1. Where are the clips of CNN calling anyone that says it might have leaked from a lab a conspiracy theorist?

    1. @Republican for life No they probably die in transit they need high humidity,, and heat. If you’re interested I could Build you a terrarium. with water fall and an area for fish. If you pay for the tank and the materials Needed + Shipping and handling.

    2. @Akbar Great he maybe is but one fact remains TRUMP FAILED HIS RESPONSE …where ever this virus came from makes no differance…the response is what really matters

    3. @Nic Moreno Maybe facts are difficult but they are still facts,

      On January 31, 2020, President Trump signed a proclamation suspending entry into the United States of aliens who were physically present in the People’s Republic of China, excluding the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau, within the 14 days preceding entry or attempted entry into the United States (https://trumpwhitehouse.archives.gov/presidential-actions/proclamation-suspension-entry-immigrants-nonimmigrants-persons-pose-risk-transmitting-2019-novel-coronavirus/).  The proclamation took effect on February 2.  This action followed the declaration of a public health emergency in the United States related to the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China. 

      Source: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/News/visas-news/presidential-proclamation-coronavirus.html

  2. Dear CNN: Less than a year ago you were calling ANYONE making this claim a “conspiracy theorist”. You thinking that everyone can’t remember this is insulting to our intelligence.

    1. @Rebecca A I’m not sure what I posted here that you’re calling me out for. I also don’t know what you mean by BlueAnon – is that a play on Q-anon, only, for “Blue” states? Again, I’m not sure what you’re referring to. I’d be happy to respond if you could please explain. Also, for future reference, the expression is “all of a sudden,” not “all the sudden.” It’s a common mistake for English learners, so no judgment.

    2. @Roy Mercer I can’t quit something I’m not doing in the first place. I don’t generally watch CNN, because they editorialize too much for my taste. At any rate, read the article I provided a link to. Honest, the investigation has been going on since the beginning, it never stopped. Another thing about science is that the people who investigate are perfectly happy changing their hypothesis if the data doesn’t fit the working theory. That’s not flip-flopping, that’s the scientific method.

    1. This is why you can’t trust scientists. They change their mind willy-nilly without any shame. Heck, for the longest time scientists told people that the sun revolves around the earth. But then some of them, chief among them Galileo Galilei said that it’s the other way around and they ridiculed and persecuted him for it. Today he would be called a conspiracy theorist. But when the evidence became overwhelming they all suddenly changed their minds. You can’t trust them.

  3. “Conspiracy theorist” went from someone who thinks Aliens built the pyramids and Tupac is still alive, to anyone who doesnt buy the MSM narrative

    1. @wranglerman270 Nope. I never said that. Governments lie all the time. Usually to save face for political reasons. Sometimes for money reasons. More rarely it is for nasty things like an excuse to go to war. Typically the lies come from nameless and faceless bureaucrats. And yes, Christianity has been a major global conspiracy theory since day one. So is every other organized religion purportedly telling you the “truth”.

    2. @David Hand I agree 100% with your first paragraph, you describe the exact reaction many people have had. However the other two paragraphs have merit, but I don’t agree with fully. Most of the criticism I’ve seen about CNN does aim at their factual inaccuracies, though there definitely also is quite a bit against their portrayals.

      I think a big problem is that we’ve completely lost the distinction between opinion journalism and hard news journalism because most if not all of the news channels are both. They’re entertainment and informative, often at different times, sometimes at the same time. All news networks are like this. Maybe the honest truth is that we shouldn’t have news networks anymore, and go back to news shows. Makes it far easier for the viewers to parse the source for what type of information they’re providing.

    3. Conspiracy theory; dankpods snake frank is the one trying to take over the world, one tongue flick at a time. Everyone is just dancing to her tune. Change my mind.

    4. @don s um.. But you can? Have you tried? Do you meditate? Take psychedelics? Pray? Are you dead? Unless you do all or some of these things, and with intent in all but the last case, you almost certainly wouldn’t be able to know, unless you were born psychic.
      You just haven’t been taught to connect, and the world laughs at it but does no real research outside of what theyre told (because the Catholic church crushed all opposition to their narrative about spirits and god, including psychics, the ones with the ability to tap in directly without practice, but connection is possible. You can’t have all the answers in human form, we are basically just dream states of a higher, more complete self, and don’t have the capacity to comprehend everything it knows, like your dream self can’t be as aware of YOUR full reality when you are awake. That doesn’t mean you can’t know some things, and it baffles me that people make statements like that, that “you can’t know,” without any real effort. The answers are there, you just have to look.

