Brittany Packnett: Black People Shouldn't Have To Be Humanized In Court | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC 1

Brittany Packnett: Black People Shouldn’t Have To Be Humanized In Court | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


Brittany Packnett Cunningham speaks on the Derek Chauvin trial. "The reminder that we have to be humanized, even when we are the ones who were murdered, that reminder is another form of trauma." Aired on 03/31/2021.
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Brittany Packnett: Black People Shouldn't Have To Be Humanized In Court | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


    1. Is it? Airplane pilots have incredibly high standards and yet all plane crashes are human error. US Air Force pilots go through rigorous training with a bigger budget than the Police. They still attack friendly targets killing their own side, their allies, or innocent civilians. I could go on. What links these examples? Human beings make mistakes, regardless of training.

  1. Good point. It is crazy we are trying to humanize George Floyd. You are correct. The officers lacked the integrity to stop the whole scenario.

    1. Well there was those two black girls who murdered a Palestinian man this week, and they clearly couldn’t care less. They would have been more upset if somebody spilled their coffee.

  2. I was screaming during the whole speech as we did on the streets among ourselves that day….She nailed with such strength this video should have gone viral already.

  3. Anyone who would have intervened , black or white would have suffered dire consequences. Who would risk getting killed in a situation like that? The only ones that could have done something were on his back and his legs. The other police officers should have pulled him off that man”s neck.

    1. Why? Control the head, control the body. Pretty common technique. That man is getting off and then the morons will riot.

    2. A white person intervening would have most probably ended without them getting murdered. Anybody else is a toss up based on how racist chauvin is

  4. I have wanted to jump through my screen, smack that pen out of Chauvin’s hand and tell him to have the courtesy to watch and listen…this is important.

    1. So you’re saying that the guy who is on trial doesn’t think the proceedings are important. And I’m surprised you don’t that, in order to not write nonsense, human beings have to look at what they’re writing.

    2. @Thomas De Quincey The court has a stenographer. It’s just rude to be writing 90% of the time. Looks like he’s blowing off the whole thing or afraid to face all the people he’s hurt.

  5. Well, EVERYBODY needs to be humanized in Court. Human Beings have evolved to relate socially with only a tops of about 150 people. Beyond that they go from being and US to being a THEM. And then studies show that among strangers people will gravitate towards similarities. Then it can get really subjective. In Foreign Airports American Whites often identify Black Americans by their accents dress and accents and sit by them rather than by similarly ‘colored’ foreigners. When I was in the Far East, not in China, well, Chinese would come and sit near me because I wasn’t one of the Locals whom they would have contempt for.

    Perhaps “humanize” is the wrong word for what we are looking for. In Court we want to IN-GROUP whose who’s cases we sympathize with. Remember, it is subjective and and the suggestion of ANY similarity could do the trick. For instance, in regards to George Floyd the lawyer prosecuting the killer cops could say something like “George was having one of those days” which would make ANY Juror think about what that would suggest and that would for a moment IN-Group George Floyd.

  6. Brittany is absolutely right. I’ve never heard the issue as clear as she communicates this. Thank you Brittany.

  7. He was so dangerous and an immediate danger, lying on the floor and being suffocated to death. Such a dangerous situation.

  8. Watching excessive force
    on George was unbearable.
    The same feeling as a Asian American I get watching NYC
    Coward Thugs who assault
    innocent Asians. I feel you!

    1. These aren’t the same….. please stop smh

      Black Americans have always had to deal with state sponsored murder

      asians are facing incidents of aggression from various citizens of varying mental states who will face punishment for their actions

    2. @Dee Pee I hate when the same race attacks Asians & say its mental. Is mental disturbed racist!
      My heart does go out to George.
      Be safe!

    3. @Thyalwaysseek no, not at all

      The racism in this country victimizes many people

      Black American citizens are the only demographic in this country that has had to deal with systemic racism for centuries though

      Big difference worth pointing out. Carry on

    4. @ronald trout if it was just one race doin it I could understand your point

      It’s been a little bit of everybody, even other asians, with the majority of it coming from right wing trumpsters using the “kung flu” line

      Hopefully it stops sooner than later

  9. Unfortunately I’m not sure if those who don’t view him as human can ever evolve. Let’s face it, we have failed to nurture our youth in America and chauvin is the result. He’s an emotionally stunted human. 160 years of right wing hate and Sabotage hasn’t helped either.

  10. I think if this is what it takes to humanize George floyd to Derek chauvin then it’s not worth it. It shouldn’t take killing someone and then recognizing the outpouring of grief you caused to gain at least empathy. A large portion of the country will never view him as human and they have been nurtured that way.

  11. I sure hope this murder trial ends with some type of real justice. Not another police brutality crime for America. It’s just heartbreaking!

  12. Why, is she in my feed? I’m still trying to recover from the awful job she did on the Ferguson committee for Michael Brown!

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