Brittney Valdes Discusses Restaurant Relief Fund During Covid-19 Crisis | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Why would anyone want to work in the service industry. Putting health at risk for a non essential job? The way you are scheduled prevents often times a second job and with restrictions the money is not there

  2. Easy. Just pay them more and give benefits and job security. They’ll come in droves. As for now, restaurant work is poverty work. Nobody can feed a family and pay rent and bills working at a restaurant

  3. Do I want to work in a restaurant right now. Tip credit states paying servers 2.10 an hour without benefits? Give me a break. If you can’t make a living exploiting people, you aren’t making money on sales, you’re making money exploiting.

  4. NOBODY wants those jobs anymore. The prediction has been for months, the entire workforce will CHANGE.

  5. Restaurant is tough people go Karen under good circumstances and health issues so scary, for low pay warehouse in and out benefits OT

  6. Yes tips are and should be for doing a good job. Minimum wage is for servers is not the same and federal min wage def doesn’t apply maybe cities have higher.

  7. “We’re working with our landlord.”

    Yeah, and your landlord is working with you because THEY’RE desperate too.

  8. Why is the restaurant industry built on the customers paying their workers? We have to pay for the meals and also be demanded living of the restaurants’ staff. Tips are ridiculous and only exploited in the U.S.

  9. I can see why people wont get the vaccine when you still have to wear your mask everywhere or cant go to a concert.

  10. BOH has been close to poverty wages for a long time. As pay rates increased, hours decreased to compensate. This has ultimately meant as a cook you are taking home the same money for the last 10 years. Restaurant jobs require close interaction with others, which is high risk activity right now. They are difficult, stressful, SKILLED jobs. If pay does not go up while maintaining truly full time hours, there simply isn’t enough incentive to return. Especially for an industry that allows for very poor work/life balance.

  11. Who wants to work in a thankless job making $7 an hour? I could make more panhandling or collecting cans.

  12. My son return to work and quit after three days they have him working 6 days three hours a day and I wonder why people not returning 😑

  13. Bailing out a failed business model only delays the inevitable. The money would be better spent giving direct payments to people in need.

  14. In LA, $15/hr, 40-hr week doesn’t cover rent. Restaurant employers will never going to pay a living wage. Never mind getting over time. They’ll find ways to keep their employees poor. They always cry poor restaurant owner. Highly skilled chefs will never work for cry poor restaurant owner who often time greedy and got little to no culinary skills and knowledge that great chefs don’t want to deal with them. If they want to teach their employers, they may as well be a school teacher with higher pay. At least, warehouse job is straight forward with position and pay for what they are hired for, and over time is high possibility as the business grows.

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