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  1. Napolitano is a real judge, not a talking head (minus brain).

    • What facts do you have?

    • @Scurra Judges don’t have to call themself judges, others do. Real judge… you know…. not pirro.

    • @CornPop Dude msnbc, FOX news, Reuters, politico. Not the FAR right biased media news.

    • @Percy Williams You are correct Sir more than you know, please share and by all means fact check it. Record of indictments, convictions, prison sentences of federal officials comparing Democratic and Republican administrations

      Math is important. Numbers don’t lie . . .

      I made a comment recently where I claimed that Republican administrations had been much more criminally corrupt over the last 50 plus years than the Democrats. I was challenged (dared actually) to prove it. So I did a bit of research and when I say a bit I mean it didn’t take long and there is no comparison.

      When comparing criminal indictments of those serving in the executive branch of presidential administrations, it’s so lopsided as to be ridiculous. Yet all I ever hear about is how supposedly “corrupt” the Democrats are. So why don’t we break it down by president and the numbers?

      Obama (D) – 8 yrs in office. Zero criminal indictments, zero convictions and zero prison sentences. So the next time somebody describes the Obama administration as “scandal free” they aren’t speaking wishfully, they’re simply telling the truth.

      Bush, George W. (R) – 8 yrs in office. 16 criminal indictments. 16 convictions. 9 prison sentences.

      Clinton (D) – 8 yrs in office. 2 criminal indictments. One conviction. One prison sentence. That’s right nearly 8 yrs of investigations. Tens of millions spent and 30 yrs of claiming them the most corrupt ever and there was exactly one person convicted of a crime.

      Bush, George H. W. (R) – 4 yrs in office. One indictment. One conviction. One prison sentence.

      Reagan (R) – 8 yrs in office. 26 criminal indictments. 16 convictions. 8 prison sentences.

      Carter (D) – 4 yrs in office. One indictment. Zero convictions and zero prison sentences.

      Ford (R) – 4 yrs in office. One indictment and one conviction. One prison sentence.

      Nixon (R) – 6 yrs in office. 76 criminal indictments. 55 convictions. 15 prison sentences.

      Johnson (D) – 5 yrs in office. Zero indictments. Zero convictions. Zero prison sentences.

      So, let’s see where that leaves us. In the last 53 years, Democrats have been in the Oval Office for 25 of those years, while Republicans held it for 28. In their 25 yrs in office Democrats had a total of three executive branch officials indicted with one conviction and one prison sentence. That’s one whole executive branch official convicted of a crime in two and a half decades of Democrat leadership.

      In the 28 yrs that Republicans have held office over the last 53 yrs they have had a total of (a drum roll would be more than appropriate), 120 criminal indictments of executive branch officials. 89 criminal convictions and 34 prison sentences handed down. That’s more prison sentences than years in office since 1968 for Republicans. If you want to count articles of impeachment as indictments (they aren’t really but we can count them as an action), both sides get one more. However, Clinton wasn’t found guilty while Nixon resigned and was pardoned by Ford (and a pardon carries with it a legal admission of guilt on the part of the pardoned). So those only serve to make Republicans look even worse.

      With everything going on with Trump and his people right now, it’s a safe bet Republicans are gonna be padding their numbers a bit real soon.

      So let’s just go over the numbers one more time, shall we? 120 indictments for Republicans. 89 convictions, and 34 prison sentences. Those aren’t “feelings” or “alternate facts.” Those are simply the stats by the numbers. Republicans are, and have been for my entire lifetime, the most criminally corrupt party to hold the office of the presidency.

      So those are the actual numbers. Feel free to copy and paste!” – Kevin G Shinnick.

    • Yes he is a real judge who swallows.

  2. Did anyone else hear Trump say “I had them do a story on it” why isn’t that looked into lol sounds like a Freudian slip to me

    • @A Team

    • @William H
      William h lives in Gobbler’s Knob, and he’s a knob gobbler.

    • Scary huh! And yes for the Media guy, we the viewers understand.?…zThe voodoo woman with the side view dog that doesn’t stop chasing his tail! Ahhh! She’s a good 👩 whom would of had chopped up liver 4 her dogs 4 life!

    • @rachelknepper0811 tired you’re an idiot. Dnc and EVERY LIBERAL MEDIA OUTLET WAS THERE. Using poster paper to block Bernie protestors from the camera. No outlet decided to cover that did they. Bet you didn’t even watch it. Libtard brains are famous for blocking reality.
      This was 2016 you moron.

    • A Team is a typical Trump troll. They post bullshit to start an argument and then disappear. Don’t feed the troll.


  4. Diane Davidson | December 1, 2019 at 1:21 PM | Reply

    I believe Judge Janine was a traffic Judge. Napolitano is a Libertarian, believes in the Constitutional Law, he knows his stuff.

    • Donna Martin-Netherton | December 1, 2019 at 8:56 PM | Reply

      @Femmie Bot Not a grain of truth in your post!! SHame on you!

