Brexit, Article 50 and the High Court: Could the ruling be overturned?

The Government has said it will appeal against the High Court's decision to give Parliament a say over when Article 50 is invoked.

So what happens now, could the Supreme Court vote overturn the ruling? And what does all this say about the role of the justice system? Dermot Murnaghan was joined by Michael Mansfield QC.

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  1. Nobody may be above the law but the people are most definitely above the
    judiciary. The trouble with these overpaid lawyers is that they confuse the
    law with themselves. The British public have given INSTRUCTIONS to the
    government to come out of the EU and subsidiary institutions like the
    judiciary should defer to this higher authority. It’s called democracy by
    the way.

    1. No the people voted on an act of parliament and the democratic result is to
      leave. Democracy is not advisory. Its what separates dictatorships from the
      democratic western world.

  2. The people voted, democratically, to leave the EU – so get on with it. They
    voted on an act of parliament to leave – so the government need to get on
    with it. And the tabloids have every right to criticize the judiciary, they
    are not above criticism.

  3. The problem for the British ponces and toffs is that most of the Brexiteers
    were from the LOWER CLASSES of the North and they are not exactly PLU so
    their silly lower class majority should not count. Also the one thing the
    Brits cannot do is organize themselves after the death of Maggie so they
    are doomed to flounder in the lake of “TAKING THE PISS.”

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