1. “It’s about mental health,” says the party that always votes against improving mental healthcare (and literally every other kind of healthcare)

  2. Funny he didn’t have all those “law enforcement” officers behind him in his retraction of previous statements.

  3. If he were a commanding officer in the military and something happened like this on his watch, and indirectly through his lack of diligence, which this is, he would be court marshaled. As it is he will slither out from under once again having direct responsibility for the deaths of his citizens and with no consequences. I am frankly amazed at his survival.

    1. mental health wow mental sickness more like it!! Gof bless the so call challenge a lot talk no work!!

  4. Mental Health Care is just another part of Healthcare in general and what are you going to do about the people that cannot afford it.

    1. Texas ranks 50th in mental health and the slimy governor has to ask the school janitor what happened?

  5. He is half right. The problem is mental health…..AND the ability of a dangerously insane individual to get their hands on a very very powerful weapon that was designed to kill lots of people during war time. I do not believe we should outlaw guns…very few feel that way. But the most lethal ones should not be available to the general public and there should be reasonable background checks and licensing. This is just common sense and I believe there are a lot of gun owners who feel the same.

  6. I would say, ‘get a clue’, but for some reason I get the impression these leaders like Abbott know what the problem is but are fighting to acknowledge it….WTF?

    1. I’m shamed of being a Texan as well! We must get Abbott out of office along with the rest of the corrupt do nothing GQP!

  7. The question is, do we believe what they said to Gregg Abbott, or do we believe Gregg Abbott at all ?

  8. If Republicans really wanted to do something about mental health in this country they would check themselves into psych wards.

  9. They’ve blamed mental health issues on a lot of innocent lives, yet they’ve done nothing to address the issue. Most people know if there’s a problem, you don’t just ignore it, you do something about it.

    1. @B I think the way to look at it is that the U.S. Civil War was never really resolved. The South is like a different planet.

    2. Oh but they are doing something about it. They’re giving their “thoughts and prayers” for the victims and their families.

  10. The Governor of Texas is right, it is a mental health issue; it’s absolutely insane to let an 18 year old buy an AR-15 with no procedure to try and figure out what he’s going to do with it and no training!!! Maybe the Governor should be the first one to go seek mental health help.

    1. @The Hadal Zone the deliberate misinterpretation of the second amendment is the biggest own goal in your country’s painful history. King George must be laughing in his grave.

  11. As a Texan that’s worked in mental health services for years, I can unequivocally confirm, Abbott hasn’t done anything but make mental health services worse every year he’s been in office.

    1. @John D Having a mental health assessment would not add more it would stop more. What was the cost of the policing in Ulvade? to the tax payer? Do you know? Do you know how much it costs to keep a person in prison for years on end? And the definition of slavery is not “universal healthcare”. I believe Britain is not an island of slaves but a free society that enjoy free healthcare. Seems to me you are in need of assessing, or a Russian Bot, Dosvidania

    2. @Keith Haggard I went to School in Texas and put 2 kids through Texas Schools.
      You talking about HS.
      Texas has one way doors in Schools And just trying to pick up your child for a Dentist Appt is like going through Ft Knox.
      The Door of that School was propped open and how the hell did a poor 18 yo with no money get at least 2000.00 to buy 2 AR-15’s and a whole lot of Ammo?
      and Law Enforcement told to stand down and didn’t take out a 18yo.
      Texas Schools have Police on site
      School Police

  12. Abbot’s argument is basically: I know a guy who died in a car crash while wearing a seat belt so that proves that seat belts don’t help.

    1. @Charlotte Coles
      Because this has been tried and its failed, your just stripping rights from people and you don’t even know what you are talking about.
      Mass shootings and gun violence isn’t an issue in the U.S. at all.

  13. Yes. The mental health issue is that our society has an unhealthy relationship with guns, i.e. we think that access to weapons of war is a “right” that supersedes the right to life.

    1. @Susan Ford any one can pass a mental health test by saying the right things it won’t stop it

  14. So the same department that waited outside a door because they had no keys are now mental health experts without diagnosing the shooter? Wow. Just wow.

    1. @AliensAnonymous After everything negative that has been associated with Texas
      in the last few years, reasonable Texans should consider moving. I certainly would not want to live there!

    2. @Eula Apostolopoulos It’s the fastest growing state in country. The entire world is broken

    3. @AliensAnonymous not like the US is broken. the deliberate misinterpretation of the second amendment is the biggest own goal in your country’s painful history. King George must be laughing in his grave.

  15. It’s not just a mental health issue when it’s easy for ANY 18yr old to legally purchase those type of weapons

    1. TRUE—But you’re dealing in LOGIC here and republicans sadly don’t understand it or Science—which also deals in Logic… to understand the republican mind you must first grasp the idea that only TWO things in Life matter: Money and Power

  16. When a problem becomes so bad that you actually start talking about every school having only one door with two armed guards standing in front of it, perhaps it’s time to start talking about minimizing the actual problem itself.

    1. @Nobody every gun has a serial number, make sellers responsabke for knowing who they are selling to. Revoke licences of people who sell guns used in crimes. Limit the sale of military weapons to responsable citicens with training and established need. Members of a well regulated militia for exsample .

    2. @Yoel Truffin correct because more doors will be there. It’s only locked down during school ya think?

  17. There were no cameras at the school despite federal agents canvassing the Robb Elementary School months before. The same happened in the New York City subway shootings in April where all the cameras were turned off. Will we ever know what really happened?

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