1. The thing is is that they say you don’t have to wear a mask but when these same politicians get the virus they get the best medicine and my nephew that has the virus can’t get the same medicine. Wonder why

    1. @LD If people were really concerned about their kids they wouldn’t send them to public schools to begin with!!! DeSantis he’s making the right decision by letting the individual “parents” choose instead of the government choose for them,

    2. @Fletcher Christian wow you got nothing you can’t think of one thing joe has done productive for this country. And you don’t feel stupid crying trump.

    3. They want you to die and stupid enough to listen to them. Remember!!! Your kids, your love ones that die not their families…

  2. Don’t protect our kids in schools for your own naivete’? God it’s painful when DeSantis thinks he’s being clever. He needs to be “taught a lesson.”

    1. More kids are being shot and killed in this country than they are dying from Covid. I don’t see the Biden administration handing out bullet proof vest??? But they handing out mask Ok?

    1. Like you care about kids in the USA? 😂😂😂😂
      Well from where I’m sitting, looking at your amount of kids liked by guns in Chicago this year alone!
      Does not look good !

  3. Local control can also be a problem. There are a lot of of Local School Boards that would like to dumb down the curriculum in history, math and science. It has already made the US public school system somewhat of a laughing stock around the world.

    1. @TheBestWayOne, Lots of 3rd World countries (not all) have problems with education. But if you compare the US to Canada, most of Europe (particularly Northern European Countries) and parts of Asia, the US is very much behind. The US has a few very good schools and lots of good Universities, but it is a small fraction of the US student population that has access.

    2. @Sharon Durschlag You are exactly right. The Republicans are destroying our freedoms and the courts are letting them. The Supreme Court is supposed to be representative of the people of this country. Since McConnell packed the Court with “conservative” judges, most of whom with the same religious beliefs, they are hardly representative of the majority of the country. This should violate the 1st Amendment, but it isn’t the first time McConnell has unethically violated the Constitution he swore an oath to uphold. We need consequences. ASAP.

    3. Of course your education system is failing and is a disgrace. You have people willing to die because of trump and the republicans. On top of the people who died when he was President. So these idiots are stupid, uneducated so start again.

    4. @Martin Cassidy The only weapon we have is the vote. They are trying to disenfranchise people who will not vote for them by gerrymandering, disenfranchisement, and any other means they can use. We are suffering from minority rule, and we have to vote like crazy to get our country back.

    5. @TheBestWayOne Speaking of American schools, here is something I learned in one.

      Their is the possessive pronoun, as in “their car is red”; there is used as an adjective, “he is always there for me,” a noun, “get away from there,” and, chiefly, an adverb, “stop right there”; they’re is a contraction of “they are,” as in “they’re getting married.”

  4. What’s crazy is no one is thinking about if your child gets covid-19 from school they can infect the household as well. There are some families who have grandparents living with them. This is sad!

    1. Sad to see so many people willing to spread speculation and rumor instead of verifying and validating before speaking or typing.

    2. What is stopping your child to wear the mask? He did not say that you can’t wear a mask. He is giving you a choice of wearing or not wearing.. Its up to the individual.

    1. He’s extremely popular in Florida. And for good reason. If you look at the job He’s doing aside from the masking issue it’s hard to say he’s performing poorly…just sayin.

  5. If my kids were still in school… they wouldn’t be in school as long as these yahoos are running loose.

    1. @Belly Dancer Em thank you @Belly Dancer for telling that deplorable POS off,he is demented himself !!!

    2. It’oh god republicans always blaming brown people for everything, if you guys are afraid of brown people move.to a.white area

    3. @Belly Dancer Em hahaha I bet you don’t even have kids, my son had covlast week, lost his taste that’s it! Not even a temperature lol why are you so scared.

  6. Former Republican motto: “Freedom is not free!”
    New fascist Republican motto: “Freedom is anarchy!

    1. @andhisband ~ You’re too ignorant to know that anarchy doesn’t equate to freedom, and too stupid to realize that you’ve only proven the point of the comment, Doc!

    2. @Bunne Rabb I just get A from my chemistry. My studies is the mask will catch the virus and when you breath you will suck it in. 🤣

    3. Did CNN do a story on the 10 Texas Democrats who got Covid while illegally fleeing Texas unmasked on a plane?

  7. Remember when Republicans used to run around banning music and movies because “what about the children!?!”
    Maybe they should try banning the virus instead…. that should work great

    1. @what’sup doc
      Really? My wife is a retired dental hygienist – wore a mask every workday for over thirty years because they have been PROVEN to help prevent disease transmission. The masks I bought are exactly like those she wore. But even a simple cloth mask makes a big difference. You may be too stupid to know this, but the virus is transmitted in microscopic water droplets that one exhales. Masks block much of this, while also greatly reducing the distance that your exhalations travel. A damned scrap of tee shirt helps – an actual medical mask as I bought cheaply, does even more.

