Bringing Our Revolutionary Past To The Pandemic 1

Bringing Our Revolutionary Past To The Pandemic

One of the biggest pushbacks to getting vaccinated is personal freedom. But as unvaccinated Americans weigh whether to finally get the shot, it’s worth considering what the Founding Fathers would have done.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Bringing Our Revolutionary Past To The Pandemic



    1. @Judith Smith then when you recover you will have life long health issues because you didn’t get vaccinated

    2. @Emery Allen your numbers are wrong, for one you don’t have an accurate mortality rate, next it implies with that remaining percent
      that millions will die from covid or its variants
      thousands will be hospitalized
      thousands will be on ventilators
      thousands will have life long health issues.

      and lastly, a pandemic is NOT calculated by survivability it is calculated by how quickly it spreads and how deadly it is
      covid had killed more people in less time than the flu ever did.

  2. If conservatives would take medical advice from doctors instead of conservative pundits, we could put this pandemic behind us.

    1. You are ignorant of the facts. Left or right are not on your side. You have been programmed by the media.

    2. Maybe covid is just here to thin the herd – you know: Get rid of the low IQ morons, make the world a smarter place overall.
      So, please keep up the BS, the lies, the misinformation – and maybe we can speed the whole thing up and increase the daily dead MAGAs from the current 3-400.

  3. Unfortunately we have a country full of selfish sob’s who cry about personal freedom while blocking women’s personal freedoms. They want their cake and eat it too. Your civil liberties end where someone else’s human rights begin period.

    1. How are those women’s freedoms working out when it comes to the T community? Or how about the ACLU and politicians pushing for women to be included as part of the draft?
      If you want equality, better be prepared for the consequences and responsibility.

    2. @NPC #1138 – Honorary Rooftop Korean

      Well, women’s rights are rough right now, thanks to all the transphobic bigots attacking women’s rights. But thankfully, due to anti-vaccers, they’re a dying breed. Literaly.

      I’m not sure what you thought the answer would be to such a stupid question.

    3. @Wayne Owens the vaccine is NOT experimental, it NEVER was, it is NOT even listed as experimental,

  4. We honestly should mandate that no Republicans or anti-Vaxers are allowed to be given the vaccine. They all would immediately take the opposite position and demand their right to get the vaccine. Taa-Daa

    1. Funny how your people Biden and Harris bth said they would t get the vaccine if it came from trump. Funny how fast you forget.

    2. @Smokey Mafia I don’t think you properly remember what they really said then. Maybe you should go back and look at the videos again. Come back after you did and we’ll discuss properly.

  5. Is that the same continental army that took over the airports from the British? That’s what former guy said.
    It has to be true.

    1. I know that’s not the same guy who just said that Black people don’t want to get the vaccine since they were used for syphilis experiments on “the Tuskegee airmen”, right?
      (they did a pretty good job in those p51s, considering, huh? )

  6. Remember the story about American soldiers giving small pox infected blankets to the indigenous people during the westward expansion.

  7. You people just can’t figure out what propaganda is going to work to get what you want. It’s so hilarious seeing you reach for straws

    1. @J lock Sadly, they don’t see how they’re inching closer and closer to camps and potentially genocide. It starts with the dehumanizing, and we’re already there.

    2. David what propaganda? There has NOT been one single person who can prove propaganda, i’d like to see you try it.

    3. @J lock they did it with HIV, if you knowingly infected someone it was considered a criminal act.

    4. @NPC #1138 – Honorary Rooftop Korean no one is being dehumanized and no one is being sent to camps god you people are ridiculous

    1. You can’t drive without a license.
      Children can’t attend schools, including universities without vaccination records.
      I never understood people who complained about wearing a mask, when they had no problem with indecent exposure laws.

  8. Some numbers:
    350: Daily corona deaths in the US right now.
    0.001%: Percentage of those, who were fully vaccinated.
    ‘Nuff said.

  9. How dare you infringe upon my rights to recklessly endanger as many other human beings as my ignorance, lack of empathy, and absence of legal liability will enable me to harm! This is America and you aren’t allowed to reasonably suggest that I should care about my fellow Americans!

  10. You don’t have the freedom to assault.
    You don’t have any freedom to spread disease.
    Vaccines are safe and effective.
    You have ZERO legitimate reasons for not being fully vaccinated.
    Being unvaccinated at this point is simply Un Patriotic.

  11. Perhaps this commentator should encourage his brothers and sisters to get vaccinated. 9% of black Americans have been jabbed.

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