British Woman Is First To Receive BioNTech-Pfizer Covid Vaccination | Morning Joe | MSNBC

British Woman Is First To Receive BioNTech-Pfizer Covid Vaccination | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. Jolly good news. My home land for ever! We’ll done! I’m ever so proud to be a Brit fore most, then comes the USA.

    1. Great idea! We need vaccine side effects tested away from here! Just in case something happens, we can stop ALL flights from over there! Get your shotguns ready!!! It has started….

    2. @James Stuart Thank you so much for asking. I’m relieved the process of vacs has begun, even if it is not here. But it will be, I know. Thanks again James.

    3. @Jessica Cole I’m glad you’re doing just fine and I’m glad everything is all gonna be fine. We’ve been too much stress already.
      Where’re your from Jessica?

  2. Note to everyone who gets any vaccine: It takes a few days/weeks to finish making an immune response. After you get your shot, avoid risk of exposure for a couple of weeks.

    1. @Jessica Martinez Yes, please take medical advice from a guy named “Sunbathing Greg.”

      You are an utter moron, and your hero here is a dangerous conman – the very definition of ‘snake oil salesman,’ except he doesn’t even bother to give you a bottle of snake oil for your money.

    2. @Ann TwoShoes When I see “Jessica Martinez’s” spam posting for the miracle cure by Sunbathing Greg, I need 2 double shots of tequila, a minute apart.

      Trust me, both the shots of vaccine and the shots of tequila are quite effective (though I do have to repeat the tequila treatment, frequently).

    1. @Helen Short The NHS also subsidises pharmaceutical costs too.

      Despite prescriptions costing working people reasonable set amounts all out of work people get them free.

    2. @Hail The Leaf Yet Americans pay even higher taxes with no healthcare provided from them.

      Whether you want to call it free or not, most sane people in the UK would call it a bargain and leave it at that.

  3. Scientists did This!
    Watch some slime ball politician try to take credit, like a Draft Dodger Bunker Baby!

    1. @Will YoujustSTFU Not this one – Pfizer didn’t take squat from the US govmt for this before actual doses were ordered.

  4. Oh no, reports of a socialist health care system. How ghastly!
    Who wouldn’t want extortionate medical fees, a president who really doesn’t care if they live or die and a government that cannot be bothered to secure adequate doses of a much needed vaccine during a pandemic?

    1. @Goober madcow just curious, you wouldn’t happen to know where Trump’s health care plan that he has been promising will come out “in a very short period of time” for like three years know is, would you?

  5. Congratulations UK! America has really sunken to a new low thanks to Trump. America will be short on the vaccine due to Trump not ordering enough.

  6. Whilst Americans can’t stop arguing with each other, the Brits are quietly moving ahead. As is the rest of the world.

    1. @Cadre Deux If you think they delayed the vaccine because of your Trump….why can’t you and Trump established a pharmaceutical company to produced the vaccine in one month?

    2. @best best The vaccine was created months ago. It was a question of getting it approved. If allowing it to be approved in October may of saved thousands of lives, but would of meant 4 more years of Trump. It was a price worth paying.

    3. best best Any effort of fact checking would prove that the vaccines have been in clinical trials for months and therefore have already been created. “You guys Trumpsters always denies reality but enjoys conspiracy theories”. You may talk that way, but it looks incredibly stupid when you write that way. “You Trumpster guys always deny reality but enjoy conspiracy theories”

    4. Tap your breaks.The Pfizer vaccine was financially backed by Berlin,so why wasn’t Germany first for widespread distribution.Does Germany think it is not safe? Or did UK payoff Pfizer to leapfrog.Something fishy here.

    5. @Larry Mosher Every country have their own time and how to approve medicine or food which it seems like British time of approval is faster than others.

    1. @Hard Rocker I believe several prosecutors, in New York and elsewhere, are doing that as we speak.

      On January 20th, Trump will leave the White House and move directly to the Big House.

      (Funniest quote from a US government official – the man in charge of security at the White House – when it was suggested Trump would not leave: “We know how to deal with trespassers in the White House.” Perfect deadpan, not even a tiny smile.)

    2. @Kenny Hill Supposedly it was Tommy Sullivan who said it to a Biden aide. I wasn’t there, so I can’t swear to that.

    3. And the vaccine is manufactured In Belgium….and it was invented in Germany BioNtech in Mainz. Pfizer helps with the production and distribution.

    1. We must thank all the test volunteers for their courage. AstraZeneca is conducting U.S. trials of its vaccine (which shows the most promise), AZD1222, testing for safety, efficacy, and immunogenicity. There’s one study here in Knoxville. It’s really quite safe: a weakened adenovirus (a cold virus) containing the Sars-CoV-2 virus spike protein. The spike protein will be produced, priming the immune system to attack Covid-19 if it ever enters the body. The Pfizer vaccine is an mRNA (messenger RNA) vaccine, which has never been done till now. Instead of introducing the spike protein via a weakened cold virus, the mRNA was designed (coded) to teach the immune system to build the spike protein used to attack Sars-Cov-2. Same aim, different approaches. This could revolutionize disease prevention and treatment.

  7. And the vaccine is manufactured In Belgium….and it was invented in Germany BioNtech in Mainz. Pfizer helps with the production and distribution.

    1. @nova00boss It’s not a question really.

      A small company/lab can produce a vaccine on it’s own – but a vastly larger infrastructure is needed to conduct a trial with tens of thousands of participants across multiple countries, ages and ethnicities.

    2. @nova00boss Indeed. Nothing would enoy Trump more that the married couple who “invented” this vaccine are Turkish immigrants who were brought to Germany at a very young age by their parents…to learn and study.

    3. @nova00boss That’s the point. Invented here in Germany (I confess, I’m a little proud), by … wait for it … migrants! With help from a US company. Clearly the kind of international teamwork, Trump don’t like. So he just ignored the German participation and already existing contracts and signed an Executive Order for “Americans first”, despite the lack of plans for distribution or storage capacities. Oh, and he likes to call it the Trump vaccine. Should we now chant “Stop the steal”? 😆

      Jokes aside. I hope this is the beginning of the end for COVID-19. For all of us. With ❤️ from 🇩🇪

    1. I know of what you speak. Thank you for responding with, ” British Lady”. Love your gentleness. We need more of it.

    2. Rest of us : yay, by the time it reaches our shores, UK and US population would have mass tested it out for us. Those who have the numbers contained can afford to wait a little longer.

  8. so lets see if I have this right. An old Irish lady has more common sense and bravery than the majority of trump supporters. Go figure. Sláinte m’dear.

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