1. And does this surprise anyone? They’re only interested in “law and order” when it benefits them. Like laws that restrict voting rights. But the second it’s revealed a Republican is corrupt they’ll act like it’s no big deal.

    1. @Asheer… my anger… lol… I’ve never(in my life) made a comment about any leader other than my own… lol… you Europeans are obsessed with Trump and United States politics.

    2. Maintaining Law and Order is their code for maintaining our two-tier justice system and systemic racism on back of it

    3. @Baaliwood you mean like giving the number three in your party the kibosh because she wont tow the party line of t**** above all?

    1. @Nick Dionne you obviously dont understand the difference between defund and reform compared to abolish.

  2. Hypocrisy is Republican 101 chapter 3.
    Nobody is surprised, that the party that perpetuated the riot didn’t want to investigate it.

    1. What’s happening in our country is so surreal! I feel like we’re all trapped in some kind of cheesy sci fi movie that just wont end!

  3. Looks like the Blue will be thrown under the bus whenever the GOP feels it’s not in their interest to back them anymore……

    1. @Demetria Karnavas BLM stormed the Oklahoma capital building, what about that? Or last summers riots? Billions in damages?

    2. @Kennedy Suggs More than two dozen protestors filled the gallery while the Oklahoma legislature was in session to protest a bill. They did not break into the legislature nor did they take it over and commit property damage. The BLM protests that occurred across the country and over the world were overwhelmingly peaceful and BLM has disavowed the minority who engaged in violence. If you hold BLM accountable for the destruction of a few, you must hold everyone accountable who came to D.C. on Jan 6th to hear Trump speak and promote his “voter fraud” hustle, regardless of whether they entered or were anywhere near the Capitol. No one has ever suggested that the people who converged on D.C. to hear Trump speak are guilty of the crimes committed by the insurrectionists and that they did not have a right to be there. The same standard will be applied to the BLM protestors who protested nonviolently, whether you like it or not.

    3. It’s not the Republicans that conduct a war on cops!! I think that is you leftwing loonies.Guess that’s why blue cities have 100% + murder rate increases!!!!!!! Defund,defund!!!!!LOL

  4. Trump should be lockedup for causing that riot, and every Republican blocking that commission should also ne lockedup for supporting the Capitol Hill riots.

    1. @Augustine Abram how do you convert “let’s march peacefully and patriotically” to “let’s all riot”? Seriously where do i find this weird calculator you’re using?

    2. @Baracus Obamus but to overthrow the vote is ok? To storm the capitol violently is ok. There is a huge difference and your to stupid to see the difference

    3. @sowing420seed . No drugs I get screened. Always in the clouds I fly for a living. I bet it’s embarrassing being a biden sniffe.

    4. @SirDiglett 556 telling a mob of people to overturn the counting of electoral votes. Sure seems like the LOSER had a huge roll on the January 6th 2021 insurrection of the capitol with violence. Yes I would say the LOSER was the head of the snake

  5. If you are looking for honour, integrity, commonsense, decency, reality and honesty don’t look at Republicans. They are what we’re created when Lucifer farted.

  6. When the GOP say back the blue they mean back the cops who are white and racist combined.

    1. @Nick Dionne 1864 as come and gone over a hundred fifty-seven years ago they are no longer that party. The GOP started to morph into the RepublikKklan Klans since 1968/72, ie their implementation of the ‘Southern Strategy and the racist dog whistles to attract the racist White Southerners by Republican Congressman Barry Goldwater, he even advocated at one point for segregation to return. UK

    2. @nunya Oh yeah the parties switched…


      By that logic the Democrats are still the racists, either way, the contemporary Democrat party is the party of racism.

    1. Why did we not have an investigation when Obama slept and let the Americans in Bengazi die needlessly? Barrys sleep was more important than 4 American lives.

  7. Well, when there are some members of Congress along with the wanna be dictator who were involved in the coup
    why would Moscow Mitch wanna hold any kind of hearings?

  8. The Republican Party is proving that it can be a joke and extremely dangerous at the same time.

    1. Just like Hitler and the Nazis in their early days. We are on the same trajectory, because the same psychology is at work.

    2. It’s like YouTube videos of people too close to the shore and being swept away by rogue waves.

    3. @bgmcc907 why isnt this said more and louder. I sense the exact same thing. I cant understand how decent civil rational people cant see this and be outraged .people are rewarding indecent bad lying behavior like its a good thing.something is definitely going on .

  9. The last 12 years had shown the republicans lack of any human decency and care for the country.

    1. I’d go back as far as early 90s late 80s. Gingritch was all over Clinton’s in the 90s. I’d presume his hate speech was outlandish in the late 80s when my dad started listening to his talk radio show while driving truck up n down central California.

    2. Charity is cancerous.

      Tough love develops character.

      Just because we don’t enable doesn’t mean we don’t care.

      We care enough to tell you it’s time to grow up. You can’t keep going through life this way.

      When Republicans vote “No,” think of it as an intervention for a profoundly troubled group of people.

  10. The officer’s who were injured & died
    Protecting them, just got stabbed in the back by these cowardly Republican traitors!

    1. Democrats pretend to support the capitol police for political purposes and are just milking Jan 6th for all it’s worth. Did they care when a BLM member killed capitol officer William Evans? David Dorn? NOPE.

    2. @Baracus Obamus fake names of made up stories. You’re a liar.

      Your what-about-ism is stupid and you are deflecting from the topic being discussed.

    3. @Baracus Obamus someone targeted cops, so that automatically makes them a BLM member? Is that your assumption?

    4. why need a commission and waste tax payers money,, the whole world watched what happened on live tv , and the fbi are rounding them all up … investigate what ??

  11. Trump (BLM Protesters): “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.”
    Trump (Capitol Rioters): “Go home, we love you. You’re very special.”

    1. @Cody Russow Perhaps, but that would be an anomaly. I am actually quite spelliferous. In fact, I have great unmatched spelling. I have all the best letters. People have never seen spelling like mine. I am a very stable spellificaterator. _(Also, I’m an excellent driver.)_

    2. _Trump’s close to the end of his rope_
      _As he clings to his last desperate hope_
      _There’s a way to do well at the Graybar Hotel_
      _It involves never dropping the soap_

    1. While I feel a commission is a waste of time and money, since we know what happened and what led to this attack on our capitol, what gets me is that I am pretty sure Republicans would be all for it if they really believed some of their lies about how the attack on the capitol was by BLM and Antifa. They would definitely be backing the blue in this case if it were left-leaning people that attacked the capitol. There is just a greater level of hypocrisy on the right here, because they claim to be the party of law and order, claim to be strongly pro police, and say their opponents are not.

    2. @GO-GO SO-SO Because Dems and libs are hypocrites. They are only pretending to care about Jan 6th because it makes them look good politically. Where were they when BLM stormed the Oklahoma state capitol and vandalized property? Where were they when a police station was set on fire and cops were forced out by Antifa members in Seattle? They did nothing but make excuses and encourage the riots even more. So Republicans have no duty to support this commission when it based on self serving partisanship.

  12. GOP, all talk. They have tried to minimize the insurrection incident, and they blocked the investigation to protect Trump and his criminal associates, again.

  13. Paul Gosar is so disgusting that his own family voted for the other guy. Also he appears to be reading at the same level as Trump. Grade 2 level.

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