‘Bring In The Pandas’: Election ‘Audit’ Continues To Bamboo-zle Onlookers | All In | MSNBC

‘Bring In The Pandas’: Election ‘Audit’ Continues To Bamboo-zle Onlookers | All In | MSNBC 1


  1. Bamboo + Booze equals Bamboozle. 
    Because you’d have to be drunk on Chinese liquor to believe the GOP’s nonsense.

    1. @My Tale Yea thanks.. Sometimes my auto INCORRECT puts my Guinea pigs name spelling in there 🤣🤣I forget to check.. Thanks love!!

    2. Haha I love Biden and all his funny gaffes!

      “Minorities are just as smart as white kids”

      “I, I, I, got hairy legs!”

      4 more years !

  2. Republicans always claim that raising taxes on the rich will destroy jobs, they have never yet been right.

    1. If you just cut taxes on the rich one more time, something will trickle down on you.

    2. “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed… and we will deserve it.”

      — Lindsey Graham
      Here’s hoping that republican was right.

    3. The rich is not going to stop because they got more taxes look at Jeff bezos he stole tip money from his employees in 2018 he made 43 billion net so these are greedy so that extra tax is not going to stop the show

  3. WHY is this circus even being allowed ? Why are some wackos given full access to these ballots ? Why are they allowed to keep out the media and unbiased observers ?

    1. Give them enough rope and hopefully they will hang themselves. Saving the tax payers the expense.

    2. @Hat Bpto That’s what is going on ful fascism in one of the biggest democracy’s. How is this even possible !!!

  4. This *beyond-shameful debacle* from GQPers *used* to be the sort of thing America sent an Ambassador to denounce. 🤔

    1. They need to stop or everyone will realize trump won.
      It will be much harder for us to cheat next time we have to stop these evil Republicans.

    2. @Mitchell Stonebraker It’s been audited twice by Republicans already if they find fraud then the Republican’s are lying either way as they never found any before?

    3. @Drunken Gamer the prior ones were recounts of the same possibly fraudulent information.

      A recount and an audit are 2 completely different things

      Anyone who is so sure it was safe should welcome republicans spending money to prove you right.

  5. Arizona Republicans still are in the back yard, pushing Cheerios into the ground and waiting for donuts to grow. 😅

    1. I am stealing this: I leave you with

      German Slang Word

      Translation: A face begging to be punched/slapped.

    2. With all of those Qanan cyber Ninja heads in one room, I don’t understand how they’ve yet to accuse each other.

  6. my god. someone needs to take what ever drugs they are taking cause their single brain cell is obviously struggling to survive alone.

  7. Stop the count!
    Count the votes!
    Stop the steal.
    Stop the pandas!
    Steal the pandas!
    Count the stops!
    Audit the counts!
    Recount the re-audits!
    Count the pandas!
    Bamboozle the recounting auditing pandas!

    1. You forgot the part “Find the votes”. Then I worry about “Straight up lie about the audit”

    2. i see you leftists are now all mocking the idea of paper from china being used… that means we are directly over the target and you guys are desperately trying redirect attention away

  8. I’ve been picking through my Chinese takeout for bamboo-particles to make sure it’s really from China, but ya know, it’s really time-consuming, and now my Kung Pao chicken is cold.

  9. Ninja clowns looking for Panda votes.

    At least the world is not laughing at us anymore…

    1. No they have to be laughing at those rinos though ! I know I am. At the same time these people are out of they’re frkn minds and have to save themselves from all the insurmountable conspiracies that are or just might be possible.

    1. The audit is literally chasing conspiracy theories with biased people and people who should even be allowed because they’re in the law enforcement Brady list and at the Capital on 1/6.

    2. New rumor: Leprechauns are hiding within fake ballots. You need to lure them out with a pot of gold.

  10. If you’ve ever lived in Arizona you know exactly why this is happening. That state is RIDDLED with crackpots. It’s a reason I left after living there for 20 years.

  11. Once they’re done with 2020, the Cyber Ninja clowns should be assigned to scan ballots from the 2016 election for traces of vodka.

    1. I know right, I don’t even care that prior to 2020 many democrats claimed dominion was not safe but we won so it must have been safe this time.

  12. I can’t believe these lunatics have been allowed to work out their crazy on such a large scale!! 🤦🏾

    1. They just can’t accept that their loony views are not widely embraced by the general public.

  13. First it was watermarks now bamboo. By the time they get through there will be nothing left of those ballots 😔

    1. Many people say dead people voted, so every ballot needs to be individually seen by a licensed psychic to check for ghost residue, all very scientific I can assure you.

    2. So how would Turnip have been able to (allegedly) watermark the ballots? Were they allegedly watermarked in November (by the magic watermarking machine)?

  14. The fact that domestic terrorists are going through my voter information and who I voted for, is especially disturbing

    1. This. It is unbelievably upsetting that the judge ruled this can continue. Stay safe, because they know who you are, where you live, and you know these psychos are armed

  15. Privatized ballot counting, not suspicious at all… These people are insane. Watermark and bamboo screening? They’re grasping at straws because they’re not getting the results they want.

    1. Privatized ballot counting……like when poll stations werent letting in republican observers on election night? LMFAO you people are absolutely moronic. But please keep dancing for my entertainment

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