Brian Stelter: Are White House reporters out of sync with the country? 1

Brian Stelter: Are White House reporters out of sync with the country?


CNN's Brian Stelter examines the criticism against the media's coverage of the Biden administration, particularly regarding President Biden's first press conference. #CNN #News


  1. What I would like is ANY news outlet that actually reports the news. Every channel is nothing but political propaganda on one side or the other.

    1. @Jibreel Lomax I watch them every morning. Love their show. Fair and balanced. And they don’t give either side any slack

    2. I have found that if I want … what I call ‘Brainfood’ I go to Podcasts now. The topic selections are getting better and better. I love the ability to go in-depth on a particular issue/policy that is of import to me or to be better informed on what I don’t know/understand. Local, State, National, International.

    3. I noticed when I got on the web , versus the television , that the media tends to put those political pieces up , on the web.
      Whereas the live stream , or what you watch on the television , has the other 90% of the news.

  2. Press need to check themselves as to their role. They know the history of a lot of the questions but chose to deny.

  3. Just about every one and every thing in washington is out of sync with the country lol. The country is out of sync with the country lol

  4. I’m old enough to remember when reporters interviewed actual citizens that were not part of the media. Now it’s just reporters interviewing other reporters.

  5. So, let me get this straight. You’re now claiming the alphabet networks are now conservatives? Is that your claim?!?

    1. If you come to any conclusion outside the fact that EVERY profit-based news service is corporate propaganda, someone has successfully conned you.

      Fascism has many faces. Each face is a different starting position which drags ever rightward. That includes MSNBC, Huffington Post, even DailyKos. Keeping friends close, enemies closer. Open your eyes.

    2. @Jibreel Lomax I’ve been watching CNN (from Canada) for decades. Here, we have a leftist, Liberal government that gets tough questioning from the major media. Since Trump took over, I see CNN as a totally activist, liberal outfit. Every host, ( maybe not Smerconish ), every talking head is blatantly pro- Democrat (except for 1 or 2 token Republicans ), lobbing baby soft questions at the Biden administration.

    3. @Lincoln MacEachern I couldn’t agree more. And then biden will go lay bare to his wealthy cabal that, “nothing will fundamentally change”. While they were under the trump administration.

    4. @Jibreel Lomax What percentage of those networks employees do you think voted for Biden? I bet its upwards of 85%+

  6. Because all reporters are interested in right now is a potential soundbyte and catching them out than actual professional journalism

  7. They are no longer real journalists. They are salesmen, looking for a line to help them sell their channel/newspaper so it gets lots of advertising revenue.

    1. @Bill Burgess And another story you will never hear about is the black man who stabbed a 12 year white child in the neck at a McDonald’s in Pittsburgh, while yelling racial slurs at him. I don’t understand how anyone can watch a so-called news organization that doesn’t even report half of the news, and what they do report is nothing but lies and propaganda.

    2. Any see the date of pew research he cites? Jan 8-12 before Biden opened borders and dems started ramming thru gun control, striping states of voting oversight, and making our military into rainbow brights harem.

    1. CNN is the McDonalds of news. Let’s say ingredients in a burger are FACTS. There’s some pink slime, but it’s mostly beef. Even the slime comes from a real cow.

      The preparation is ANALYSIS. They don’t hand you a patty, cheese and a bun at the counter. They put it together and wrap it. MSM use narratives so we can make sense of the raw FACTS.

      OPINIONS are like food critics. They talk about how the food tastes.

      The food is real at McDonald’s. It will fill you up. But if you want gourmet, go elsewhere. You’ll get a bigger menu and better quality from PBS or Rachel Maddow. More FACTS and better ANALYSIS. FOX News can’t pass the health inspection.

    2. @J Groovy Remember when McDonald’s served someone a McRib with a rat in it
      CNN- Billions and Billions of McRats served

  8. Democrats before the 2021 election: “The press has done a great job exposing Trump.
    After 2021: “Seems the press has lost it’s way by questioning Joe Biden”.
    Watching you all walk around like fumbling lemmings is hilarious.

    1. Couldn’t agree more!
      Quite fun watching this network and administration continuing to lose popularity…

  9. Everyone is so worried about getting a good sound bite , that they are missing the big picture , the reporters seem to be so conditioned to the things that are going badly that they forget that uplifting and moving forward is what we have a chance to do , yes it can be boring but boy would it be nice to hear ..

  10. Questions asked are important topics, yes, but I was shocked that they did not ask questions that are top of mind for us, US citizens. They should have moved on once the topic was discussed a few times already.

    1. I want to see media continue to press consequences for the Jan 6th attempted violent coup. The whole border bullshit is just to deflect and divert attention.

  11. 330 million people in America and look how many are tuned into you. . lmao what would Nealson really say based on views bud

  12. When reporters started being celebrities and millionaires they stopped being reporters. They stopped being unbiased and informative.

    1. @Tino I suggest following AP or dig deeper in local news outlets, and you get to support those local news stations along the way. I also use reddit a lot to get my state news, and other varying articles as well as opinions from randoms, to garner my own! I suggest using these! IMHO I feel articles are less bias (besides its natural bias) than actual reporters from these major news stations, including far right (OANN etc.) and far left (idk any far left if anything maybe cnn ?)

    2. yep…USA mainstream news is owned by 8 billionaires….and control the agenda as Big tech controls the truth

  13. “If Biden has press conference there would be questions from right wing that aren’t about what american ppl wanted.”
    So 75M people aren’t americans apparently?

    1. @Chayse Ford Yes, you managed to find one person who supports BLM present. So therefore BLM was also responsible. Do you know how stupid and illogical that is!? That’s like saying “I saw a black person at the Capitol Riot, so I know black people were responsible”. The mental gymnastics required to blame anyone but Trump supporters is incredible.

    2. @2011e92M3 I didn’t extract blame away from Trump supporters at all. I merely gave a fact that the FBI themselves put out there. You just didn’t like what I had to say so you created your own narrative and stuck with it so you could find a reason to be upset. Typical liberal stuff, I get it. I’m just saying that Trump supporters were not the only ones there and that the FBI confirmed that they arrested a few Antifa members and one BLM extremist. The reason why you are mad is because YOU wanted it to just be Trump supporters so it could fit your poor liberal feelings. I understand.

    3. @Sam Bahn I can’t “wake up.” I never went to sleep in the first place. In fact, I gathered my information straight from the FBI themselves and backed video evidence. By the way, CNN is not real news. Nothing in the media is real news including Newsmax. Perhaps you should wake up instead. Anyhoo, good day to you, liberal.

  14. Absolutely. Too many opinions. Addicted to conflict; they create it where it doesn’t exist. The question to Biden about if the conditions in border holding units are OK with him is a great example of their editorializing. Its infotainment now, not the news.

  15. They are rusty…they been dealing with sensationalism for so long they forget how to work with substance.

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