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    1. πŸ˜† fairytale.links run the world and network, if you bright from now to next year and you don’t know no one or have any links and access to opportunities,your education will be useless.why you need a degree to work in a bank? Where they will have to retrain you to use there system.jamaica need opportunities and jobs,hundreds of qualified people each year competing for 2 and 3 jobs what you think will happen?

  1. Big big big respect to this man….probably the most intelligent and articulate entertainer. No need to speak in rhymes and no need to speak angry to deliver a powerful message…..big up Bugle. Mi support u anyway

  2. Its crazy. Bounty being the leader he is, spoke out about the dunce topic. He got bashed and told to leave the young youths alone, but most off jamaica agreed with him. Big up for bugle for standing up infront the camera and say it

  3. First time it was an Embarrassment to be dunce. Nowadays youth in Jamaica πŸ‡―πŸ‡² wears dunce with a badge of honor πŸŽ–. That’s why people from other Countries think that we are all a bunch of illiterate people, until proven otherwise. I’m so embarrassed when I read some people comments on Social Media πŸ˜•. It’s like they didn’t even go to School. I think that we have lost a whole generation of people. The ones that were born in the late nineties, two thousands are the worst. They have no form of communication skills whatsoever. The Government needs to put more emphasis on Education. Then again, the Government loves πŸ’˜ the uneducated people. They can control them, and they will never challenge them. That’s why I will always love πŸ’˜ Michael Manley. Manley was about Educating the Jamaican Citizens. The man πŸ‘¨ even put Jamal in place for adult literacy. JLP PARTY is never interested in Education for the Jamaican Citizens. They closed down all the programs that Michael Manley put in place. I wish that people would look up the History of the JLP PARTY.

  4. Is because of the selectors and the radio jockey they are the one who select the track and play it on the radio on the sound system I am far from being bright but if we keep on going down this part it’s going to mash up our society and our young man to come

  5. Well i think fully dunce is just a slang in this concept these artist are not really dunce as they are singing about

  6. Singing or saying fully dunce doesn’t technically means that your dunce it’s just a slang that trends quickly and widely…ppl need fi stop bash e artist dem and teach dem kids the balance between music and reality caz most a who a sing bout dunce ave subjects or skill or even some formal education their not dunce it’s just entertainment ..back in the 90’s artist used to endorse killing and all those things lowe e Ute dem mn

  7. That’s why me seh 60% a people a πŸ‡―πŸ‡² live there live off music anything the artist Dem seh fi do Dem do especially the ladies….. Only the wise know…how me fi here dunce and feel me fi dunce ,lol school is for Wiseness and cleverness πŸ’―

  8. Unfortunately as much as Bugle doing this song and trying to spread this message, it nah go connect but I hope he keeps at it. I was just on another positive song release from last year and just 12k views and as these negative songs drop, hundreds if not millions of view. Sad!

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