British Royals to Visit Jamaica | TVJ News – Mar 21 2022

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    1. @local jamaican good news it seems this brainless visit finally pushed people over the edge and they’re removing the Queen.

    1. We Think the same about you Break all ties and deny the access to the U.K. hey Reggae Boys you sure the hell need our tourists bucks than we need you…no need to thank us 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Poverty is Poverty

    2. @PaulD677 J bro we don’t really need tourist money if our government were smart, our country is one of the best when it comes on to agriculture

  1. Why are William and Kate going to a crime ridden hole like Jamaica; I would urge all UK tourists not to go there; go to Barbados instead. Come home, Diana’s son . Let the Chinese and Russians go there .

    1. How can one apologise for ancestors of the past ? History is history learn from it don’t bring it back up just to gain something from it…

    2. I don’t think you know every nation had their own slaves whether white or black it’s legit how every nation built themselves

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