1. @silky johnson Nothing fair, including your comment. Don’t you realize that he was ANY MAN? Are you a better man or just think so because you walked in different shoes? Walk with any man, because any man could be you.

    2. @Susan no, th entire world is United against this cop, no one is saying it is sanctioned by police or anyone in government, but maybe if Floyd didn’t resist arrest, then he’d b in jail but still alive.

    1. @John Tack You think you guys would learn that no one is buying your BS narrative of everything is always and only those evil puppy kicking Democrats fault. All you are telling anyone is you are to bias to see straight. 🙄

    2. @Bobby B You think you guys would learn that no one is buying your BS narrative of everything is always and only those evil puppy kicking Democrats fault. All you are telling anyone is you are to bias to see straight. 🙄

    3. @Faith SCCK goodness gracious me😱 you are certainly illitrate look at what you wrote. Your whole country is despicable violent and illitrate.

    4. ZI The world most violent country is America, the USA had declared 13 wars since WWII and each of every ten Americans would either have criminal record or be still in the jail. Like country like citizens.

    1. @Bad Bird Go ahead and keep acting like Gorge Floyd isn’t just the final straw. Keep pretending racism and discrimination in our local and federal gov isn’t rampant… Like no ones lives matter to you, unless you can use them for your argument. Keep pretending everyone is just going to keep taking it, until it all blows up in your face andbecomes your problem. That is what people like you are good at….. And I say people like you, instead of Republicans, because it is ignorant to generalize a group of millions, for the sake of an argument. That would be the same kind of logic racists use.

    2. @Samier King true Floyd was indeed unjustly killed, however footage is out now that shows Floyd resisting arrest & refusing to get in th cop car, if he had cooperated he’d still b alive 2day, th footage is on atheism is unstoppable.

  1. Justice for George Floyd #sayhisname justice for Breanna Taylor and Ahmad Arbery and countless names we do not know cause it wasn’t caught on camera. Black lives matter! We know all lives matter but apparently we need to remind you that part of those lives are black lives!!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    1. Faith, than how do book smart people fail so bad at fixing this problem! You dnt need education to understand what’s going on in this wourld! People like you are adding to no progress!

    2. @Faith SCCK A Literate man starts his sentences with capital letters and ends them with appropriate punctuation…


    1. Craig Anderson I guess if a looter comes to your house, you’d calling another looter to help instead?

    2. What you guys are talking about have nothing to do what I am talking about with that everyone have a pass so take a look at your self I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR SMALL TALK HAVE A BLESSED DAY AND MY GOD BLESS US ALL 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 LOVE OVER HATE


    1. This is all well and good till you factor in the system doesn’t work that way. (Imo) We are grown up to be submissive to our superiors while we work our jobs and such. People are breaking free of this with entrepreneurship but the normal old ways still exist.

  3. Sedition
    By Edmund Vance Cook

    You cannot salt the eagle’s tail
    Nor limit thought’s dominion
    You cannot put ideas in jail
    You can’t deport opinion

    If any cause be dross and lies
    Then drag it to the light
    Out in the sunshine evil dies
    But fattens on the night

    You cannot make a truth untrue
    By dint of legal fiction
    You cannot imprison human view
    You can’t convict conviction

    For though by thumbscrew and by rack
    By exile and by prison
    Truth has been crushed and palled and black
    The truth has always risen

    You cannot quell a vicious thought
    Except that thought be free
    Gag it, and you’ll find it taught
    On every land and sea

    Truth asks no favor for her blade
    Upon the field with error
    Nor are her converts ever made
    By threat of force and terror

    You cannot salt the eagle’s tail
    Nor limit thought’s dominion
    You cannot put ideas in jail
    You can’t deport opinion

  4. I feel so bad for him being that he lost his brother, but I’m also very proud of the way that he worded what he said. I hope he, and all of us make it through this time with strength and justice for all, regardless of their backgrounds.

    1. THE WORLD HAS ONE LESS MONSTER IN IT . THE MEDIA KEEPS MOST UNINFORMED SPREAD THE TRUTH TO THE WORLD STILL WORSHIPING A MONSTER ….WOW…WHEN WILL YOU LEARN THE TRUTH THIS IS INSANE…Direct quote” black people have the same privilege as white folk if we didn’t how do explain our black president” thank you Terrance ” I DON’T SEE IT RIGHT FOR WORSHIPING A VIOLENT ATTEMPTED MURDERER WHO SPREAD DRUGS AND VIOLENCE IN HIS COMMUNITY AND DIED DOING SO.” 8 BLACK BEAUTIFUL INTELLIGENT PEOPLE LISTEN TO THEM DON’T TAKE MY DIRECT QUOTES AS MY OWN ITS ALL HERE ALL TRUTH and” stop using a monster as the poster boy for change” morgan freeman well known rapper many famous influence’s speaking truth https://www.facebook.com/RealBrigitteGabriel/videos/679065602650780/ https://www.facebook.com/terrencekwilliams/videos/694068561165747/
      OTHER RECENT ”MURDERS” OF INNOCENT BLACK MEN also to be fully informed so share this please PLEASE SHARE THE UGLY TRUTH TO THE WORLD STOP USING THE NAME OF A MONSTER FOR YOUR POSTER CHILD https://www.facebook.com/DavidJHarrisJr/videos/254547745620237/ https://www.facebook.com/realCandaceOwens/videos/273957870461345/ ALSO THIS MAN https://www.facebook.com/820916734638842/videos/285923502588497/?t=36https://www.facebook.com/realCandaceOwens/videos/277789989923657/ https://www.facebook.com/terrencekwilliams/videos/357730235212354/

    2. @NICHOLSONS atPLAY And what part of any of that meant that it was totally cool for a police officer to murder him in the middle of the street, over $20? #MurderApologist! #KillerCopApologist!

