Brooklyn Center Mayor Pledges Support To Honor The Requests For Justice For Daunte Wright | Deadline 1

Brooklyn Center Mayor Pledges Support To Honor The Requests For Justice For Daunte Wright | Deadline


Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliot urged those demanding justice for Daunte Wright to remain peaceful. Elliot extended the cities curfew from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. and pledged his support to get justice for Wright. Aired on 04/15/2021.
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Brooklyn Center Mayor Pledges Support To Honor The Requests For Justice For Daunte Wright | Deadline


    1. your right, but its gotten alot better in how fast they have been acting on these cases!! be safe in chicago : )

    1. NO. law enforcement is a disgrace to its citizens that it was sworn to protect and serve .the police needs to be policed !

    2. @Jay Theboss he is way over his head and crime in that city is worse than 87% of cities in the country.

  1. Here’s one idea for him. Take the pension that the police officer who was arrested & charged and strip her her of it and give it to that man’s child who is now going to have to grow up without a father.

    1. @Doug Ohaver I think they will get alot of money in this case .She did make a mistake. I always wonder if they have to put that money aside in a thrust fund for the child . That would make more sense.

    2. @S Enrique why not? The man that killed my father when I was 7 years old would have left me out and about if my dad hadn’t had $6,000 of Life insurance that all the rest of my family wanted as I was made a ward of the Court. This family may end up with millions of dollars and be selfish enough not to even worry about his young son. And frankly, I don’t care how long you work for a pension if you take another person’s life through incompetence or on purpose you should not receive that pension. To top it off if it is taken away from her and not giving to that young son it’s simply goes back to the state which is ridiculous.

    3. @S Enrique oh yes please tell that to every child in foster care at this moment in America. You are such a brainiac

    4. @Sassouu Sasoo that is the point that I made in my comment of about 2 or 3 minutes ago. Brilliant minds think alike.

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  3. Very good message from the mayor of Brooklyn Center today in the tragic story of 20 year old resident and dad, Dante Wright of Minneapolis and Brooklyn Center! It’s a long road for his grieving momma and sister as well. It’s just difficult and tragically so hard to understand. Why did a taser be confused and the lady officer’s gun used instead…to just murder Dante? Boy, I don’t understand why this happened as it did. It’s just heartbreaking.

  4. Too late to show the best of the community. your thug gang cops destroyed all credibility.
    DEFUND DEFUND DEFUND AND DISMANTLE the police department.

  5. What about police brutality and violence against blacks? That’s what provoked social unrest and violence because there is no justice that works for them and their families. Show them that justice works for for this black family. How is it going in the courtrooms for George Floyds black family after a policeman sat comfortably on his neck and suffocated his life out of him and left him dead.

  6. If you really believe that this young man did nothing to bring this situation on himself,, then you are beyond lost. This was a tragic accident by an ignorant cop,, but none of this would’ve happened if he wouldn’t have tried to run. I’m all for justice, but that starts with looking at the root cause of any situation.

  7. the DOJ should come out and state that any Cop that shoots an Unarmed person….will be charged with 1st Degree MURDER…shootings will stop on a dime

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