    2. @Pat Doyle yes it depends on the mask, but the mask most people are wearing is a mask you buy at home depot that comes 10 to a package. These mask do not stop viruses.

  8. I’m weary of elected “leaders” who throw their constituents under buses rather than perform their most basic job function–protecting all the people and trying to make people’s lives better. It shouldn’t be hard, just not as lucrative as playing to wealthy donors

    1. I suppose you miss queen B think you can do better get your know it all tail up on stage 😜
      You gotta dog in this race ?
      Like you give a care about kids in the USA!

    1. If people were really concerned about their kids they wouldn’t send them to public schools to begin with!!! DeSantis is making the right decision by letting the individual “parents” choose instead of the government choose for them,

    2. Mask don’t work ! I should know , I’ve used them in construction for 40 years so if dust can come thur then so can the virus ….

    1. @kelperdude
      The GOP already did that and they are doing it now. You really think banning mask mandates in schools is good? You really think that making masks political is good? You also really freaking think that this whole troop withdrawal issue is bidens fault? No. This is all trumps fault. Yes he started the proccess and may 1st was the deadline but no this shitty GOP party blocked or fought back. They arent fighting back for the people. They arent fighting for you and me. All they want is power and control. Kinda like Germany. We are turning into afghanistan itself and its so stupid. Thank you desantis. Thank you abbot. You idiots are setting the stage for a battle that they are gonna lose and its gonna cost them hundreds of lives.

    2. @SHU1995 the only mask that works well are M95 mask. The garbage most people are wearing does very little to nothing and that comes from many heath care people and doctors including my own. Even dr. Fauci said so before he changed his mind an said regular mask work. That was right before he said two mask are even better than one. That was right before his personal emails were leaked where he stated mask don’t work again. That was right before he got back on TV and claimed that when he said mask don’t work in his emails, he didn’t mean that because masks work! Now if that’s not clear, I don’t know what is. Hypocrites

    1. Reports coming from Afghanistan are saying that babies are being passed through the crowd and over the wall to American soldiers hands…Biden is separating kids from families. ..Where’s AOC at?

  9. Remember this:

    Every disaster movie begins with a government ignoring the advice of a scientist.

  10. I’m sure the parents of these governor’s had them vaccinated when they were recommended to do so when they were children.

    1. M Douglas pupils at school have to have had certain shots attend school to begin with, why is covid vaccine so different. People just want everyone to live and not die a needless death to covid. This vaccine wasn’t available to many who died at the start of this pandemic, it should be everyone’s duty to take the vaccine and thank the stars it exists, it doesn’t just affect you it can damage family friends. The best way out of this virus is to take the easy simple steps. Life is precious there are many who have had chance to vaccinate who didn’t and have paid with there lives it’s just sad

    2. @christopher hughes “Protect yours and my children”. There are lots of reasons people aren’t vaccinating their children or themselves.

    3. Scott: my family and I had Covid and recovered. So we should still get vaccinated? That’s ridiculous. I certainly don’t listen to politicians regarding my health, however I might if they spoke more about the importance of a healthy host. I don’t expect them to know anything about that though.

  11. OMG he is even imitating Der fuhr’s hand gestures with his tiny hands!
    D lemon is being too nice towards those fools

    1. They would rather collect the money from the Trump basket cases than save the children. Sort of like q anon now killing their own American babies because q anon tells them they have serpent blood. It’s time to push back now!

    2. Move to Australia. The constant lockdowns by that virtuous and empathetic government will give you the sense of safety and security you so rightly deserve.

    1. @Brian Jackson Doctors who are tending to you have no reason to lie. They don’t have an agenda. They do not need to be re-elected to continue the job of doctoring. Politicians have an agenda which usually involves their re-election and/or their political careers… Comparing doctors’ motives to politicians’ motives is a false equivalency…

    2. @Hekat Sees YES THEY DO HAVE AN AGENDA, you get more money for COVID patients than FLU patients. They also get kickbacks from big pharma for selling their version of ALL vaccines and medicines, you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. Did you know that china and russia and hitler all had doctors that LIED to kill millions of people? Wake up.

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