1. The UK got it so right! They knew what to do with a hot mess! Shameful the USA couldn’t step up & take notes., Maybe now…..

    1. The beauty of the British Parliamentary system, by no means perfect but gets the job done.

    2. @Belly Dancer Em as opposed to the person quite literally – unlike any other point in history, destroying your country right now?

  2. The country was on lockdown and his staff was having multiple parties. No way are people going to dismiss that in the end.

    1. Hey People, July 12th next Jan 6th hearing. Bring them all the Republican witnesses in. TV working? Check! Internet working? Check! Beer? Check! Popcorn? Check! Snacks? Check. LOVE IT!!!! Better TV than The Apprentice!

    1. @Jamtommy “”Doctor” Jill ”
      well, thanks for telling us you’re a paid right wing troll.

    2. @iwan willemse going woke 😳 didn’t help him ,keep praying attention my friend 45 never left , enjoy the show 👍

  3. Brit opposition leader called the conservative party: “only case that the ship leaves the rat” or “charge of the light weight brigade”

    1. @TheDiamond2009 I like Starmer very much. He’s honourable, dignified and has a clear view of his future administration. He’s a bit boring and so will be hard to get elected, but that doesn’t sway me much

    2. Starmer is the former head prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service. A decorated attorney.

    3. @yosserc when Starmer was a lawyer he worked with my Dad for 10+ years, so I knew him a bit when I was a kid/ teenager. He is a genuinely good man. Kind, honourable, intelligent, thoughtful and a good father and husband. Sure, he’s not particularly exciting, but I think we’ve all had enough excitement from our politicians in recent years. I hope he gets to be Prime Minister. He wants the job for the right reasons.

    4. He also called Johnsons a rap*st without calling him a rap*st in his last question at PMQ’s on Wednesday – it was very very clever – watch it – its worth it…

  4. At least the British step down from their leadership with scandal. So much different from the United States. Our firmer leader will try to hang on even when the people do not want him.

    1. @Dominique Brasseur Whatever country you are from, you should be patriotic and have your countrie’s interest before others. I know the whole world is crap, you didn’t need to tell me that. All I’m saying is Democrat policies are making things 10x worse for the US than it should be. And I’m so tired of explaining to people that nothing is free. You think “free” Healthcare and education are good, and they can actually help a lot of people in the short term. But longterm socialist economics and politics are a recipe for disaster. We’re starting to feel it more and more. And conservatives aren’t going around killing people and destroying people’s livelihoods in riots, it’s the opposite side.

      And guns don’t murder kids. People do. You want to ban knives too?

      The Biden Administration is a wreck. I didn’t even like Trump, but you far left muppets assume if someone disagrees with the hive then they are a “trumpster”. Normal people hate the Biden Administration. Even the left biased polls show it.

    2. @K J Gas is more expensive because it is an internationally priced commodity. Neither president has substantial control over the price of oil.

      He was a dink, and more than half his policies were simply bad. “build a wall”, literally only a person with a brain injury could think that’s a viable plan. His populist policies appealed only to the lowest possible common denominator.

      He managed to lose two trade wars, he lost to Canada. Like, that’s shameful.

      Even if you liked some of the guy’s policies, his burn America to the ground policy should be the only one any patriotic American cares about.

    3. @K J Presidents have next to no control over the price of oil. And, frankly, if not for this oil spike, I’d be entirely supportive of his policies. It is well past time developed nations begin to move away from oil.

      Heck, this price of oil is a hangover from when oil futures dropped to below zero. Nobody wanted to pump oil for less than zero dollars. These contracts are being fulfilled now, in a couple months (just like it took a couple months during the pandemic for the price on the futures market to come back up) the price will return to sane.

      The only thing a president could to to affect oil prices substantially would be to put a price ceiling on oil. And that’d be so much more disruptive to international markets.

      Oil (when adjusted for inflation) has been much higher many times before.

  5. I deleted my first comment. I didn’t realize what a dumpster fire this guy is…my apologies for my uninformed first comment. The daily lies, horrible speeches, or ridiculous and strange things he says during public appearances, it’s revolting. Also, how he increased the taxes during a worldwide pandemic and financial crises blows my mind. I’m surprised he lasted this long. My province is also run by the Conservative Party too, and our Premier reminds me of Mr Johnson, only Mr Ford doesn’t hair Muppet hair.

    1. Try subscribing to news channels around the world. Fascinating planet we live on…

    2. @Living with Cognitive Dissonance I watch a You tube channel called “Have I got news for you” it is a comedy news panel show and they were saying for the last two years that Boris was unfit to lead

  6. This is how the U.S. should operate. Don’t take BS off leaders that are corrupt. Kick them out.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera A part of the legacy from the previous president are the 234 Article III federal court judges that were appointed by him and confirmed by the United States Senate. These 234 federal court judges who serve lifetime appointments include three associate justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, 54 judges for the United States courts of appeals, 174 judges for the United States district courts, and three judges for the United States Court of International Trade.

  7. I’m not pro or anti Johnson per se but I’m really reassured that the UK is still sane compared to what’s happening in other places where it seems anyone can do or say whatever they want to.

