1. “Call on the Lord in the day of trouble,
    and He will deliver you”
              – Psalm  50 :15

    1. Now he can get on with his life. Not Guilty. The moral of the story is be careful who you shack up with.

    1. There are so many injustices of the legal system. Those injustices are not always on civilians. In a normal world this probably would never made it to court. But people love to manipulate legal jargon so in order to beat crazy unfortunately you have to be crazy.

  2. When you’re attracted to “bad boys” who are wanted by the police, bad things can happen to you.

    1. @Madd Scientists Genius Historian & Philosopher You must be attracted to “bad boys” too. I don’t associate with people who are wanted by the police. “You’re judged by the company you keep.”

    2. @Madd Scientists Genius Historian & Philosopher This isn’t about race. It’s about Breonna Taylor hanging out with “felons” who are wanted for various crimes, then getting caught in the crossfire.

    1. @J K I liked your comment just because I’m glad you noticed a wonderful factual comment. Thanks.the great one is watching you lost ones.

    2. @J K I think it’s good he walks amongst us in America again so many exciting things to do and get done ahead of time lmao.

    1. @J K the people all who had something to do with there demise will pay on judgment day I guarantee you.

  3. He didn’t know that there were people in the next apartment? So his defense was I’m stupid?

    1. Powerless when you dream hope for something greater than just a small portion of your brain that you use lol what a true shame. Smh.

  4. A lot of people like this creature will pay on judgment day and before the era of gold age. Reaction cycle affect yes.

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