Bucking Trump, Biden Issues Vaccine Mandate For 80 Million People

President Biden has unveiled a sweeping new vaccine mandate for federal employees and other workers at large companies, requiring they get vaccinated or submit to weekly testing. The rule comes as the latest data shows vaccines are crushing the virus. MSNBC’s Ari Melber reports on the new mandate. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. Looks like the Dems are finally now getting that Fascist dictatorship that they so-often accused Trump of building…..LOL.

    1. @Lurch Um…. They’re not mandating a vaccine for all. Obviously there are medical exemptions and age exemptions. They’re applying the same circumstances that would be applied for other vaccines……. the difference is that this is more publicized.

    2. @Jophis March 🤦🏾‍♀️ Vaccines from previous coronavirus strains were used as a starting point…… the things that have been studied for a while now. It’s kind of like with the flu vaccines.

    3. @Ivy Bee BS!!!!
      The federal government HAS NEVER mandated a vaccine.

      This is nothing more then about control.

      Why didn’t President Biden mandate all the people crossing the Southern Border be tested and vaccinated?

    4. @James Davis With that logic, they should be allowed to inject us with anything they want, whenever they want, on whatever pretense. How can you people not see what is happening?

    1. @HeckYeahMane bruh just get you vaccine and stfu 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ if you want ill give you mine that way you’ll even be less likely x2

    2. @HeckYeahMane you’re more likely to die from a car accident than catch covid and even if you do catch it you only have 99.5% chance of survival

    1. If your comment is sincere I’ll give you a sincere answer. If Joe comes out tomorrow and says that people with Autism are proven carriers of the delta variant and show no symptoms and now have to get the shot how would you feel? Remember this is the same clown president/administration that’s letting in tens of thousands of illegals into this country unvaccinated. Talk about hypocrisy!

    2. @Edward Eckert last I checked passing on an experimental vaccine that needs 2 boosters in year is what an intelligent person dose

    1. @Hyperpandas In 1984, your healthcare isn’t tied to your job, and your job isn’t dependent on you taking a vaccine. 2021 mandated all working adults at over 100 employee companies (most) to take this new vaccine.

      It’s starting to sound like: “Take the vaccine or slow starvation through wages. “

      I’m for vaccine but people should have choice

    1. @Dave C Corrupt Democratic Party? Weren’t several members of the trump administration federally convicted? Didn’t mike pence and Rudy Giuliani turn on trump by the end of his term? Didn’t trump face two impeachment’s? Didn’t trump face one of the worst recessions in our country’s history? Didn’t trump insight a riot on January 6th when he lost the election after attempting to stop mail in ballots? You maga morons are pathetic.

    2. @Rollatoke9419 Don’t forget no one is held accountable when you lose your sight or when organs fail…Heck is he talking about?🙄🙄🙄

    3. @Rollatoke9419 the vaccine was proven to be 95% effective, and then the anti vaxxers let the pandemic continue long enough for it to mutate 5 times and now the original vaccine is less effective. The anti vaxxers are still the problem.

    1. @eric vulgate domestic terrorism will probably go up. Or there would be a dual economy. Where one has the vaccinated economy and the unvaccinated economy. It would be funny to see America collapse over a vaccine mandate

    1. @Jared D unfortunately you missed the point again.
      the un-vaccinated by being the medium for covid carrying create needless turmoil in society disrupting services, work, commerce schools. this affects everyone.
      meanwhile promoting Covid circulation in the population increases the opportunitity for covid to morph into new strains like Delta (and others), increasing the duration of the pandemic’s economic impact on everyone in society as well as the chance of a vaccine-resistant strain coming out. We already know that the vaccines are less effective against Delta than the original covid strain (alpha) and we certainly don’t need to be making choices that Help Covid instead of People.

    2. @R. B.L. studies show that vaccinated people carry as high of a viral load of the delta variant as unvaccinated people. So there’s no difference in vaccine status, both spread it. And there are doctors and scientists who argue the vaccine is causing the variants, much like antibiotics are causing bacteria to mutate and resist. It’s a valid theory and just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it can’t be true.

    3. @Dardenelle Green //It’s 100% true. You don’t have the freedom to put other people’s lives in danger. You never have…//

      That’s a pretty spicy take on abortion. 😉 Guess women don’t get to choose. Fine by me.

  2. I’m wondering how many vaccinated “trust the science” people have read any of the scientific studies. Are you trusting the science or trusting the media’s slanted interpretation of the science?

    1. @LSW lol don’t take anything and live your life like it’s 2018. That’s what I’m doing and will continue to do. I will not be taking this new untested vaccine until 15 years from now when long term effects can be seen. That’s the standard they held the old vaccines to. If anyone tries to force it into me then they will be met with lethal force. Simple as that.

    2. I trust the peer reviewed statistics and the science. The mRNA technology is safe. On the same note, the people who don’t trust the vaccine just trust the fake media’s fear mongering and misinformation about the vaccine.

    1. @Lucy A Are you as passionate about innocent people this country kills based on manufactured wars? Are you telling me in this day and age that you still believe the government? The FDA allows over 30 foods that all of Europe and many other nations find unfit to eat. You are a typical indpovtrinated Murican.

    2. @Alejandro Martin Okey dokey. I guess clogging the health system with the unvaccinated should cause NO problems for the overworked doctors and nurses I work with on a daily basis. I’ll be sure to let them know it’s no big deal

    3. @da324 yes, I’m certain all the public health agencies on the planet are all in on the scam. That simply must be it. Maybe ANTIFA and Bigfoot as well.

    1. They are taking it inch by inch to see what people are willing to comply with, i assure you very soon the testing will not be an option anymore and will go straight to getting the gene poison only, once they see some complying, they will take it another step closer.

  3. Biden said he wasn’t gonna mandate vaccination during his run for election and now he mandates it. What a joke🤡. This is y’all president

    1. Trump said Mexico was going to build our border wall, than declared a state of emergency in order to use treasury funds plunging us straight into debt 😂

  4. What till you see the list of exemptions😂 Post Office already came out and said no. You know you don’t have to listen to what this guy says, just say no😂

  5. This is the moment in time where you will realize if you are one of the people who would have boarded a train for the nazis. We now have the new “Nazi” party of 2021

  6. This seems like a smart idea. I mean employers can’t find workers as it is. I’m sure this will work out just like everything else this administration does.

  7. These leftist love to hear the sound of their own voices in their own echo chambers. Notice they never have an opposing voice, just listening to each other speak their dribble

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