      As for the “conspiracy theorists,” there are conspiracy theorists in every group, the real people that spread misinfo are not as common as the media will have you believe. That’s because the biggest liars/gaslighters/manipulators/conspiracy theorist *presenters* in the world, after the catholic church, the British queen, and the american government, would be these people in the mainstream media. At least the common people who believe crazy stuff aren’t getting us into wars, forcing lockdowns, hemorrhaging tax dollars, or creating harmful policies that affect million or billions of people. Or doing it intentionally to mislead people and control them. I can’t say the same for all the others.

  4. Jeebus, looking below, 99% of the comments are anti-CNN, are they just purchasing the likes at this point?

    1. Yes, they have always been purchasing likes and views. All of the big business on YT are doing this. They aren’t being shoved down your feed naturally.

  5. Funny how this comes out AFTER the election. It’s almost like CNN has no interest in investigating or actual reporting, and just wanna manipulate.

    1. @M Bradley If the only misinformation you can think of is them playing off theories of the virus origin, then they’re still an absurdly far cry from the toxic trash spewing from Trump’s mouth.

      Edit: my apologies, I read “china” as “trump” in your comment somehow. Guess I was just getting used to it, idk

    2. @Jon Jacoby Weird Fauci thinks otherwise! He would know since he gave taxpayer money to the Lab!

    3. @Alec Bader You don’t get it do you? To the media, there was never a question about where the virus came from, they didn’t care. They never investigated the virus’s origin beyond getting official statements from the CCP, and they ridiculed anyone who suggested that it might have come from a lab. Their only concern was attacking Trump and anyone who agreed with him. But here we are now, “conspiracy theorists” and “xenophobes” were proven correct once again.

    4. @Garrett H. Middleton Literally nobody was accepting the word of the ccp. Everyone agreed that they were clearly hiding things, it’s just that that wasn’t and still isn’t evidence that they manufactured the virus, because the CCP has never been honest about anything anyway. Just because more professionals think an anthropogenic origin is plausible after an additional year of hindsight doesn’t mean it was wrong to call it an unlikely theory before, because it was and still is unlikely. It’s just that it isn’t (and never was said to be) impossible.

    5. Lol. Still buying the load of sh*t Trump fed his sheeple that he won the election and Covid would disappear on November 5th? We had our highest rate Covid death in January of 2021.Regardless of where the virus came from once it was here Trump did next to nothing to mitigate it. He’s a failure at the upmost level.

  6. you know ive lost friends and family for thinking this way, right? and now its all the sudden the main theory…..

    1. @Zach Hogan Not only don’t you have any interest in seeing what the Epoch Times has to say, THEY ARE BEING PROVEN RIGHT which means you’re clowning yourself even further.

    2. @Garrett H. Middleton Uh yeah. I was being sarcastic which is evident if you read my other comment.

      Other than that, I agree with you. I hate the way Democrats and their fake news pals have so far been able to drift through life consequence-free.

    3. @SunnyDayTeaFactory It was prolly done out of incompetence. This is really Chinas version of Chernobyl.

    1. Supreme gaslighting by CNN! Trying to conflate Trump’s ‘racism’ with this issue to excuse their own lack of critical journalism. CNN got BUSTED selling the official false narrative on Covid and this is their face saving attempt. CNN did not ONCE investigate the Wuhan lab theory even after Ex-CDC director came out and said he believed it was made in Wuhan. Brianna Keller and Dr Gupta treated Dr Robert Redfield’s statements with disbelief and incredulous eyebrow raising. Disgusting. Trump was correct about so many things. I’m sorry to have doubted him.

    2. The real title should be we will NEVER know where the virus came from period. China is never going to release records to stay if it came from a lab if it did, so everything is speculation. Everyone wants to blame someone for the origin….instead of taking responsibility for dealing with covid.
      Shiiitt happens and if this is how america handles a virus coming out of china or where-ever then we are screwed for the next time..cause there will be a next time.

    3. They only tell the truth when Trump was out of office because the media does their absolute best to paint him as some idiot who knows absolutely nothing. I don’t even like the guy but he was definitely treated unfairly but Biden can literally get away with blatantly racist comments like “if you don’t vote for me you’re not black” and still get elected and have millions of excuses for that when we know if Trump said that it would be the end of the world.

