Brennan Says The U.S. Should Tap Money Levers To Control Taliban 1

Brennan Says The U.S. Should Tap Money Levers To Control Taliban


Former CIA Director John Brennan says Taliban leader 'has a pragmatic streak'; U.S. should tap money 'levers' in Afghanistan.
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  1. Mr. Todd, please. I know you need to be critical, and I’m glad you ask tough questions. There’s just a difference between being critical and downright skeptical. Have a modicum of faith. You may be surprised.

  2. .Note also the wings ! of the Taliban, who appear not to be singing off the same song sheet, on one hand you have the political wing , best known for their smooth talkers and trying to sweet talk the international community into believing that its a new look Taliban in charge , and the other blinkered hard lined group responsible of enforcement and security of Afghanistan which the UN have called out , both with different priorities which doesn’t include appeasing the IMF. world bank and international aid agencies to make sure the country can function and survive !

    1. Drop pop tarts like they did in the first gulf war. I remember seeing shepherds not understanding what they were and trying to feed them to their camels. lol.

  3. In my humble opinion, the afghan civilians were overlooked and underestimated for the past decade. There are so many afghan civilians that had and have always sympathized with the Islamism radicals but never exposed them selves during the war. Many of those civilians lately switch jerseys once the Taliban took over major cities and recruited more members to support. Even some members of the Afghan military joined the Taliban at the last minute when they realized they were overwhelmingly outnumbered. Now that half the country of Afghanistan has realized their life is in immanent danger, all of a sudden they want to leave the country. In my humble opinion, if I was an afghan, I would have tried to leave they country months or years ago.

    1. They want us out, we want out.
      I guess it was hard to see this coming in 2018 when IQ45** pressured Pakistan to release their “leader” and his army of disgruntled comrades, right?

  4. Instead of repeatedly telling other nations what to do, trying to control them, how about letting them go through the same painful process of economic and social development that we did?
    How about an open hand of peace and amity, instead of vengeance and belligerence?
    One would think that the national security establishment’s repeated failures would teach them something. But then it is the hallmark of fools that they never change for the better.

    1. The Judeo/Christian and Enlightenmnent traditions affected all of the West. In what manner those factors interacted with the specific nations was culturally and historically specific.
      By the US, I refer to the Constitutional republic as it developed over the last two hundred plus years. We are not the same as we used to be. Our notions of civil rights, for example, have changed greatly in the last hundred years.
      So, why should we assume that we can simply violently impose our norms on other nations who have their own traditions and values and not expect resistance? Perhaps through peace, amity, discussion, and a good example we will accomplish more than with bullets and bombs.

    2. We were supposed to be there to make sure another 9/11 didn’t happen. We stayed way too long. Biden was vocal about getting out in 2009. Go back & look. Republicans were not budging on the national security threat.

    3. @Shawn Murray Let’s not forget that 9/11 was the tragic result of previous Western interventions in that region: US support for the mujahideen against the Soviets in the 1980’s, Western support for Iraqi’s war against Iran, and the intervention of the US and allies against Iraq at the Battle of Kuwait in 1991.
      Distant meddling became boots on the ground on Arab soil, and Al Qaeda (born in the turmoil of the mujahideen) turned its sights on the US and the West.
      Just think what could have been avoided had the US national security establishment chosen non-intervention or peaceful diplomacy instead of vengeful meddling and belligerence.

    4. @Stephen Bailey I totally agree, but we are where we are, unfortunately. There are many hands deep in the chit on this. But as we know from past experience, nothing will happen to prevent it from happening again. Those in politics have an extremely short memory.

    5. Shawn Murray You could be right. But in a democracy, there is a slight chance. Particularly with the rise of an alternative media that is not tied to the establishment line. I’m hopeful that our young people will see a better way.

  5. It won’t work, they know there’s another great power out there who will lavish Belts and Roads money on them and undermine international sanctions (if not flat-out veto them at the UN) in exchange for mineral rights.

    1. How long would that take? It’s chaos over there. Sounds like a long process. I’d want my money right now.

  6. I’m beginning to believe the head of the Taliban is a CIA puppet. I’ve never seen this much restraint.

  7. In the end it will show that the pace and degree of cooperation or lack of is a direct reflection of if / when the Taliban get access to Afghan government funds sitting in American banks

  8. Todd… sick of him, and the naysayers…
    For once, trust… that our government is trying as hard as it can… not that 5 years of Trump hasn’t soured everyone… faith is a hard thing to come by in today’s world… trust, even harder….

  9. The pandemic will annihilate the Afghan population under Taliban control. Ironically the Afghan women will have a better chance surviving the pandemic being required to wear face coverings.

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