    • @phillip welch phillip. what the hell are you talking about??
      gag…never mind. NO really. No reply approved.

    • @Femmie Bot yes and she should be in prison!!!!

    • Lake Nicaragua Real Estate | December 1, 2019 at 9:59 PM | Reply

      About 130 years before the declaration of independence, England experienced a power struggle between Parliament and the king at the time, Charles I, who believed himself immune to any prosecution.

      Charles was accused of treason against England by using his power to pursue his personal interest rather than the good of the country.

      The charge stated that he, “for accomplishment of such his designs, and for the protecting of himself and his adherents in his and their wicked practices, to the same ends hath traitorously and maliciously levied war against the present Parliament, and the people therein represented”, and that the “wicked designs, wars, and evil practices of him, the said Charles Stuart, have been, and are carried on for the advancement and upholding of a personal interest of will, power, and pretended prerogative to himself and his family, against the public interest, common right, liberty, justice, and peace of the people of this nation.”

      Sound like anyone we know?

      Over the first three days of the trial, whenever Charles was asked to plead, he refused, stating his objection with the words: “I would know by what power I am called hither, by what lawful authority…?” He claimed that no court had jurisdiction over a monarch.

      Parliament disagreed, and chopped off Charles’ head

    • @Lake Nicaragua Real Estate Lake. Wow. I wonder if the Clintons and Barry Soetoro (aka obama) are still at risk of whatever it is you’re proposing??
      Of course you, being all smart and stuff, know that NO ONE has shown A SHRED of evidence that anyone but the BIDENS, OBAMS, and CLINTONS have been guilty of Quid PRO QUO…right?
      What a cool story LAKE. Thanks. I’ll get popcorn for the show.

  5. roxanne vignali | December 1, 2019 at 1:23 PM | Reply

    Don’t know her name, but when she talks it makes my skin crawl.

  6. Michael Shapiro | December 1, 2019 at 1:32 PM | Reply

    That woman is out of her mind… Look in her eyes, psycho!

  7. it’s funny to watch her scream and spit at the camera

  8. Turning The Page | December 1, 2019 at 2:27 PM | Reply

    The swamp is going to be drained – I can’t wait.

    • Real Christian. | December 1, 2019 at 3:40 PM | Reply

      Turning The Page many of trumps swamp already arrested 😂

    • oil/gas industry literally laugh (there’s recording) how much they control Interior and EPA now.
      by the way, trump illegally withheld US national security funds for his personal benefit. he used taxpayer money to bribe a foreign official.
      (guessing your definition of “swamp” in 2019 doesn’t include trump, mulvaney, pompeo, giuliani, etc all openly admitting to grotesque corruption)

    • Patricia Manzi | December 1, 2019 at 6:10 PM | Reply

      I doubt it. Too many layers of traitors in it beginning with Trump.

    • Everything is a Lie ! All for Wealth and Power ! | December 1, 2019 at 8:58 PM | Reply

      Right…..I finally care about politics..Trump politics. We have needed a nonpolitical President .

  9. Jeanine is mentally challenged and should be treated in the same manner that others with her declining cognitive abilities are treated.

  10. This reporter looks like Humpty Dumpty!

  11. “The President could be impeached by the end of this month.” That heart-wrenching statement is the GOOD news.

    • customvideo454 | December 1, 2019 at 4:46 PM | Reply

      Wow. You are pretty delusional. Politics isn’t your strong suit.

    • Tick Tock Tech | December 1, 2019 at 4:49 PM | Reply

      Most leftists I know in Canada don’t even believe the Russian hoax anymore.

    • Good news for Trump. This is helping him not hurting him. The Dems R making a huge blunder on this one.

    • Going to be even more of a Schiff show with jerkoff Jerry in charge.

    • I love on a CNN video the comments you are getting. Are you serious? How long have you been waiting and waiting and wishing and hoping and waiting? I mean its getting to the point of ridiculousness. You project anyone who disagree with your whacko wishes and desires as the nutjob. Look in the mirror and learn to have self awareness.

  12. 8 million subs. # 1 and the envy of the MAGAts.

  13. What happened to his voice , don’t sound like that on Mark’s show .

  14. nicholas karamanos | December 1, 2019 at 3:32 PM | Reply

    0:51 anyone else catch alex jones lol better be careful stelter your gnna get banned

  15. I didn’t think a judge could be against the law how does she do it

  16. i dont know what to believe when i watch cnn – the most “teasonable” of them all

  17. Ramon Gonzalez | December 1, 2019 at 7:49 PM | Reply

    That iPad camera had me dying 🤣🤣🤣

  18. Pirro the screaming 💀

  19. Pete thundabox | December 1, 2019 at 8:40 PM | Reply

    Chris Wallace has a go at truth too. Though he is the last 1 left at Fox. 🙁

  20. “I had” yeah that’s right you had them do it!

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