Bring Back Dr. Peter Phillips | TVJ News - July 19 2021 1

Bring Back Dr. Peter Phillips | TVJ News – July 19 2021


The leadership void in the PNP appears to be widening with some long-serving members calling for the return of Dr. Peter Phillips. The development comes as disagreements of a leadership role continues to tear the party apart.

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  1. JLP is in no way perfect. But, PNP in charge would be pure chaos and that’s putting it nicely. They cant even be united within their own party. Dr. Phillips is very smart. Stay out of that madness and stick to your constituency.

    1. I keep telling them that Dr Phillips is the best but everyone just want to be and top and can’t manage

  2. Mickel Phillips ..NW Manchester he is the future.this man works that is the reason he is the only one in Manchester who hold on to his seat and one of the few in the parties last Election. Am in no politics whatsoever but I observed

  3. As a JLP supporter the PNP needs to get themselves together. Jamaica needs a strong opposition. Can you imagine what the country would be like had they won the last election

    1. You’re so right that is why they are where they at. So you’re telling me no one else can manage party that’s sad.

  4. Yes bring back dr phillips the architect of the destruction. Lets see if they still come back as ” comrades”. Can you teach old dogs new tricks?

    1. “The architect of destruction and corruption”
      Love your descriptions of the scenario, right to the point.

  5. Why was Dr. Phillips voted out, was his party doing a good job ? Both parties need new young energies,, with new morals, transparency, honesty, compassion, unselfishness and love for the local people; to get the country moving forward.

  6. I live in the diaspora and I have a genuine question as to why Lisa couldn’t be groomed to take up the reigns of leadership??????? I ask because I really don’t know- thanks.

    1. Well basically Lisa has just been a pretty face for the most part(excluding talking without giving possible solutions), she doesn’t really do much in comparison to the other female MPs.

  7. The PNP have not grown if they think Peter Phillips is the answer to the problems they are facing.I agree Mark Golding seems weak and his voice also doesn’t come across as being decisive and focused as a leader. The PNP needs to formulate a strong team that will work together for the Party, as the opposition and as a body that can take charge of Jamaica and tackle it’s 3 main problems. Crime, job creation and this pandemic. The 3 best to leaders to be on the forefront aren’t even on the same page – Peter Bunting, Damian Crawford are Lisa Hanna. If the PNP can get these 3 working as one unit then they will be that strong voice, tmake decisive moves and also get back people support.

  8. He can’t win elections, better they bring back Portia if they want an old more effective leader to return.

  9. Don’t let them use you Dr Phillips. It is a shame your illness was used against you. Let them find way solve the problem themselves.

  10. Jamaica is the laughing stock of the world Peter Phillips must return LOL … I say it all the while Jamaica going to end up like Haiti we are not far away it is sad but is the truth some people can’t see because they blind by corrupt politicians..

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