Bresnahan On House Democrats Divided Over Infrastructure 1

Bresnahan On House Democrats Divided Over Infrastructure


NBC's Ali Vitali and Punchbowl News' John Bresnahan joined Chris Jansing with breaking updates on where the House stands in passing the Senate's bipartisan infrastructure plan and the budget reconciliation package as moderate and progressive Democrats are locked in a standoff over next steps. "Every concession [Speaker Nancy Pelosi] makes to the moderates … her progressives get pissed off," Bresnahan says.

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Bresnahan On House Democrats Divided Over Infrastructure


  1. Shout out to George Floyd on fifteen months of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals.

    1. good point
      we forget George Floyd was a conservative gun owner, registered republican, and trump supporter.

      its important to conservatives that his message of conservative gun play never dies

      thanks for reminding us

    1. @wranglerman270 they consider the indoctrination center they went deep into debt to go to a higher education

    1. @mark Mierzejewski What are your thoughts on the 180 day Portland riot we’re they actually formed their own automous zone and tried to lock cops inside and burn it down?

    2. @Don’t tickle me Cuomo I love this deflection to which has nothing to do with Jan 6th.
      Portland was the result of a cop killing an unarmed black dude in front of his family.

      Jan 6th .. the special needs of America stormed our nations capitol .. Since Portland is a city that you or anyone could careless about and our nations capitol is our symbol of our nation.

      One doesn’t equal the other..

      But its cute you guys love to bring this up ..
      Ask yourselves .. what does an Apple have to do with an Orange ..

  2. Because only 15 percent goes towards infrastructure and they want to add reconciliation which has nothing to do with infrastructure with it to add more spending that doesn’t benefit US citizens

    1. It absolutely benefits US citizens, it might not all be infrastructure though.

      You want to talk about losing money with nothing in return, we can talk about how every Republican voted to give permanent tax breaks for ultra wealthy(losing trillions) but only a limited time(ends in 2022, idiots are going to blame Biden) tax break for normal people like you and me, or we can talk about the fact that we put trillions into a war that ended up in the same spot as before we went in. But you want to complain that we haven’t labeled this bill correctly? Would you be happy if we called it the “infrastructure, and more” bill?

  3. Yes ruthless roost, feathers fly’n and this here hollow log, the obvious old rooster position, maybe under a rock, yeah maybe follow the snail trails.

  4. These ppl don’t care about the americans trapped in Afghanistan and neither do the ppl that voted for them cuz they’re out there defending them

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