Buju Banton’s Request to Setup Charity Denied – January 29 2021

Buju Banton's Request to Setup Charity Denied - January 29 2021 1


  1. Look how much of your top class friends them a criminal and hold high position. He was convicted and did is time but upon is return society benefited from is concert in someway, shape or form.

    1. They full of fart talking mess taking the beam out of the man eyes and they themselves can’t even see 👀🤔😢

  2. What kind of foolishness is this. We always a fight our own people. Nuff of these people are no better than buju. Just keep fighting buju dem cant stop you.

  3. This is some crap. Double standard, hypocrisy . Them man is genuinely trying to help the needy .which is much much much more than I can say for the politician’s. He gave away all is winnings from the festival .U want more than. That to show that the man is trying to walk in the footsteps of CHRIST.. come on do better than that .stop fight the man 😤

  4. He who without sin cast the first stone leave buju banton alone you have way more to think about than trying to put down buju banton.

  5. Only in Jamaica smh, he’s done the crime and the time yet y’all still deeming the man as a criminal.

  6. That’s a double standard he has paid his debt to society and he is still being tried for past sins
    And the ones who has never been to jail would be the one to steal that charity money 💰

  7. Just backwards .other people go jail and in a parliament!!! I want to see the scammers also buy computer for poor children

  8. Free Buju Banton let God be the judge if night was to turn to day all those judging him would have to run away

  9. In moments like these im embarrassed as a Jamaican. The man already paid his debt. Is like they’re trying to punish him all over again

  10. why dem denied him and him a help well that’s how it goes when you have criminal record, so if wanna have a great life don’t do crime.

  11. Freedom wi sa the man do is time come back to Jamaica and u still holding his pass against him shame on u all

  12. An most of all charity is love so just show them love Same way mi brother God a God badmine can’t stop in Jamaica

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