BREAKING: U.S. Hits ISIS Target In Afghanistan With "Over-The-Horizon" Drone Strike: DOD 1

BREAKING: U.S. Hits ISIS Target In Afghanistan With “Over-The-Horizon” Drone Strike: DOD


Courtney Kube, Pentagon and national security correspondent for NBC News, reports breaking news that the U.S. Department of Defense has announced in a statement from U.S. Central Command that it has conducted a drone strike on an ISIS-K target in Afghanistan.
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    1. @Brian Jones You say this like it’s easy to spot a suicide bomber. My guy they look like the normal citizens they’re evacuating. How about you come up with a better strategy. U can’t

    2. A pathetic response to the killing of nearly 200 people. Isis killed as many of their own people (1) with the suicide bomb as Biden did with his response. Biden has done next to nothing.

  1. I feel sad for the the troops and their families and the innocent ppl caught in the middle

    1. Those troops ALL would have voted America First. So no you don’t care. Only reason you even bothered to comment is because its trending.

    2. Dude our troops want to go back in . It’s the irrelevant people at home that made the decision to pull out

    3. Because you know, some people who actually care and who are over there doing their job to care about them are told to abandon them don’t like that…..
      There have been many advocating not to leave them and they should be going back. Trust me when I say any troops conducting operations here are all doing it voluntarily

    4. @thesun collective147 I agree the very best for all humankind is for us all to get along,peaceful communication and realizing were all alike in one way or another,to find a common ground for peace for us all nit from fear or were right ir there wrong or any of the such,its just peace nit neverending wars that will allow us to work in our country here a while and while yes depending on were u live in the world opinions are different but its high time we remind them that we are who we were before we were all si emotionally triggered over political opinions and we were just American

    1. @Trebor He was “installed” by the electoral college, the American voters, and his own incompetence that handed the election to Biden. He told you folks not to bother to vote cause it was rigged and you listened.

    2. @Jerseythedog lol. ‘run-on sentence’. Yup… Shouldn’t be in charge of people. Good English skills there killer

    1. @Louie Ruiz I suspected that but I looked them up and they were around last year, at least, I saw them mentioned in a report maybe it was 2019

    2. @john Sprague you must have either very limited knowledge of our use of military drones or just be another gas lit half wit, but an argument that trump avoided death or misery is simply an empty statement you cant defend. after all this is the product of trumps deal with the taliban, and the cleanup effort is what it is

    3. Tough words. Tough words…. Bully:gimmie your lunch money. Girl:you’re a meanie. Lesson: women should vote on cupcake parties or maybe school lunches, but stay away from the national voting booth please…

    1. You probably need to find something to relieve your TDS.

      If Biden had gotten all the Americans out, before he completely evacuated, we probably wouldn’t have had to drone-strike ISIS for killing people.

      Do you not think ISIS is going to retaliate for this?.I guess Biden pulled the Military out of Afghanistan, just to put them right back. Thanks, Joe!

    2. @Dan Cogswell CNN: “They’re shouting ‘death to American’ but they seem friendly.”

      How many of you get your news from CNN?

    3. Here’s the ironic part:
      Biden doesn’t want civilians to have semi-automatic AR-15s, but he just gave the terrorists OUR fully-automatic machine guns.

    1. Are you that pathetic IRL? Biden had a random guy killed to look good. The guy was a scape goat. you know, like the guy who made a youtube video they blamed for Bengazi.

    2. @firestream93 we were alredy in Afghanistan in 1999. It wouldn’t matter much how Biden voted as a senator because congress would have the last say

    1. @Sue Howie he already messed up the withdrawl by dismissing the conditions Trump set in place to prevent this disaster. Ate you that f’n clueless???

    2. @K Mick as a Tradition I don’t really care about Anonymous Bots on YT but if commenting helps you to sleep at night, feel free to continue because Bot Lives Matter Too….

  2. the only thing I have left is my democratic brothers and sisters. I love you… always have and always will. stay safe

    1. @Jacob shouldn’t you be yelling lock her up or hang mike pence somewhere. Real leaders are taking real leadership here, if you want more anti American rhetoric maybe go over to fox?

    2. @Tyrel George trump conceded with Pompeii remember trump taking credit for making peace in the Middle East? Perhaps he spoke too sonn

    1. We have a president who will listen to his intelligence. Why did we ever have to worry about a president not listening to his own intelligence? Taking briefings? Consulting Generals who are encouraging action instead of dreading having to resist a presidential whim.

    2. @Jon Jacoby Biden has said things that people in his own administration have said weren’t factual.

      Everytime the press asks him a tough question, he gets up and leaves. I just watched a video where they killed audio to his mic.

