‘Bulls**t’: Watch senator’s remarks on reparations at Trump rally

Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) addressed crime and reparations while speaking at a rally held by former President Trump in Minden, Nevada. CNN’s Jake Tapper and the State of the Union panel discuss the senator’s racially charged comments. #CNN #News


  1. The tuberville guy wins dumbest comment of the year and that’s not easy given republicans like trump, MTG, Bobert, gatez, Paul, Cruz, Gomert and the rest of the clown car riders.

    1. What’s dumb about saying that 21st century people
      shouldn’t have to pay for what ( some ) of their ancestors did? Stop calling common sense stupidity

    1. @D O
      ..And I screen shotted your deleted post- lol
      I’m never wrong, I’m not allowed-
      Sorry boy, not your day in the sun

  2. Alabama will never let you forget that they are still a racist state. Alabama will never live from under the racist mantra. Why are people still shock or sad that this is still going on in Alabama it’s who they are and forever will be.

  3. Ahhhhhh, good ol’ Tommy Tuberville. Before Herschel Walker, probably the dumbest nominee for Congress. Football in the South, and thinking goes out the window. This former coach didn’t even know that there were 3 branches of government when he was elected. I guess a guide dog led him to his seat.

    1. I know that poor guy. U can see by his face that he is totally humiliated to have to pretend to respect people like Trump and Tuberville.

  4. I see some people debating reparations in the comment sections. That’s not the argument here. Reparations and criminals should seldom be used in the same sentence.

  5. May we have the leaders we deserve one of these days. Have a blessed day my friend’s ✌️🕊️ 🕯️

    1. @Michael Dennis Tooley We aren’t fighting for better representation, we don’t even know who is representing us. So why do we deserve anything better than what we got?

    2. @Pac4Prez it’s a matter of perspective my friend. When you love somebody you love the best and accept the rest. So too the best of us not all of us earn leaders of substance ✌️🕊️

  6. Reparations can’t undo all the damage caused by slavery in America. It won’t change the status quo. But it can prove efficacious as an acknowledgement of the harm done and an expression of remorse.

  7. “to label an entire group of people are criminals” erm yes unless your talking about white people then it’s okay.

  8. Ridiculous to call anyone ” racist”simply based on their sentiment for or against mass reparations-coming from the money from today’s hard working, middle class folks. Time to change your divisive dialogue.

  9. Look I understand both sides of the argument but when a young mind sees a report and hears language like this under this pretext what is that child or adolescent going to go thru deciphering and figuring out what’s right and wrong. Ugh
    Thanks folks
    God bless

  10. Is he wrong though?
    Those who ask and support reparations for something they didn’t even endure are true disgrace to humanity. Why should people put up with such extremists on the panel.

  11. ‘ Re-Public Cans Stand Strong with Rights & Responsibility for Self & Others ‘ ! ‘ ! ❤ ! ” Responsibility Matters for ALL Lives ” !

  12. I do believe he was speaking of wanting to give those entered illegally wanting preparations for being separated at the border. I think it was $450 thousand. Get paid for breaking the law, was what he was calling BS.

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