Britney Spears Breaks Her Silence, Testifies Against Her Conservatorship 1

Britney Spears Breaks Her Silence, Testifies Against Her Conservatorship


Britney Spears, speaking out for the first time in court, said she has been traumatized by her conservatorship and wants it to end. Joyce Vance discusses the legal case, and the possibility that Spears could be released.

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Britney Spears Breaks Her Silence, Testifies Against Her Conservatorship


  1. Do these people ,who hold the conservativeship , get paid out of what she earns? Screw that. She sounds like their meal ticket

    1. Of course they get paid! That’s crazy! She acted out as a teenager. Like who didn’t? Her evil dad should go to jail for what he’s done to her. Go Britney!

    2. They control her money and compensate themselves. Her rights are being violated for that control.

    3. Yes, her father & another company (Bessemer Trust) get paid for being co-conservators. However, that payment to each co-conservator is a little more than $100,000 per year for each l co-conservator, which is a tiny fraction of Britney’s total wealth and the legal amount they can get paid as co-conservators, with the specific amount of legal payment being limited by the law governing conservatorships. Anything more than that which they may have taken or maybe taking from Britney’s earnings is illegal and is a crime. To have had Britney under this kind of control for so long and still not want to give up that control leads me to believe there has been lots of illegal stuff going on with her father’s handling of her affairs and money. It only makes sense for her father to resist giving up that control as much as he is resisting is if he is afraid that illegal stuff will be discovered, like, say, if Britney is freed from the conservatorship and she has accountants go into all her past finances and find out how every penny was spent (follow the money) and it is discovered her father was illegally taking money. But if she is kept under the conservatorship, any illegal activity will never be discovered.

      If Britney can testify in court in the way she did, she is obviously in control of her mental capabilities and it makes no sense to keep her under the conservatorship. It only makes sense to keep her under the conservatorship if the conservators (and possibly the judge) are illegally benefitting from the conservatorship by essentially stealing money from Britany.

      It is very suspicious that no judge over the last 13 years has been able to hear Britney speak or know of her ability to perform and not come to the conclusion that she should not be under a conservatorship. Conservatorship (at least in California) are for people who are totally incapable of handling their own affairs, primarily elderly people who have dementia. Just Britney’s ability to testify on her own behalf, by definition, means that she does not qualify as someone who should be under a conservatorship. That alone makes it very suspicious (and highly likely IMO) that there has to have been a lot of illegal stuff going on with her finances for this to have gone on for 13 years and judges looking the other way to allow this to continue to go on. This judge (any judge) upon hearing her speak on her own behalf would easily be able to instantly determine that she is not someone who qualifies for a conservatorship and instantly end this drama. The fact that this judge didn’t do that at this court proceeding makes me suspicious that this judge is part of an illegal plan to keep Britney a hostage. After all, what is there to determine given that Britney clearly demonstrated that she is able to advocate on her own behalf and, therefore, is not a mentally incapable person. The gact that this judge didn’t instantly see this case as a clear misuse of a conservatorship makes me very suspicious about this judge herself being part of a plot against Britney.

  2. All she’s asking for is to be released from bondage and servitude, and needless to say she will be ridiculed for everything besides that. Sad world

  3. It sounds like the father should be under conservatorship. Why should he have any say over his daughters uterus? It’s disgusting

    1. @Dee What a weird thing that you right wingers see evil in everyone, everywhere, when it’s you people who are the picture of evil.

    2. I don’t know the details of this case, but if someone was mentally unstable and sleeping around then there’s some logic to birth control. She doesn’t strike me as mentally stable even now, but it’s not my call.

    3. @Jeffrey Photonboy if she’s so mentally unstable how has she been able to make those conservators millions of dollars? She has concert tours and Vegas performances and multiple albums. She probably had post-partum depression or just plain depression from being worked half to death to make money for all her greedy family members. And if she had another baby that would interfere with the flow of money. People have a right to do what they want.

  4. Jaime Spears and his team of ghouls should face a jail sentence for trying to essentially enslave his daughter, deeply endangering her mental and physical health.

  5. Not really a fan of Britney, but in all fairness, WTF? She is a functioning adult, and doesn’t need a babysitter. There are so many nutso celebs out there who don’t answer to anyone.

    1. But IS she a functioning adult?
      That’s kind of the entire point. I have no idea if she’s mentally stable. Hopefully that can get sorted out.

    2. @Jeffrey Photonboy She has been working this entire time doing song and dance so she functions fine. She should be allowed to paint her kitchen cabinets and go for a drive with her boyfriend.

  6. The first judge is probably corrupt. I don’t see why they let this go on for so long. This is disgusting.

  7. People are FINALLY LISTENING. We have been trying to tell everyone for over a decade. FINALLY she gets the chance to speak.

  8. How many people is Britney a “”cash cow “ for, her Father her sister, and her “team”.?

  9. This is perverted. They enjoyed doing this to her because some people love nothing more then tearing down a powerful women.

  10. If she doesn’t comply, they say she needs to be medicated and under the conservatorship. If she complies, they say the conservatorship is working so well and she needs to continue to be on it. They’ve stacked the deck against her.

  11. This is a crime. Her father is deceptive and evil. For him, it’s about money and not her well being. I feel sorry for Britney. I hope the Judge does the right thing.

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  13. Whoa… how can someone else tell u that u can’t get married or have children!!?? There are people who live in squalor who have multiple mental illnesses who have like 8 kids and don’t take care of them and THAT is ok but Britney can’t!? This is a human rights issue.

  14. Everyone and i mean everyone who had any part of this conservatorship needs to be held accountable!!! and have *their* heads checked!

  15. REMINDER: Britney has no capacity declaration to her case so whats in the sealed medical records?, from the documents that are public they are unconstitutional so you only imagine what’s been filed against Britney.

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