Brittany Packnett-Cunningham: Defunding The Police Will Keep People Safer | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. Camden New Jersey has already done it successfully firing and then rehiring and retraining every single officer including the chief of police it is possible and it does work and the funds that are left over gets put into the poorest communities to enhance public housing after school programs programs for the young kids so they don’t get in trouble and Healthcare and crime has dropped in Camden New Jersey

  1. Prisons, jails and the judicial system are monetized by policing. We need to imagine a new way of policing and stop filling our prisons with addicts, the indigent and people with mental health issues. Too many cops are assaulting people for minor infractions and then charge you with resisting arrest if you instinctively protect yourself. Who’s not going to resist when they’re being choked?

    1. Real Talk76 the militarization of police stated where….yep, Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill. I’m sure he will put on a kente cloth and everybody sure that he really means it when he says he cares about Black people this time…

    2. @D CS Biden’s crime bill, Nixons “law and order” campaign, Regans war on drugs, Bush’s Willie Horton Ad, etc. There’s plenty of blame to go around but Biden’s committed to reform whereas Trump sees Antifa in unarmed senior citizens.

    3. Real Talk76 Trump is actively working on prison reforms…but as you know things usually never get done by either. Antifa is an issue though. They love to infiltrate real protests to try to push their political agenda at the detriment of people actually trying to get real reform. If you want to know more about Antifa’s history: (basically communist that hated everyone and called anyone that disagreed with their version off communism/socialism a fascist)

  2. You know in your hearts what is happening. You hear and see the signs, right?There is no political solution to a spiritual problem. Love to you all.
    Your answers are right here:
    📌Luke 21:9-11
    📌Luke 21:25-26
    📌Matthew 16:3
    📌2 Timothy 3:1-4
    📌1 Thessalonians 4:16-17

  3. Operator: 911, how can I help you?
    Abused Wife: Yes, can I order pizza?
    Operator: Yes, do you want a psychologist, family therapist, or marriage counselor?

  4. Defunding the police is a dumb idea. We have seen from the riots and looting that there are people out there that would take advantage of having far less police on the street.

    What is really needed is education and to hold those police officers who commit crimes against people accountable. If the Democrats go with the defunding, they will guarantee Trump gets re-elected.

    1. 1994 Crime Bill writer Joe Biden loves throwing black people in jail over small drug offenses…tearing black families apart. Yep, I’m sure that he actually cares this time and isn’t just one of the pandering kente cloth wearing politicians…smh

  5. The bricks that were being delivered for the riots, were invoiced through Berkshire Hathaway; which is owned by Warren Buffett.

  6. Here’s to hoping America isn’t too dumb to understand that “defund” doesn’t mean “get rid of” the police. 🤞

  7. It’s all about George Floyd, what about the 3 or 4 black cops that were killed during the protests. Don’t hear anything about them. I guess their black lives don’t matter to the racists that the FAKE NEWS activist interview

  8. These are the Obama kids that were being Brainwashed in school for 8 years oh we’re all listening to you girl NOT 🖕

  9. We should also defund the military: 700+ billion spent on the military. 60 billion spent on education.

    1. Jeweled Bird
      K-12 is funded by the states. The Federal education budget is 68 billion with major strings attached. Hand that over to the states as cash. 1+ billion per state. Let them choose how to spend it and eliminate that department!
      CA education budget
      The CA budget before C-19 was $103 billion
      LAUSD budget is 7.8 billion.
      If you do cut the budget by what you are proposing how are you going to divide it up?
      Oh one thing CA has an off book debt, like Greece had, of $156 billion dollars to Calpers. With another $56 billion of realized or unrealized stock losses!

    2. ​@Vospers B. Thorneycroft Of course California has a large education budget. It is the U.S.’s most populous state with 40 million people. It also has the worlds 5th largest economy and is a donor state, meaning that it gives more to the federal government than it receives.

      As far as distributing the funds, do it per capita, i.e., determined by states’ populations. For K-12, it could be based on the number of school-age children, whether or not they attend public school. For colleges it can be used for debt forgiveness for former students and tuition funds for current and incoming ones, so that they can all avoid having crushing debt.

      As far as distribution of funds for other human services, like drug rehab and mental illness, that would need qualified people to determine what is needed where.

    3. Jeweled Bird
      Hello ☺️
      But the big problem you overlook on that is who controls the purse strings the Congress. The house being elected by number of people in each state and the Senate by two Senators for each state. So there will have to be a lot of give and take. This will be one of those massive bills , multi thousands of pages long with a lot of pork.
      100 yeas ago there were only 3 million Californians! California hasn’t always been the cash cow it is today. Other states were! The current rust belt states for example. The road network of the west for example. So there have been ups and downs downs for all states.

    4. @Vospers B. Thorneycroft And so it is with any legislation. That’s called compromise–something our current Congress and president has forgotten how to do.

      And what California was 100 years ago is entirely irrelevant to the discussion at hand. Heck, in 1920, it had only been a state for 50 years.

    5. Jeweled Bird
      Hello ☺️
      Well you were the one that brought up “cash cow” my reference I was just pointing out the that CA had not always been that. And of course history always has to be figured in. Other wise you don’t see the big picture. Well it just shows maybe we should make clean slate of everything. Elect all new people put term limits across the board Go to a balanced budget, a pro business and employee tax system. Because we are in a global economy. Them vs us. Get this economy going. But with the world jamming on the breaks and stopping dead. The future doesn’t look good. Economic hard ships brings on wars. The Falklands War for example. So I for one don’t know how the world is going to navigate out of this. We are going deeper and deeper into debt and so is the world. African nation’s are deep in debt to China then paid China back to build there infrastructure. So China got it’s money back and those nation’s are still deep in debt.
      So in the end less $ are going to be coming into all governments in the US. The problem is this is going to be one (blank) of a balancing act. That is why I pointed to the NATO and the EU. They need to step up so we can cut the defense budget and move $ around and if necessary eliminate agencies like the education department and just send the money to the states!
      Like I said earlier this is the 21st Century is it the count down
      2, 1 🤔. I hope not but with everything thing I see. The human race had a good run!
      It has been fun and nice typing with you but I have to do this on a phone by hunt and peck. The way I see it $60 billion is not nearly enough! Not to mention we would have to restructure the schools K-12 with emphasis on mathematics, reading and writing. The others could follow along later as we find out what the students like. And build there studies around that. I can only hope as a friend described it to me a Buckminster Fuller world where everyone is employed to think and dream up things! Have a good night
      SCE squirrel ad. “Stay alert stay safe!”

  10. Neither de-funding or disbanding any law enforcement agency will make people safer…that is a ploy that would cause greater harm than any good…because when we the people…and I mean all of we the people…the citizens of this country lose those that attempt to keep us safe overall…and that are bound by regulations and laws specific to the occupation…and their numbers are reduced or eliminated…the body count will go up…and that is even with an armed society being a more polite society…when in public…the criminally inclined will become more brazen in their activities…the home invasions will increase, armed robberies of businesses will increase…as well as assaults, murders, rapes and the list goes on…the citizen will be forced to defend themselves more often than now as the will be no deterrent to the criminal…there are some of us that are fairly well prepared to defend ourselves, our families, our friends and our property…so to all of you that respond to any and all situations in an emotional frenzy…enjoy, because you will become some of the first victims of your lawless society…

  11. It’s illegal to display the swastika in Germany. What is wrong with America and the Confederate flag

  12. Hey brinntany how come you never address black on black homicides? That has proven to be far worse than police brutality!

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