    1. Friendly old Brit: Johnson was lacking in direction and consistency. He will never be a leader as he spends too much time jumping from one idea to another. 💥

    2. A comedian in the UK was questioned by the police *for telling a joke.*

      The U.K. is messed up right now.

  8. I remember days when integrity used to mean something here too. Those days are long gone.

    He used to compare himself to Churchill? 😂😂😂

    1. Kristy Campbell, Kenia McGuire, Andrea Madden, NBA1 👈 spamming useless links at copy paste Trump University speed.

  9. Please see the lesson being learnt, and make this happen in the US both in your government and Supreme Court 🙏

    1. @President Elect Jeffrey Smith Oh you can’t pay your gas? And groceries? Go get a job then. Perhaps you can pay your gas bill! Don’t spend your money on guns, while you have to eat.

  10. No one man is bigger/better than the whole nation; this is how democracy works; you can see that Democracy is practiced here…..Unlike USA, because i compare these two mighty/Democracy-inclined Nations…….Let Democracy Prevail always

  11. Nice to see Rory Stewart on US TV! I can’t stand the Tories (try living under them, I’ve seriously considered leaving Britain numerous times because of it) but he’s probably the most sensible Tory in the entire land. Ex story actually, because he had so much sense, he chose to leave.

    1. Good writer/traveller too. His travels in Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan are a wonderful account.

    2. I can’t stand any of the parties personally but that’s just me! (I vote for a local so I don’t have to vote for either of them!)

  12. I find it fascinating to see hi level narcissist’s like Johnson and trump act out in public while they think all will be OK if they just keep doing what they do. Of course it’s all at the cost of actual human beings who suffer for their selfishness.

    1. @mitch hills – Yeah thanks man but I wasn’t saying it’s one for one. Have a great day Mitch.

    2. Hey People, July 12th next Jan 6th hearing. Bring them all the Republican witnesses in. TV working? Check! Internet working? Check! Beer? Check! Popcorn? Check! Snacks? Check. LOVE IT!!!! Better TV than The Apprentice!

  13. 1:57 “The whole thing is becoming like a reality TV show” We had our own Boris Johnson, Trump. The Man Karen of all presidents, reality TV show drama maker, and influencing insurrection against the capitol and still dealing his cards in the background like some cry baby immature man… oh wait, that’s exactly what he is.

    All you Republikaens can make fun of Biden (or Democrats can make fun of Biden too, but the Republikarens are gonna jump on the hate way worse) but you know very well the stunts Trump pulled and his cocky/never wrong attitude, he was a man baby through and through, Tweets all kinds of drama and like a reality TV Show to stir up crap, like he’s eager to hang onto his ratings and gets all giddy over causing confliction, but Trump was too hard headed (not smart/no dignity) to not resign, to admit defeat, thinking he’s the best and everything and everyone is fake/wrong who opposes against him, like as if that’s seriously who should remotely be leading the U.S,

    And don’t get me wrong Biden isn’t mr perfect and we can do better, but anyone and anybody was better than Trump, just like they say about Boris Johnson that anyone was better than him, just wish America took lessons and had Trump resign like Johnson did, instead of lingering on and making a crap show of our nation upon leaving office and as he continues to show it and his whole Republikaren party even after their loss and are just going to make a mockery of our nation up until 2024 where im quite sure they are just going to outdo themselves in some ridiculous/over the drama shenanigans and go lower than they did in 2020/2021

    1. Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye!!!! Hey People, July 12th next Jan 6th hearing. Bring them all the Republican witnesses. TV working? Check! Internet working? Check! Beer? Check! Popcorn? Check! Snacks? Check. LOVE IT!!!! Better TV than The Apprentice!

  14. The British seem to have a limit to what they’ll tolerate from their politicians; wish we had that here in the States.

    1. @Belle Reinette The U.K. has a devolved government within a unitary state, unlike the U.S. which is a federation. In addition, the U.K. has an uncodified constitution while the U.S. has a codified Constitution. Furthermore, the U.K. has Parliamentary Sovereignty where the legislative branch is supreme over the judicial branch while the U.S. has Separation of Powers with three co-equal separate branches of government.

    2. @RaymondHng & I’m explaining how our elections work & why his own party can easily oust Boris Johnson-I’m British btw!

    3. @Deborah Godley The talk is the Conservative party is gonna speed up the leadership contest as soon as possible (the 1922 committee (conservative backbencher’s) are having their own election for executives on Monday then they’ll come up with the rules of the contest) so he can leave I think they’ll be a new PM in place by the end of the summer & by the time Parliament is back from recess by September.

  15. I’m still trying to understand how Boris Johnson got elected in the first place. I can also say the same thing about Trump.

    1. Because there are a lot of horrible English nationalists and thickos in England who were fooled by the bluster that he has they’re best interests at heart. Wales has never voted tory and Scotland hasn’t since the 50s.

  16. “Larry the Downing Street Cat would make a better Prime Minister than Boris Johnson.”

    The most richly deserved and humiliating downfall of a British PM since Neville Chamberlain.

    I admire the British for so many things, not the least of which is their refusal to tolerate incompetent and dishonest politicians. America should take notes.

  17. Wow… I remember back in the old days, when it was still considered ‘scandalous’ for an American politician to be caught lying.

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