British Royal Family in Jamaica | TVJ News – Mar 22 2022

British Royal Family in Jamaica | TVJ News - Mar 22 2022 1


    1. U know and jamaica welcome all kinds of demon in our country and they don’t even like the name jamaica

  1. We don’t beg apologies. They know their ancestors have done a terrible injustice and they are still benefiting from that injustice. They won’t apologize because they are fearful of the doors that would then be opened.

  2. Untill Jamaicans stand up and take back there country from outsiders, only then will Jamaica be free.

    1. @Conquering Lion You are behind time, Lion. These ‘outsiders’, you referred to, do not own Jamaica! FACT!

      These ‘outsiders;’ were once the owners, however, in 1962, they ceded it to the descendants, of the captured Africans, who were brought to the island, and made to be slaves, ‘back in the days’. So, they no longer own the country, even though we still have a ceremonial ‘figurehead’, as head of state.

      Now, the people of Jamaica, own Jamaica, not any ‘outsiders’. You’re welcome.

    2. @Juniorh just like they say putin run russia, but he a high dollar puppet man for kgb. Follow the dollars and red carpet you see who really run tings.

  3. Smh they’re not British royal family anymore not apart of the loyal members anymore get your story straight google it

  4. They need to apologize to the Maroons/Jamaicans in a whole. When they come to Jamaica they never go up to maroon town.

  5. Honestly, what we are REALLY asking Britain for is something they haven’t been able to or COULD NEVER give us (to go back in time and undo what their ancestors had done to our own). I’m sure they’ve at least apologized but if that doesn’t suffice, then apparently that’s not what we’re TRULY looking for as a nation. Repatriation will not suffice either.

  6. Lisa the queens relationship is toxic, 🥵🥵 and there Is no nice way to love your oppressor.🧐🤬 nuh bada wid d Icing cake Dunn spoil.😂

  7. Why couldn’t the leader of the opposition? (😂😂) come on camara and say what he thinks. Would of given him a boost to his ego.

    Instead he let one of his joeys to talk to the press and make out she is the model.
    She isn’t taking her job seriously. You can tell how she was smiling and loving herself.

    She should apologise for that first.

  8. British colonies have performed better economically and politically than non. Truth.
    Best of luck!! God Bless the Queen!

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