Britney Spears To Break Her Silence In Court On Conservatorship 1

Britney Spears To Break Her Silence In Court On Conservatorship


Britney Spears will break her silence about the order that has controlled her money, her career, and virtually her every move for 13 years. NBC's Erin McLaughlin and ACLU Staff Attorney Zoe Brennan-Krohn join Geoff Bennett with more.
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  1. It’s pretty much impossible to get out of? So basically the poor girls got no hope of ever being free again

    1. you are correct its very difficult. my dad was a mental health doctor and says the law is very difficult to overcome on this situation. itspossible but not very likely

    1. He’s one twisted dude. He lives in an RV now and camps outside of a storage unit that contains Britney’s memorabilia. I’m not even kidding. He’s a creep.

  2. There needs to be a law to protect these celebrities on all levels. Finance, paparazzi, higher authorities..

    1. The judges are just as corrupt as Brits father. Poor girl she’s never stood a chance. Hopefully now with so many corrupt at gitmo or hopefully excuted justice will prevail for Britney

  3. I don’t care how much money she has nobody should be treated like they’re treating her!! Britney Spears is not disabled.

  4. If I make the money, I have a right to spend it any kind of way that I want to. If I end up in bankruptcy or completely broke and living on the street then I have nobody to blame but myself. For somebody to try to profit off of my hard work is nothing more than a con job or theft by deception. Give Brittany her money!!!!!

    1. not if your in a conservatorship. i think the law was created with good intentions in mind, my dad was a mental health/substance abuse doctor and hes seen plenty of situations where conservatorships have helped people in a major way but unfortunately there are people like her dad that take advantage of the situation in a bad way. in my dads words, i think there are situations where conservatorships are needed and are ok however there needs to be guidelines and ways that a person can legally end one without having to go through all this.

    2. @mike allen well written and I won’t disagree with that but this is been an obvious abuse of parental rights for decades. Look at the way that they tried to shove Britney’s younger sister Jamie Lynn into the same situation as far as making money. In my world that’s disgraceful.

    1. LBJ, Democrat hero president, was responsible for Conservatorship.
      Democrats are the true Authoritarians and now they want to take away guns to address gang violence.

    2. You think money is everything no it’s not you should give your child for some Freedom this is America and parents should be ashamed of their so for not giving their child freedom

  5. So the title of page one on the agreement is “The Deal With The Devil”?? This is absurd. American law seems as stupid as American politics.

  6. This conservatorship never made sense to me. If she’s unfit to make basic decisions, how can she be fit to perform 100+ shows a year?

  7. Anyone who’s worked at group homes, nursing homes, assisted living, etc. knows the ugly side of guardianship chokeholds. Wouldn’t it be wild if Britney was the one who changed that side of the system

  8. If her fans care about her they need to stop asking her when is she going to perform again. That is not important right now. Her freedom is what’s important.

    1. They gotta support that strike! No Vegas shows! If she isn’t healthy to pick her kitchen cabinet – she isn’t healthy to perform! Free her!

  9. They did that to her so she’d stop spending money on drugs… She didn’t shave her head because she’s crazy, even the photos show she was shaving her extensions out… They were trying to get her off drugs, and also trying to get her MONEY, so this was their way to do that.

  10. When these people get famous and make money, everyone around them looks to be kept forever. Britney’s fortune should be a LOT more than $60m. The court needs to request a full accounting of her earnings and the expenditure attached to her.

  11. Time to take her dad out of the equation. This was about him controlling her money
    How old do you have to be to rid yourself of leaches

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