Buildings Demolished in Trelawny | TVJ News - July 18 2021 1

Buildings Demolished in Trelawny | TVJ News – July 18 2021


Residents in Scarlet Hall, Trelawny in Jamaica are this evening upset after their houses were demolished. The police say they're now making plans to have a meeting with stakeholders to resolve lingering concerns in the area.

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    1. @Keisha Willie Lol. I see what you are doing here. Playing Devil’s advocate. I bet if you ask if they ever paid property tax for even one of those years they will all tell you no.

    2. @J D and the fact still remains it was went about incorrectly and since they’ve been there unfiltered for that long they can get back every dollar

    3. @Keisha Willie They should not have claimed it the way they did either. They are wrong. It was not their land to begin with. Defend them all you want. At the end of the day they are in the wrong.
      Now if they were paying property taxes for it even though they do not have a title indicating that they are the sole owners, then your argument would have some merit.
      So what if the owner decided not to do anything on his or her land for over a decade. It’s his or her land, so they can leave it for a million years if they so choose. It’s their own. Not the squatters’ own. That is the problem with us Jamaican mentality and we need to stop it.

    4. @J D who said I’m defending anybody why don’t you read I said it was went about incorrectly….and that’s what the squatters law states most of you are speaking on emotions

  1. Squatters have rights if they’ve been residing on the premises for 12 years aren’t they entitled..

    1. @It’s deard Out a road. but that’s the sad reality our dear Jamaica is faced with poverty, people can’t afford these things that’s why *the act was passed to protect squatters* from losing their home.
      In some cases the land is passed down from generations but the capitalist society claim it as their own

    2. @The Matt who say so you can’t claim land that’s not yours no matter how long you on it may be the Gov” might step in on pay for it but they can’t get it free I had some land for twenty years now not using it if any man go on it to build that’s his problem not mine I pay taxes

  2. Every bee has a hive, and every bird have a nest…. People need somewhere to rest…
    Block, cement and steel not cheap

  3. If someone has been paying taxes on their property for years you cannot capture it. You have no right to build on someone else’s land. That is land stealing.

    1. @STEVEN BOGLE When you touch King’s House and steal the land to do what you want to with it, let the masses know how that turned out.

    2. Om sorry for them yes I do but people need to stop trust pass on private property building big house like them own land

  4. If it’s not your land, it’s not your land. I get the whole squatter’s law. However, how I see it, if you never paid for the land or got the land passed down to you and there is documentation to prove all this then it’s simply not your land and you have no say in the matter.

  5. So they think that if they steal it for a prolonged period it’ll be OK…smh, and they feel violated so what about the owner

  6. Uno can gone fight over land, we a dead left that. plus a god land shouldn’t have been fight for since the first human set foot pon earth

  7. Before you start build and set up shop it’s wise to find out about the ownership of the property and taxes are being paid before you start building ., so you don’t have to waste money and time …


    1. How would you feel if you were to leave your home for a while then return to find squatters in it.

  9. Should’ve had the meeting before the people them start building houses there. There’s money waste there now.

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