BREAKING: U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Pass 100,000 Mark | MSNBC

BREAKING: U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Pass 100,000 Mark | MSNBC 1


    1. @howdareyou41
      Care to redo that but for the combined populations of Italy, France, Spain, & the UK? They have far less combined population than the U.S., after all. Let’s see that comparison.

      Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

    2. @Chris I didn’t call him racist for that at all. I didn’t even know about it but when I found out it was the right decision.
      However that does not excuse him for downplaying the virus for months or firing the pandemic response team in 2018.

    3. @neosapiens nope. 22% of the worlds deaths are in the USA stop trying to downplay it. other countries have levelled off, America keeps climbing.

    1. I_am_me his approval rating is much higher than it was in 2016, democrat dominated districts are voting in republicans, the MSM has been consistently caught lying and cant report anything beyond “Orange Man bad,” they have Biden lol. Maybe get out of your echo chamber because a red wave is coming. People like you think you are the majority…. you’re not even a fraction outside of social media

    2. @Ace1King1 first of all your 60 percent is an estimation, which means that you can’t view it as fact. second, it’s just not true. COVID is deadly with patients who have pre existing conditions, but that doesn’t mean those pre existing conditions would have killed those people in that time. it’s still because of COVID that those people died, many would’ve survived with their existing illness for far longer

    3. @Beth Susan Did you think that I have something wise to say? I thought this was a Youtube. Trololoo 😀

    4. V It’s the Dems fault, they lock down people and it kills them faster plus the numbers are fake there’s proof research once in a while brainwashed dope.

    1. WindBreaker I don’t think we’re being truthful either. Our government is almost as bad as China’s

    2. @Thragon68 Both are bad. I’d argue Breitbart is worse, but that’s beside the point. I would never cite an msnbc article, but you have no problem citing Breitbart even after admitting it’s garbage.

    1. GoatZilla haha I’m not expecting you to respond because your side of the argument cannot comes back from this. how am I supposed to know the ACTUAL amount of deaths in the US😂Think about it, there are “1.73 million” (cases in US) and if you divide that by “102 thousand” (deaths) that comes out to a 17% death rate, which is TOTALLY out of wack and out of this world. The ACTUAL death rate is actually around 1.4%. If you take 1.4% of the total cases in the US (1.73 million) it comes out to 24,220 deaths, not 102k. so please don’t tell me that most of these deaths are not faked and made up, thank you and now you know the truth, god bless!

    1. Remdesivir has shown promise in animal models of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), both caused by human coronaviruses

    2. Gov’t’s don’t want to use Drugs, medicine, nutritional supplements. They wanna wait for B.Gates to push out his vaccines at warp speed (= not properly tested) bcz that’s where the real money is

    1. @Logan R there you go comparing it to the flu. whatever I don’t really care what you think anymore. you guys are a lost cause

    2. It’s an election year pandemic – Quick destroy the economy so we can get sleepy Joe Biden elected!

    3. It’s an election year pandemic. Quick, sacrifice your loved ones and neighbors for the DOW so Trump can get elected!

    1. CDC predicted 2.2 million deaths. Thank you #Trump2020 for not listening to the democrats or else we’d be at 2 million right now.

    1. @Sabaa Logman I am sorry for your loss. What did they put on his death certificate? Medical personnel have been pressured to put covid without testing all over the nation. Maybe they didn’t do it in your case but that doesn’t mean it is not happening. The numbers are not real representation of what is actually happening is all I am saying. I am also not saying there is no virus. I would just like to know what is really happening and I am not the only one who deserves the real truth. We all do.

    2. @Ventreal Nope. It is a pretty transparent pattern once you notice it fully. But it is also scary and depressing. We are not in Kansas anymore Toto…then you realize there never was a Kansas. Kinda sad.

    3. @Joshua Hopkins Now I guess they stick a long swab up people’s noses and send it off to a lab with a very powerful microscope, but they weren’t doing it for everyone. Remember in the beginning when they were whining that they didn’t have ANY test kits? Honestly, you would think we could have figured out how to do that, but it was just easier to lie about the numbers and it served their purpose as well. Some of it is we just don’t know how to react or what we are doing but some of this deception seems very purposeful.

    4. @1234constantine Thanks for the response! I agree that it is a mixed bag of incompetence & deception with intent… and some genuinely good intentions from some folks sprinkled in there… I try not to forget that part.

      I have a co-worker who told me about the nose swab thing, which I thought was very funny.

      Good luck out there =)

    5. @Susan Vue The nice man who cleaned my apartment halls and took out our recycle trash died in April from covid19. He was tested and a confirmed case, according to his family who informed those who knew him in the apartment community. Since I lived in view of a hospital, I can also confirm seeing the freezers outside the hospital holding dead bodies and I can tell you every day, I was hearing frequent ambulance sirens driving by outside my window. You may not believe people were literally dropping dead in the financial capital of the world because of whatever bubble you are living in, but that was the reality that was happening that people getting their fake news out of facebook are refusing to believe.

  1. I just wish we had real accounting,,,people you had love one’s die had to get in the face of some of these nursing home directors say thats not how they died,,,

    1. 99.7% of not dying from covid per the CDC yesterday (in line with Stanford’s numbers a month ago)

    2. then why dont you go back to his advisor faucci saying there is no need for concern here in the US ?

  2. _“Our death totals, our numbers per million people, are really very, very strong. We are very proud of the job we have done,”_

  3. I’ve been told that the coronavirus MIGHT or WILL go away in late September. We must hope and pray that it will happen.

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