1. So the GOP can spend nearly a decade and like 5 investigative committees to investigate an attack on one our embassies, but don’t want one to investigate an attack on our FREAKING capitol?????

    1. @E Gonz Now you know for sure they gave a walk through the day before the news reported the Intelligence agencies said that there should be more Military Guards who stop them Trump , Col.F. of the brother Trump parton!!!!!!!! They had no problem getting them there for a peaceful rally for Black Lives Matter, TANKS , RUBBER BULLETS, CHEMICAL GAS, BEATING PEOPLES, TAKING THEM TO JAIL ALL FOR PROTESTING THE MURDERING OF BLACKS!!!!

    2. “don’t want one to investigate an attack on our FREAKING capitol”
      It wasn’t much of an attack. I do not see much investigation of riots in major cities across America; but I do see endless investigations of Evil Russian Collusion. Or is it China? I am reminded of George Orwell’s “1984” with its Two Minute Hate (right here on MSNBC) and designated enemy.

    3. Brennan himself let benghazi fall. The Capitol riot was a false flag that Brennan helped stage

    4. The investigation would show that disinformaton was intentionally spread by Trump and Republicans to create an alternate reality that lead to the dumbest insurrection in world history. The investigation will also show Trump supported the rioters knowing the same thing we all knew at the time, and Republicans have continued to spread disinformation to make the man baby happy.

      Half of them would go to jail if they pull this thing off.

  2. If you have a son in high school who is having girl problems, just tell him that it is ok. Matt Gaetz didn’t have his first high school girlfriend until he was 35 years old.

    1. Wish you were my brother , cause mom taught us that sarcasm is wasted on fools and children before we learned to spell our names.

    1. @Sleep Smart Smash Stress Dementia runs in trump’s family. His father had it and it is hereditary. Also, he was diagnosed as sociopathic/narcicist when young. Which would explain why his M.O. is to dig up dirt on everyone he associates with to hold it over their heads. His insanity and ill will towards others is what has gotten them all to where they all are now. They will ALL be held accountable for following a mentally ill person with criminal inclinations.

    2. I think many Republicans would gladly accept an accounting of Joes 80 million votes in exchange for being held accountable for the scuffle on the 6th. Of January. Sounds completely fair and reasonable doesnt it?

    1. @soaringvulture the only thing that scare me is the all the evil you leftists will unleash on people. Starting with China covid19. Already many girls are reporting that their periods are messed up. You are Hitler, stalin, mao,pol pot, all in 1.

    2. @Bruce Smith Yes, troll, I understand that it is true that Trump is a fraud and a criminal. Why don’t the Republicans understand it?

  3. My parents sent me with my school, in the 8th grade, to learn history first hand. I cannot even imagine the devastation it could have been! We are exhausted with whatever the Republican Party considers themselves as now!

    1. @Elaine Daprano That is great, it really does need to be taught much earlier. Furthermore, living in Utah, seeing the Rs fighting the teach of historical racism is very hard to watch!

    2. Congrats!
      Proof that an 8th grader is smarter than congressional republi….oh. Not really Republicans, if you want to overthrow the Republic, and establish a dictator-for-life.

    3. “between” a republic….
      nice fail, attacking an eight grader.
      You must be a Trumpican, too.

    4. “We are exhausted…”
      WE? How many of you are in there?
      “with whatever the Republican Party considers themselves as now!”
      I would suggest you go back to school to learn English but I doubt it would work any better the second or third or fourth time around. The correct form is “whatever the Republican Party considers *itself* to be” and then I would point out that Parties are not thinking entities. Individual Republicans vary considerably on what each considers the purpose of the Republican Party, but mostly, it isn’t the Democratic (communist/socialist) Party. That’s good enough for many, maybe most.
      “the devastation it could have been!” Yes, absolutely. If it was actually an insurrection there would have been few survivors. Since the only fatality appears to be a woman that was climbing in through a window, it clearly is not an insurrection.

  4. Taking responsibility is not in their make up. They need to understand the American people will get answers and if they were involved it will be discovered. They will be forced to take responsibility for their actions that affect the American people.

    1. their make up…
      They need to understand
      they were involved
      They will be forced

      Typical leftist language. It doesn’t even matter who they are. There is always a “they”.

  5. The police should tell them to hire their own security and refuse to guard the capital or them.

  6. Every single one of those 175 cultists in Congress should have their names sprawled across the country. We need to know who the enemies are!

    1. @Wayne Gilbertson I think he favors whoever pleases, agrees with him and tr**p not only agrees with him, he fears putin, why? He (putin) has a lot on tr**p.

    1. @Todd Smith Actually the Senate investigation headed by Republicans had found that the Mueller report had only touched the tip of the iceberg concerning the Trump campaign people had hundreds of additional contacts with known Russian agents. They also found that Trump did in fact participated in obstruction of justice. They found some other very interesting facts attributed to Trump’s involvement. The Republicans quickly silenced the conclusion of their report and created distrative narratives.

    2. @7 Haunted Days lol not quite. He’s making the point that Trumpism is a form of religion: the cult followers are like the apostles in many ways.

    3. @7 Haunted Days True. Republicans have become very irrelevant…. and guilty. I guess that’s what matters.

  7. I suspect they don’t want this committee as it will reveal contradictions with what they said in private with what they are saying publicly now.

  8. When someone tells you who/what they are, take it with a grain of salt. When they show you who/what they are, believe them.

    1. The late Maya Angelou should be credited with those words of wisdom, she said, “When people show you who they are, believe them…” Wise lady.

  9. The repubs don’t want their own actions involved to be found out or they’d agree and not be fighting like hells seed so hard against truth.

  10. You’re asking the foxes whether there should be an investigation into a raid on the henhouse. Of COURSE they’re going to decline and pretend nothing happened. All the while feathers are hanging from their mouths.

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