Bullock: Elected Reps Waste Half Their Time Campaigning When They Could Be Effecting Change | MSNBC

Bullock: Elected Reps Waste Half Their Time Campaigning When They Could Be Effecting Change | MSNBC 1


Gov. Steve Bullock speaks with MSNBC's Ali Velshi at Climate Forum 2020 about how much he believes could get done in Washington D.C. if laws were changed so that politicians spent their time making change instead of fundraising for the next election. Aired On 9/20/19.
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Bullock: Elected Reps Waste Half Their Time Campaigning When They Could Be Effecting Change | MSNBC

39 Comments on "Bullock: Elected Reps Waste Half Their Time Campaigning When They Could Be Effecting Change | MSNBC"

  1. The irony of saying this on MSNBC, where 24 hr campaign coverage for 2020 was in full swing by the end of 2018.

    • Bob Smith: Are they supposed to ignore the campaigns? MSNBC didn’t initiate the presidential campaign. The candidates did.

    • Only MSNBC? Get real. I heard Bengazi for 4 years on Fox.

    • “The irony of saying this on MSNBC, where 24 hr campaign coverage for 2020 was in full swing by the end of 2018.”
      its a 24-hour a day cable political news channel. msnbc is. were you expecting to see ‘get smart’ reruns? what, exactly, did you think you would be on this network.
      do you not have a remote control or any other means of changing your cable tv station? are you tied to a table and forced to watch msnbc all the time?
      when i go to fox, i dont whine about all their ludicrous pro-trump cheer-leading. no. i call hannity fat and stupid and i move on. like a man.

    • @Flashy Paws Thanks for taking the opportunity to illustrate the massive extent of your masculinity. Not that I was wondering, but now I know how limited it is.

    • @Bob Smith yep. anytime.
      good luck finding your gilligans island reruns.
      maryann, btw. if you were wondering.

  2. Making elections 100% publicly funded would solve that problem. Get big money out of politics.

  3. the government doesnt have to invest in industry… like… invest invest… gawd. doesnt anybody know anything about anything anymore?
    you incentivize behavior you want to encourage. thats it. dont give solar companies money for r&d or whatever it is youre thinking about…
    you just provide tax breaks for anybody who can achieve those goals. or even tax credits. you reward the people who can do it… not give people who say they can do it money.
    if you want clean energy, give home owners a 3000 dollar tax credit to switch to solar. whatever. this is keynesian economics 101. economics for dummies. its not that hard.

  4. Thank you Governor , We love MOntana ~~~~~ And the people here are up for Climate action !!!!!

    • All GODLESS demoncrats are evil and devil owned and teach people things that are contrary to the WORD of GOD. . And if you vote for them you are devil owned and you teach people things that are contrary to the WORD of GOD. too. That means you are teaching people to sin. JESUS said that all people that teach people to sin would be better off with a large millstone hung around their neck and drowned in the sea. Better off drowned in the sea than to do what the GODLESS demoncrats and all of their supporters are doing.

  5. Boots = instant disqualification

  6. Congress needs to be 4 years with 3 term limit.

  7. Wonders of wonders to have a VIEW THE politicians ….. ARE NOT doing their job …. the job that WE THE PEOPLE voted to have them do…..
    I say ….. NO WORK…..!! NO PAY….!!

  8. I can see that US as Rome Great Empire is crumble, mainly because lessons had not been learned, times has change but politicians still hang in on old tricks. Governor is rigth time invested in rise 💰 should be use to regislate.

  9. The end of the world will be brought to you by the oil and gas companies

  10. He’s totally right about campaign shows and nothing is more obvious than that. I’d go one step further and say that no incumbent should have to campaign, especially during work hours – his/her work is all the marketing that is required – rest is all nonsensical show. And how many generations would it take to make it illegal to raise money for election marketing, I wonder

  11. Another GODLESS demoncrat trying to tell everybody else what they can and cannot do.

  12. Climate change is a scam, one volcano produces more green house gases than 200 years of the industrial revolution, at this time on our planet there are 108 active volcanos, therefore until the climate change scammers, explain how they will control volcanos, there is no reason to tax anyone, for something that cannot be controlled. This scam originated in the nefarious Enron offices in Houston Texas under the name of global warming, which was obliterated scientifically and with ice core samples in Greenland, where it showed no correlation between temperature, and CO2. By the way without CO2 we have no plants, and without plants we have no oxygen, WE DIE! Trump asked several questions the EPA and the climate change people have never answered, one being who will make money from the taxes, and what contractors will be used, and what math model did you use to tax an elderly lady in rural Nebraska, compared to people who live in cities, and what will you do to stop the climate from changing ( which by the way happens naturally) NO answers. We have to protect our air and water, however our manufactures, businesses, can do this where these problems generate by man, and no taxes on people who have nothing to do with manufacturing need to be taxed, and the money sent down rabbit holes!

    • Incorrect, mankind annually produces almost 100 x more C02 than all the world’s volcanoes combined.

      C02 is good for plants, I agree, however too much of anything isn’t. Oxygen is great my humans, however, if we doubled the current oxygen in our atmosphere the world would literally burn.

      Google ‘Skeptical Science”, have all of yours and Trumps ignorant questions answered and much, much more!

  13. The globalists peer Evil Absolutely want TAX everything !!!!!
    Their is no such thing as Global WARMING IT”S ALL FAKE !!!!!!

  14. “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect” ~ Mark Twain.

    • tellallwtc: “Whenever you find yourself believing conspiracy theories and unsubstantiated claims, it’s time to pause and reflect” ~ Trumpocalypse

  15. When Al Gore becomes so convinced of Global Warming that he lives in a mud hut and travels by foot, I’ll start listening. Owning multiple mansions, private jets, and giant SUV’s means he is laughing all the way to the bank.

  16. Al Gore just purchased a $8.9 Million Ocean-view Villa on the beach in California. Like all good dims, Gore knows that you control the masses by keeping them in fear. His net worth went from $3,000,000 to $300,000,00 since he left office. Robbery!! Smart man.

    • So, right-wing Americans are that uneducated? That they believe the coastline is all the same elevation around the world? Crazytown, USA indeed!

    • Patricia Dixon: I realize that it’s pointless to ask you, a troll, anything, but when did conservatives become anti-capitalist?

  17. affecting change ?

  18. “I will start believing global warming is a crisis when those people who SAY it’s a crisis ACT like it is a crisis”

  19. Uh…. Where is Montana’s industry then?
    Why do most our graduating citizens leave Montana?
    Where’s Montana’s Living Wage?
    I voted for you but you have done nothing for my family.
    Meanwhile…. Housing cost just keep rising, teachers make crap wages and corrupt Republicans keep moving in.
    Fix Montana first!!!

  20. snowflake melter | September 20, 2019 at 2:45 PM | Reply


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