1. You love the fact they’re airing the family dirty laundry in public and their children will never know the camaraderie or their cousins? Most children’s best friends? Glad I’m not related to you.

    2. Here they come! The haters are so perfect(ly) accusatory, and swayed by demons like Bower, and slugs like Levin (the Professor Umbridge of so-called experts). I think it’s them in for the surprise. This is going to last and shut them up, but until then…Keep Calm and Hate On…..haters.

    1. @Boyd Cord No it’s not. Netflix is a service you pay a fee for, that is offered ‘through’ the internet. We don’t have Netflix, just You Tube.

  1. It was boring. The best part was watching harry as a teen in lesotho. What happened to that boy? 😔 meghans acting hasnt gotten any better. We were also given a random history lesson in middle about slavery LOL

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