    3. Please dont feel sorry for the brother, he is rich now. Feel sorry for the people who were assault by Floy!! But nobody has to died in this way he died, but dont make him an hero.

  5. Floyd’s brother pouring his heart out to a bunch of selfless, heartless and unGodly people . God did say to continue on until he return . This is the reason why we are still here . Jesus is our comfort , provider and deliverer. Every weapons that form against us shall not prosper. This i say ; WHEN JESUS RETURNS. EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW…

    1. It’s 2020 and people still believe in this religious *nonsense* about a savior that’s never around while children are being murdered by their own parents !!

    2. @Stephanie Tihanyi Mr. TRUMP is not the antichrist. He does not aprove the kill of the fetus!!! Democrats…yes. For that reason I will vote for president Trump because I believe in Jesus. But you are not fallow what he taugth us!!! Analize yourself!!

    3. @Jeniffer Reate Wake up and smell the coffee dear. Trump fulfils all the description of the Antichrist we have written in the bible, I suggest you read it yourself. Do not be fooled. Trump couldn’t care less about abortion, he have supported it in the past, Trump is not even a Christian. He wants only your vote, he only wants complete power and adulation as antichrist by offering a titbit of something you desire in this earthly kindom, a bit of power, in exchange for you morality and your soul. If you follow Jesus, do not take the mark of this son of perdition. Do you not find it stange Trump has never once mentioned Jesus or any teachings of Jesus? Well its because he dispises, is jelouse and thinks he’s better at saving the world, and you seem to believe him, sadly. Please think again about Trump.

  6. I’m not even in the room but I feel the tension of “going in one ear and out the other”.

  7. This man is in pain and these as*holes can’t keep from checking their phones for a few seconds.

    1. @Cartmen PUSHMIN I hope you never do wrong and ask for forgiveness, have children and finally want to do right. I hope people judge you for everything you do in life because you are so perfect. You don’t make mistakes. You have never hurt anyone. You have never hurt your family with words. You have never disappointed yourself. You never tried to change in life and be a better person. You probably have skeletons in your closet we wouldn’t agree with but you judge a dead man that can’t sit here and speak his truth. Right his wrongs. I am pretty sure he regret everyday who he was still gives no one a right to die. We are not god. He did his time and paid for his crimes and tried to rebuild his life. Now it’s those officers turn. They need to pay for their crimes.

    1. He’s not dead. He has to split the $13 million with the other actors but don’t worry about him!

    1. @Bobby B if you give a damn about officer Dorn you wouldn’t be trying to use his death as a distraction.

    2. @Christopher Alton-MOONN And what part of any of that meant that it was totally cool for a police officer to murder him in the middle of the street, over $20? #MurderApologist! #KillerCopApologist!

    3. Boot licker@WTF ZIGGY YAY a dead cop you say, got any footage, perhaps of other dead tyrannical fascist piggies!

    4. @Christopher Alton-MOONN You wouldnt of said that if it was one of your loved one Murderd that Day!! Wouldve been a totally different story! God forbid it doesnt happen to even my enemies i pray.

    5. @Cropper Copper like I said this whole fiasco is a PSYOP to distract you from the real criminals in your government and hollywierd. Sex trafficking pedophiles andrenochrome sacrficing little children. Stealing your taxes. We have been hoodwinked Lord of the Flies order out of chaos divide and conquer. Has anybody seen George Floyd’s body? Looks like a Masonic ritual.

  8. It’s seems like two of those men’s sitting up there on the stand looking at they’re cellphones not really interested in what’s going on.

    1. Yvonne Morrow I hope you never sinned before like never in your life because you sound like you are happy the man is dead if I would have hate in my heart I would hate you so bad it would burn your skin in your sleep leave the daed man alone if this was your family you would see things different learn how to love Jesus is real

    2. @Kamelee tomelee Williams friedl
      Jesus is *not* real. There is no difference between him and an absentee dad !
      Glad I have a personal relationship with reality ! BYE

    3. Maybe they were watching the burial of the real hero today , that black officer who was shot instead of george, who if you research was a terrible person.putting a gun to the belly of a pregnant women and robbing her.they don’t say that about him. I bet you didn’t even know that the offier r shot and killed had a funeral today , the real hero. I’m starting to think that BLM stands for Burn Loot Murder.

    4. Sugar Xyler the foot model my dear I can understand if you think Jesus is not real you need to hear my life story and my accidents in life and the things I see and saw and over come Jesus is real I am happy I knew him one time a go I would get mad when someone like you talk like that but no I can only save my soul now I smile when I hear people like you talk when the world say Jesus is not real I will stand alone and believe till I die I have real prove to know that Jesus is real for my self selah

    1. He said how… He has to be big brother now. I understand what you mean, though… But I have found the strength we receive from the ones we love, can help us to do just about anything.

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