a year? Two?
      No no no. Dress Scooby Coup in bright orange, and walk him past cameras on his way to jail.
      At 300 frames per second 8K.
      And from his cell to the mess hall.
      And from the mess hall to the showers.
      Schadenfreude? Yes.
      It’s quite unworthy of me, I know, but…oh…oh, yesssssss.

  7. If this is a witch hunt, then the wicked witches will be dancing on the flames of justice.

    1. That’s the thing about these “witch hunts”, they always seem to catch a lot of witches.

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