1. @CocaCola4blood And many of her viewers are clued-up enough but not all.

      And say for example a regular viewer is watching in the company of others who are not (or even with right-wingers), it makes it seem to them that the interviewee must be telling the truth if the interviewer does not challenge what is being said.

      I have watched right-wing media in company in the past because I have been a guest of others who choose to, yet when I have suggested a right-wing guest is talking nonsense, the general response has been:

      ‘If it is nonsense, well why did the host not correct them then’?

    2. @Elizabeth Stanley Except that he was factually wrong but from experience, I know that I will only be wasting my time by pointing it out.

      Let’s summarise though by saying that comparing Biden’s and Trump’s document situations would be like comparing apples with basketballs.

      At the very least she did point out that the Biden camp made the National Archives aware that they found the limited number of documents themselves, handed them over and have been cooperating all along, compared to Trump doing the exact opposite by refusing to send back documents when actually asked to, so needed a search warrant to be legally issued and executed (so no raid), then moving and hiding numerous boxes of documents before several other boxes were given up, and so he did the exact opposite to Biden in every way possible.

      Yet there were several other things that she let him get away with, although in fairness to her, when these right-wing politicians are talking utter nonsense, they tend to go on a long diatribe, barely pausing for breath and then cry if they are interrupted, yet go on so long that by the time they stop for breath, the point that needed to be challenged seems like a lifetime ago anyway.

  1. Why do hosts constantly allow guests to say Mara Lago was raided. It was not. A completely legal search warrant was obtained and they performed a search. There was no raid.

    1. @Gene Smith The elephant in the room is that a FBI Tactical Team accompanied that legal police action that took place at Trump’s location. And that is the hypocrisy of the situation!!

    2. Kenneth Brodnick,it makes tRump look like the thief he is, because he refuses to tell the DOJ where he hid the remaining documents he has yet to hand over. He claims they’re his and he wants them back,as if he had a good reason for concealing them at Mar a Lardo for for 2.5 years.

    3. Won’t matter… This audience know the facts… Those who believe the ” Raid” thesis don’t watch CNN….

    4. @Carol Edmonds only it confirms what was on Hunter’s Laptop – illegal cash deals with Ukraine and China – and top secret documents on Ukraine left in a garage in a box.
      Don’t forget 10% for the Big Guy.

  2. These lawyer types tying themselves in knots trying defend Trump would be comical if it were not so bad for the country. Not comparing apples to oranges. That is an insult to oranges. Apples to deadly nightshade.

    1. @stopthecrazyguy Why would that term anger democrats? It’s what they wanted in the first place to make Trump look bad. Go back and look at the comments on this site from fellow democrats calling it a raid then. The news outlets even called it a raid.

    2. @James Barnes Like the 2020 riots were mostly peaceful. (while buildings behind newscaster burned down).

  3. We should be done with these maga republicans in the next couple of elections. Turner says trump’s place shouldn’t have been raided, and trump shouldn’t have tried to overthrow the 2020 election either.

    1. @carol Lund tell that to a republican in 2023. To them, college is all basket weaving and gender studies.

  4. When he used the word “raid” you should have stopped him and corrected him that it was NOT a raid. Allowing the lie does a disservice to the truth.

    1. lol at the mental gymnastics. CNN, MSNPC, CBS, ABC, NBC news have all described the FBI raid on Mara Lago as a RAID you disgusting, insufferable SHILL.

    2. It was mostly the guests. Either way, a lawfully served subpoena with notice is NOT a raid. They knocked and the doors were opened for them. Now, who is the shill?

  5. I wish the conversation had gone on for longer….Brown clearly had Turner on the run and he was visibly wilting, perspiration was dripping down his face and his hands were going like windmills as if he was trying to shoo away her tough questions. I really wanted to see Turner slowly slide from his seat and disappear under his deck in an effort to pretend he really wasn’t there in a video being pounded by questions he no sensible or logical answer to answer to. The smile on Browns face at the end clearly showed who was the winner in this one sided interview.

    1. @Josaphat Daniels Google FBI RAID…”a SEARCH of a residence of any person that is believed to have information relating to a crime and could result in the seizure of anything considered evidence.”

    2. @V for Wombat It doesn’t matter what I consider. Google definition of FBI RAID. That’s all. I despise Trump, but facts matter on both sides.

    3. You all sound like the MAGAs being triggered by the word insurrection. Don’t stoop to their level. Too much TV gives you the vision that a RAID is like the swat team coming in with a battering ram, raising hell in a chaotic fashion. That’s not reality, but you’re buying into it. I received so many negative comments like I was defending Trump and this legal raid. You just have to look up the definition of “FBI RAID”, which it was. “Often as part of their investigations the FBI will conduct which is typically known as a raid. A RAID is the SEARCH of the residence of any person that is believed to have information relating to a crime and could result in the seizure of anything that could be considered evidence.” Whether you like the term or not, that’s what it is…nothing more nothing less. You’re apologies are appreciated. You’re welcome.

    4. Okay clown shoes. The mental gymnastics involved. CNN, MSNPC, ABC, CBS, NBC news have been calling the FBI raid on Mara Lago a “raid” since the raid went down. You’re just a disgusting, insufferable shill playing word salad and not dealing in the realm of logic and reason. You’d probably tell us that biological men can have babies then demonize and dehumanize us for stating otherwise.

  6. It’s so pathetic to see these republicans take two different stances, with no clue of the repercussions for their actions.

    1. You mean exactly like how the Democrats doing the exact same thing with Biden committing high crimes? Trump and Biden are both guilty of mishandling classified docs. I know because I’ve held a security clearance. There’s no doubt in my mind that if you or I had Secret or TS material in our personal possession(at home, at the office), we’d BOTH be in jail right now. GTFO with your blind faith to a single party. Have the balls to call out criminality wherever it occurs.

  7. He accuses the host of cherry-picking from his previous interview & then does exactly that — Trump said he declassified the docs… he also said they were planted…. and he also said they were his. Biden didn’t have his in a desk he was currently using, unlike Trump and it seems likely Biden’s docs could have been just newly discovered since the home was only searched after finding docs in his desk at some remote office he doesn’t use. Strangers at Biden’s home wouldn’t go unnoticed, but at Mar A Lardo, they would. But Biden’s case is far worse…. because he’s on the other team. How do you spell hypocrisy? R-E-P-U-B-L-I-C-A-N-. [I know it’s on both sides, but Republicans have taken it to a whole new level.]“

  8. Why aren’t journalists asking Republicans if they know the difference between a raid and a legal search?

  9. Pamela should not have allowed him to describe Mar-a-lardo as a raid. It was legally searched by the FBI armed with a search warrant.

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