    4. Conspiracy theory. That’s all there is to it at this point. Trump had “people looking at it very, very strongly” and he had seen things that gave “him a high degree of confidence” that it came from the Wuhan Lab. But when pressed by what gives him the high degree of confidence, his reply was “I can’t tell you, I’m not allowed to tell you.” The truth is the Trump administration couldn’t find any link after looking at it very very, very strongly just like the World Health Organization. If you believe big mouth Trump has the evidence but couldn’t and not allowed to share it, you are gullible. Is it possible? Sure, any conspiracy theory is possible but what makes it a conspiracy theory is it can be perpetuated forever and never proven. People still believe in the conspiracy theory that Elvis is still alive.

  7. This is crazy, when are people going to wake and think for themselves? We’ve know this for almost a year.

  8. CNN continues to lie and spread disinformation even in this highly manipulative story about their own disgusting behavior.

    1. CNN, MSNBC, YouTube and Twitter have caused deaths by politically weaponizing their misinformation platforms. Criminal charges should be brought against all of them. If you work for any of these companies, you should be very, very ashamed. You’ve contributed to the deaths of millions just to satiate your masters’ hatred of the bad orange man with meany tweets.

    2. The people will wake up, the people will read through deception, the people will take back their land. -Q

    3. Can anyone explain to me how last year, without any evidence, people were able to STATE not suggest that this virus originated in the Wuhan Lab, and since there was no evidence listed by any of the accusers until this investigation has started, how is it NOT a conspiracy theory at that point?

  9. All political. We had a number of scientific papers coming out. It’s not political or conservative. Shame on YouTube and cnn for censoring and acting like it was ever outside the realm of possible hypothesis worth talking about. Cnn won’t report on the actual literature anyway. Terrible analysis. Zero analysis.

    1. @harshbarj To claim it was a naturally occurring virus also demands proof. You can’t have it your way and totally dismiss everyone else.

    2. Ohhh CNN. Thank you for the journalism you continue to write to make your side seem like it’s always right, and the other side are all conspiracy theories. As your own viewers leave by the thousands. Soon to be Canceled News Network. You and Fox should just join up to be Mystery Science Theatre.

    3. @harshbarj There isn’t any proof that it occurred naturally, the CCP won’t allow the lab leak to be investigated, and we have people in American defending China anyway.

    4. @harshbarj I’d say the best evidence is the virologist who fled China for revealing the truth (that it is man-made from the lab in wuhan) but to each his own

  10. Trump said this a year or so ago and the geniuses in the news media mocked him for it. #themediaisthevirus

  11. The headline should be : “We at CNN have been lying to you for the last year because we wanted to make Trump look bad.”

    1. @PEPPY P Doesn’t change the fact your precious CNN lied and they should be deplatformed for misinformation and libel.

  12. Honestly, who believes anything that comes out of this ridiculous “news” network one way or the other?

    1. Well it seems CNN made the call for Trump victory in 2016 ..so now since trump didn’t win in 2020 you don’t want to listen to cnn ? Lmao

    2. This is a real news network, just because the right wing propaganda machine is saying it’s fake news, does not mean it’s fake news. CNN makes a lot of errors in a rush to be first with the news, but as a real news organization they do print retractions on their mistakes. Which makes them a real news network unlike Fox News who will lie even when they are caught lying.

    3. @Obi Juan They make a lot of errors because they are in a rush….lol Sure, rugged Journalism. About 50% of their stories lead off with “If true, this could mean..” Its complete bullshit!! This isn’t news reporting you are watching- They are wrong all the time, never retract, and you can’t discern opinion from facts- its a joke. But you are who they pitch to.

  13. Cnn never ceases to amaze me with their unwillingness to admit they were wrong and there opinion is purely political.

    1. It was based on the science we had at the time. Even now, there is no evidence that says it did originate in a lab.

    2. @harshbarj how can you get any evidence when China is uncooperative duplicitous and dishonest? The “coronavirus strain spreading from animals” science has been there for long time way before the pandemic. CNN is for uneducated animals who can only act literate by talking big

  14. Fauci repeatedly denied the theory, and suggested Rand Paul was being dishonest when he introduced it. Yet…now cnn is claiming he is the pioneer for this….

  15. Yet this animal species has never been officially identified. Who’s the “conspiracy theorist” now CNN?

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