Brittney Griner released from Russian imprisonment after prisoner swap | USA TODAY


  1. We exchanged the worlds most dangerous arms dealer so that she could smoke a little pot? shame on these people!

  2. What a crime. It’s a sad day. She gets her freedom for breaking the law. Meanwhile innocent people remain imprisoned.

    1. While yes she did break the law, 9 years in prison for CBD oil for personal use is very extreme. She was a political pawn nothing more.

    2. Yes, she broke Russian law. And 10 months for a vaping pen is punishment enough for what was b.s from the start.
      I hope she learned her lesson. And paid close attention to the same ppl who wish she served
      her entire sentence. The same ppl who were ok when ppl of color received long sentences for
      something that “others” openly consume and earn a fortune selling.

    3. It doesn’t matter. it’s their country and their laws. If she wouldn’t have broken them she wouldn’t be in jail.

  3. Complete BS
    They really gave up that arms dealer for that other thing. If it were anyone of us in this comment section we would’ve been left there nobody would’ve ever know. This country is going to complete Shi*

    1. @TouchSoToxic Probably because “the president in 2018 and 2019” wasn’t dumb enough to exchange the ‘Merchant of Death’ for him

    2. @Nathan Martin at the end of the day say you were over there hated America because of certain things taking place. You get paid better in another country but still lived in usa.

      Say you through the package in your luggage not thinking nothing of it and didn’t realize a war would affect anything. You were locked up like she did. You pay taxes here, you have family here and contribute some type of work to your community.

      Should The President Help You?

    3. @whoshotyaphotography5425  You can’t hate America as a whole for certain things taking place, and if I were her, I would have never packed that cannabis she was extremely dumb for that

    4. How can you say that? Brandon told me that Britney represents the BEST of us. An American hero who just loves freedom, drugs, and other woman. So what if we traded one of the most dangerous Russian fire arms dealer, Brittney is fighting for the American way! This was an AMAZING deal

    5. @TouchSoToxic cause folks had sense enough back then to keep their hash oil smoking asses out of Mother Russia back then.

  4. Brittney knew the laws and purposely broke them. The ex-marine Paul Whelan had trumped up charges and has been there for 4 years this month. Should have left Brittney there and brought Paul home first.

    1. @Ryan Lenz #1 Whelan is no longer in the military, was in Russia on his own accord. #2 He was discharged from the military over larceny, which is a crime anywhere; contrast this to… #3 What Griner was imprisoned over shouldn’t even be considered a crime.

    2. @Poochie Collins i realize what happens a lot is that we dont hold our people accountable. She committed a crime and you are sitting here saying she should be free because you think it shouldnt be a crime. Do you not see how asinine that is?

    3. @Fever Animations Why do you think people from other countries can disregard other countries laws? Let me guess you are ok with Illegal immigration into the US as well.

    4. @Ryan Lenz they didn’t send him he went on his own accord. He was also kicked out of the marines for a multitude of crimes lol and I’m not agreeing we should’ve traded her for a arms dealer. I’m just pointing out how you are talking about something that you aren’t actually knowledgeable about

    5. @Poochie Collins that is true and sad but it doesn’t make this ignorant decision any better. Britney Griner? Who really cares if she comes back? Marine or no release of the arms dealer

    1. @MindCast I guarantee you knew nothing about the marine imprisoned until after it was on the news. Nice try, fake outrage

    2. @Hewoarts who cares about the marine, i can tell you what i know for a fact 100% doe that she disrespected the flag and America and all the soldiers who died fighting for your freedom who are no longer here and forgotten while you enjoy your tik tok at home, they spilled blood and are dead with their loved ones missing them, and now we gave them a “merchant of death” i dont understand his name is not Barney the purple dragon its the death dealer and now he is free to go back to russia a country with its own jurisdiction, while this girl was thinking of getting high and being entitled because that is what woke people do honestly, now this guy will destroy the lives of many others especially in Ukraine which is where he is going to be sent, please tell me what is the good news here? if you right now for a fact know that 100 innocent little girls are going to die because of this man will you still free him? entertain me for a minute and just imagine…then what?

    1. I mean preferential treatment for celebrities is routine, TBF. Donald Trump has committed numerous crimes, some right out in the open, and if you or I did them we’d already be in prison. It’s not a partisan issue.

  5. 9 years is a little extreme but you or I would still be sitting in that prison the double standard in this country is ridiculous..Let’s Go Brandon

    1. A US marine has been sitting for 4 years now for weed too. If I was his family this administration would never hear the end of my wrath.

  6. This gone hurt a lot of ignorant peoples feelings: yall complain about Dems and Biden but Paul Whelen has been imprisoned since 2018… who was the president in 2018 and 2019?

  7. That is so messed up I can’t even describe how pissed I am…Paul whelan has been in prison there since 2018. I am disgusted with Joe Biden. What an injustice to that man that served our country.

    1. Did you miss the part where it was revealed that the deal was one or none.
      I believe he was a prisoner during the former administration.
      The former Pres had a bromance with the evil dictator.Why didn’t they release him then?
      You can be mad at Biden, but be mad at the evil dictator also.

    2. I’ve been wrongfully charged before 2 felonies . One was first degree and would of gotten 10 years for “beating my wife with a baseball bat” . She was a drunk and fell down stairs. It later got dropped but not after the hell i was put through. That’s wrongfully accused ok!?
      Not bringing in drugs from another country and then pleading guilty for it! I would never plea guilty for my accused crimes. Never. Which is why it got dropped actually. But they keep saying she got wrongfully charged. Like am I living on earth anymore!? 😂

  8. And why was Paul not released? Brittany was caught with illegal substance. Paul served his country. We need answers.

  9. The lesson here is when you visit a foreign country don’t give them a NY reason and I really hope Paul can come home soon too 🙏

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