Britney Spears Wins Key Step In Court Battle To End Conservatorship 1

Britney Spears Wins Key Step In Court Battle To End Conservatorship


Britney Spears was back in court to fight for her legal freedom after remaining under a 13-year conservatorship that gives her father control over her life and finances. Spears spoke out in court, asserting she wants her father removed as her conservator and charged with conservatorship abuse. In a crucial moment in her quest to end her conservatorship, a judge ruled she can now hire her own lawyer. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber is joined by civil rights attorney Nancy Erika Smith to discuss the development in the case and how Spears’ battle shines a light on sexism in courts. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. How funny would it be if Britney Spears becomes a politician after this. I mean, she got the resource to run for congress without political donation. And I can totally see her wanting to change the conservative law after this. I mean I am not sure how good of politician group she will be, considering the fact Britney didn’t even finish high school. Although, a congresswoman isn’t exactly running for President lol

    1. @Kathy Carrillo Don’t feed the trolls. ‘Triggering the Libs’ is their sustenance; let them starve.

  1. Never a fan of her music, but completely in her corner that she deserves to control her own life choices.

    1. This isn’t about liking her music, it’s about an American citizens CIVIL RIGHTS! Glad people are seeing it for what it is.

    2. This has nothing to do with being a fan. People preface it over and over and it’s about a woman, a human.

    3. @Edward Ramirez Exactly ! And I don’t understand why people feel to need to mention that they’re not a fan as if it was relevant..

  2. The situation is so fcked, that the ability to hire her own layer is such a major victory. It’s supposed to be one of the most basic rights for a human being 💀

    1. @The Zionist Advocator No it most likely doesn’t affect one person if this is the law. But she’s famous and if her case goes well, it’ll be a prejudicate for others. I really really wish her all the best, and not so much her dad. He’s the sick one. His grifting ought to be illegal.

    2. She had a court appointed lawyer approved by the judge, so probably a lawyer who knew their business. The psychiatric reports are, for sound privacy reasons IN ACCORDANCE WITH HER CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, not open to public scrutiny. What if her own appointed lawyer turned out to be incompetent or plain greedy?

    3. What is really shocking about this situation are the *massive* conflicts of interest.
      Brittany has to *pay* for the lawyers who are fighting to keep her under the conservatorship so that they can continue to be paid by her father who makes his money off of Brittany.
      Brittany’s own court appointed lawyer violated his duty to vigorously defend his client by failing to make her aware that she could challenge the conservatorship, which allowed him to continue to bill her despite failing to act on her behalf.
      Disbarments need to happen here, because the lawyers on all sides of this are crooked.

    4. @John Wright that applies to EVERY citizen. Should we All be under conservatorship to our parents? Major logic fail.

  3. When Brittany released the song ” You Want A Piece of Me” I wondered about it. Now I understand why.

  4. The fact she had a court appointed attorney while her dad was using her money to pay enormous fees to fight against her. 😣😠

    1. Covering his imagine cost her $2,000,000!!!! Less than a year!!! $890,000 by Viv Thoreen @ Holland & Knight in LA in ONLY THREE MOs!

  5. Until relatively recently daughters were legally property of their fathers and then of their husbands – traditional paradigms die hard especially when there’s a shitload of $ involved. This whole saga is mirror of American attitudes towards women and celebrity culture in general.

  6. She shaved her own head as a way to get out of performing when she was exhausted and her father wouldn’t allow her to take a break. Shaving her head was an extremely intelligent way to get a rest.

    1. I think she did that to skip a drug test. Nevertheless, she has been crying for help for many years without us noticing until recently. Hope she finds freedom!

  7. This is the kind of story that should infuriate everyone, regardless of whether or not you like the person at the center of the story. The fact that the courts are legally allowed to ignore a person’s Constitutionally-protected rights is insane. The fact that the government can revoke a person’s autonomy and there is, effectively, no recourse is insane. But perhaps the most insane part is that they do under the names “justice”, “freedom”, “decency”, “protection”, and “care”.

    1. what’s even more insane is that this is happening to a rich woman… How many poor women are abused and they are too poor to leave and live on their own.

    1. More than 1.3 million people are under conservatorships now. It’s on time they get legal representation in a way that is right and just for them. The time is now.

    1. I hope to the Gods, karma doesn’t stop. Karma has not done enough yet. I hope she takes every last one of them and beats them senseless! The poor girl!

  8. The judge who initially approved the conservatorship should lose his license and be criminally charged! Absolutely illegal decision.

  9. Can’t even listen to it anymore. It’s just so heart breaking. Paparazzi helped ruined her when she was so young.

  10. Her father is a practicing alcoholic. How is he more competent to control her life when he can’t control his own?

  11. Who among us has never struggled? They abused this girl and used her as the cash cow from day one. Absolutely unbelievable!

  12. They human trafficked that woman after she broke down due to stress, postpartum depression, and vile paparazzi harassment.

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