1. And weeks ago I read posts writing that Laundrie was too much of a coward to off himself. Everyone has to give their opinion apparently.

    2. Suicide by going into a wild space that you don’t understand and dying because you are not physically or mentally equipped to be there is not a real suicide… it’s just called natural selection

  1. Why hasn’t the guy that was tazed 53 times and then choked to death by 4 leo’s gotten any attention?

    1. @Gloth Sang Brian alive to deal with what has happened to gabby either it was Brian him self or his parents are in on it
      Gabby did not chock herself to death someone did it and someone should pay for their crime not go off them selfs

    1. The way things have gone with authority I wouldn’t be surprised if they just grabbed a John Doe from the morgue so they could act like they actually found him and stop spending resources on something other than tax evaders

  2. Kick ‘‘em when they’re up, kick ‘‘em when they’re down. We only care because she’s blonde. Means we don’t care at all.

  3. Stop investigating all other crimes, a single Long Island chick is much more important.

  4. Coward took his own life because he knew he would have many boyfriends in prison for the rest of his life.

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