1. whatever…this a nothing sandwich

    sorry sorry, I am totally sorry, I need to edit my comment,
    this lady is crazy…straight up bat crap crazy

    1. G Hadi my view is those who speak the loudest are brave. Those who coward behind a Anonymity are the ones we should never listen to. Peace may you live in love/light

  2. Don’t worry, the Liberal government will have plenty of money for unemployment once these businesses go bankrupt.
    This is economic failure on a *catastrophic* level.

    1. That’s what happens when you vote for an inept clown that says ‘the budget will balance itself’

  3. NEWS FLASH to all conservatives, guess what, everybody is struggling not just the small business owners.

  4. This is all planned the NWO and Adjenda 21 are in full swing and moving fast!! The government doesnt care about you!

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