    1. You dont think it was bad ditching people like you is a hostile terrorist country?? Lol if you were their you would have a different opinion wouldn’t you? It show your level of childish ignorance. Lots of you running around because those soldier’s gave you this fantasy world you live in that made you so sheltered you became ignorant as a child

    2. @Sue Howie case ypu haven’t noticed. Even cnn is saying how bad this is. So your point again was?

    3. @mavowar72 wait.. you think this is all made up? Ask the people who just got off the plain. Maybe their all lieing too?

    4. @john Sprague they grew up in a fantasy sheltered world. They never really even had to work for a living. They are used to having everything for free. Free food, free rent, why wouldn’t they have this attitude. They are 100% ignorant of the world outside this fantasy that those soldiers provided them. Fly them over to afganistan and drop them. See how long they still think that lol. Ignorant amd disrespectful to those who are real humans, real heros, who actualy pull their weight and actualy care about the world. They are called far left democrats. Completely unaware and detached from all reality. They are the the biggest danger to this country because they are so ignorant and unaware

    5. CNN: “They are shouting ‘death to America’ but they seem friendly.”

      The liberal propaganda media are usually the ones who defend the terrorists.

  3. I am so glad Biden is taking swift and effective action. He’s doing a great job here and also taking full responsibility for it all.

    1. @Doug Smithart Hey nimrod, what are the names of these “planners?” Ohhhh that’s right, there are no names. Just the pentagon and Byeden trying to save face in the eyes of the whole world looking at them like the failures they are.

    2. @Kelley Ann Stanczyk 777 lol “he’s a terrible commander” – I’d love to hear your breakdown about why this is so , and what credentials you have to even evaluate a military commander based on 8 months of not even being actively at war.

    3. @Donna Brockbank Donald trump lifted up the insecurities and preyed on the fears of people who feel they’ve been left behind in the country (some just, some perceived), and gave them the license to lower their standards of behavior. Trump is a symptom of a problem that’s gone on for years in the Republican Party , but as far as symptoms go he’s an aggressive malignant stage 4 tumor

    4. @Kelley Ann Stanczyk 777 anything to hate in your savior, trump’s, opponent, huh, cultist. Besides, you idiots think that’s the end of it. No, three US are still out there hunting ask these trump spring ISIS terrorists (I promise you, ISIS loves trump, he’s the enemy of the US)

    1. @Sam Block : I think military planners are to blame. It isn’t the job of a president to manage military evacuations. Trump started the evacuation process by doing a deal with the Taliban. I don’t blame him for what happened at the airport though. It’s the fault of the high command.

    2. @L T Um no. Biden made the decision to leave in the middle of the night. ANA returned to cooks, and workers gone and left to fend for themselves. His commanders advised him against this decision. Tf are you drinking?

  4. orange boy made the agreement with the Taliban. He started this!!
    Looks like Joe is trying to make his point!

    1. @no body
      Take ur head out & see the facts. orange boy made the deal with the Taliban that lead to this situation. U can’t reasonably blame Biden bc the Afghani military leaders showed such incompetence. I say it’s the leaders bc when the Afghani military were led by Americans, most of them fought with determination and consistency. This started with orange boy’s deal to remove our troops at this time. It’s his minions, Miller, et al in homeland security and the state dept that f**ked up the visa program so badly that Biden has this mess! Those are facts, not delusional beliefs & wishes!!

    2. Absolutely !!! Mr President Biden , did it steadfastly with truth , courage , diligence , heart and soul … more power to the men and women in uniform and to you , Mr. President

    3. Biden voted to go into Afghanistan.

      In 2012, he stated that we’d be out of Afghanistan, in 2014.

      I love it how some of you will absolutely defend Biden.

    1. Who’s god blesses soldiers , violence ? make no mistake, god isn’t on either side . War is greedy fascist human endeavors , not something God would bless.

    1. @Ryan Malone No. Just an observer of those in power. If you are too stupid to understand the concept of a scapegoat and recognize when one is being used to deceive you, I feel sorry for you. You are beyond hope.

  5. It so much easier to ” bash” someone actually dealing with almost impossible situation , who knows the conditions in a very personal way , than to step up and help with strength and positivity. If people think they can do better , and more securely ,. RUN FOR OFFICE and PROVE IT !
    You know you wouldn’t really want to bare the presidential responsibilities. !

    1. @Preston Hanson But Preston, who signed the deal ? Pompeo for trump. That’s why trump released thousands of Taliban fighters including their leader. That’s what gave them new impetus, you know that don’t you.

  6. It’s getting more heated each day, please God continue to protect our troops and the innocent lives stuck in between.

    1. Your magic wizard can’t do anything cuz it is not. If it could, do the crap you say, it would also be responsible for the danger in the first place and not worthy of “thanks or praise”..
      Islam and Christianity are both absolutely stupid backward idiots fighting, like children over who’s imaginary friend is better.

  7. “We will hunt you down” And one day later, he delivered on that promise! I’m not used to politicians actually doing anything

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